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AGAT Laboratories
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16,50 $
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10,15 $-24,75 $
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19,67 $
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10,15 $-32,75 $
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23,00 $
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11,50 $-34,50 $
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AGAT Laboratories : avis

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Laboratory Technician | Calgary, AB | 24 mai 2013
A growing company with little respect for its workers.
AGAT Laboratories is a rapidly growing company. It owes its success mainly to its shrewd and frugal labour management practices. For salary it pays very little to its employees unless you work in sales, finance and upper management. All lab techs, logistic and middle management people make the minimum wage in their field. In the lab all workers except team leads are on contract. The company takes full advantage of this and will cut hours to none or lay people off at a moments notice if there are not enough orders from clients. Everyone on contract does not get benefits. This is essentially 80% of the company's work force. The work itself is not physically demanding but it is high pressure to get high volume of work orders done and there is a lot of responsibility being shared. You may be asked to stay overtime to get orders done. Advancement is not even worth it. If you start out in the lab and make it to middle management you are still not making enough money and are just getting involved in a more stressful position. Advancement rarely happens unless management cannot hire someone from outside. There is a high turnover in middle management because it is high stress with little pay. If on contract you cannot take more than 2 weeks off at a time. In those instances they encourage the worker to resign and there is no guarantee that the worker will be hired back. Management was getting stricter by the time I left. They did not encourage talking among workers ev
Points positifsGood for new grads, immigrants and people new to the field.
Points négatifsAbsolutely no job security. Pay is smallest in its field.
Laboratory Technician | Mississauga, ON | 24 nov. 2015
No Life Balance with Little Pay long hours with no Respect
AGAT Laboratories is a rapidly growing company. It owes its success mainly to its shrewd and frugal labour management practices. For salary it pays very little to its employees unless you work in sales, finance and upper management. All lab techs, logistic and middle management people make the minimum wage in their field. In the lab all workers are expected to work long unrealistic hours. If you are willing to break labour standards and work 13 hours a day 7 days a week during peak hours this is the job for you. The work itself is not physically demanding but it is high pressure to get high volume of work orders done and there is a lot of responsibility being shared. You will have to stay over time and if you cant you will get bullied into it. However if you get any type of stressed out they get mad at you and tell you to get out and will fire you on the spot. Advancement and raises rarely happens unless management cannot hire someone from outside. There is a high turnover in middle management because it is high stress with little pay. In closing AGAT Laboratories is the worst in its field. No job security and the absolute worst pay. On the bright side the work is not horrible and it is a modest start and stepping stone for those just graduating with a degree in science. Just pray that you find something better in the future.
Points positifsnothing
Points négatifslong hours, little pay, no respect, bullied daily, clearly plays favorites
Laboratory Technician | Calgary, AB | 21 avr. 2012
Atypical day at work At the start of a day, it is important that I review what needs to be done. There will be1.) urgent and important tasks, 2.) urgent but unimportant tasks, and 3.) non-urgent but important tasks. Tasks in category one need to be done first. Tasks in category two need to be addressed but should not overwhelm you. Make time in each day to address tasks in category three. What I learned Contribute to continuous improvement of quality & reliability of test results. I am welcoming and try to put candidates at ease. Make positive working relationships with all members of the research group. Management Working well in a fast pace team as well as alone, good planner and organizer, and problem solving. My co-workers working as a team, I have to be willing to go the extra mile with him. The hardest part of the job There are a lot of really great people at my level and the prospect of any professional growth was slim. I became aware of an opportunity that better matched my skills and experience. The most enjoyable part of the job I enjoy the analysis and problem-solving skills that successful workforce planning requires. New challenges which require creative solutions. New challenges and requests for information that keep it interesting.
Points positifsfull time
Coordonateur Expédition (H/F) | Quebec City, QC | 16 mars 2016
Gestion de matériel et de personnel dans le domaine scientifique
Je reçois, inspecte, résous les problèmes en lien avec les échantillons. Saisie les données, livre les échantillons, gère le classement, l'entreposage et la disposition des échantillons, la gestion du matériel, prépare les commandes ponctuelles et selon des calendriers mensuels. Gère une équipe de 5 personnes maximum pour l'ambiance, le temps supplémentaire, l'expédition, la réception et la saisie de données. J'y ai appris énormément sur les méthodes d'analyses environnementales, la gestion de matériel et de personnel. La gestion du stress et des priorités. La résolution de problèmes. L'aspect le plus difficile étant la gestion des priorités sous un stress constant mais positif. La rapidité de livraison des échantillons urgents. Demande beaucoup de performances. J'ai toujours su combler les besoins du laboratoire de façon quotidienne et tous les jours j'y trouve une satisfaction personnelle gratifiante.
Points positifsAvantages sociaux
Points négatifsPauses et dîners différées de mon équipe de travail
Laboratory Technician | Montréal, QC | 27 mai 2022
Very fast pace. Embarrassing wages.
Same train of thought as the other reviews left on this website. Wages are embarrassingly low, especially considering they hire people with good education. Benefits are almost nonexistent. For temporary workers they are actually nonexistent. There's no room for negotiation when it comes to salaries. You get what is offered. Not a whole lot of opportunities to evolve with the company, well not unless you want to do more work for the same pay. The volume of work is usually quite high, which occasionally requires you to stay longer than your typical 8 hour shift. Expect to work 10 hour shifts from time to time, thankfully they'll pay you the overtime as long as you run it by their leadership group, if you can call it that. Fortunately it's not all bad, I will end on a more positive note. The employees working at AGAT are very good, down to earth people. Most of them are always willing to land a hand as long as they're not drowning in work. The experience you get from AGAT will make a difference on your CV, so that's also a positive.
Points positifsEmployees are great
Points négatifsAwful pay. High pace.
Customer Service Representative | Alberta | 19 janv. 2021
I can see trouble brewing ahead for this company
High turnover of staff which leads to poor customer service, no bonuses for non management positions, no rewards or appreciation to good workers, toxic culture where fingers are pointed (Blame game), unhappy grumpy staff that try to ruin your day, poor employee job satisfaction, no work life balance, owner of company is very frugal with money when it comes to compensating employees (raises and such) and purchasing quality equipment, no trust in employees, stagnant company growth due to the "Machine bureaucracy" style of leadership, employees ideas for a more productive workplace or workflow is often not heard and dismissed by their managers. No paid sick days, especially crucial during this pandemic!!!!!
Points positifsSome of the people here are very skilled and talented (non managment)
Points négatifsManagment, hindering comapny policies, false promises, compensation, no new innovated ideas for business, high turnover rates, no paid sick days, customers often displeased with services or biling
Laboratory Analyst | Edmonton, AB | 31 janv. 2017
Good place to start but not where you want to end up forever
I worked here for four and a half years on and off while I was studying my degree. The first two years, I enjoyed it a ton because my coworkers were so fun and the job itself was pretty stress-free. The longer I stayed however, the more people left the less I enjoyed it. It is repetitive work and is not very rewarding. It is easy to get comfortable and stay for long period of time but do not do this, you will end up unhappy asking yourself why you are still there. The people are nice generally speaking, the management is okay, the work is not too hard once you have had enough practice. The training is terrible, expect to self-teach a bunch. Also, you will need a second job because there is no way you will get by on an Agat salary, especially if you are the sole income earner in your household.
Points positifsGood place to start if you are interested in learning instrumentation
Points négatifsNOT rewarding, repetative, TERRIBLE PAY, very basic training but high expectations
Clerk | Mississauga, ON | 1 sept. 2020
The logistics department is the worst department to work for in AGAT labs.
this place is horrible to work at. i was very fresh out of college and i worked there to gain experience. but my job was just to layout samples on tables for other people to login into LIMS and process it to lab for testing. Sample layout clerk were looked down by the co-workers who were on the data entry job. nothing to learn. the work environment was so toxic to work in. People that were working their from long time weren't ready to train new people as they were afraid of loose their job and ganged up against new employee. I would give this company a minus 0 rating if it was possible. No point to work for a minimum wage job that makes you feel like you are not accepted there. I am happy I left this company and all those negative & toxic people.
Points positifsNothing
Points négatifsLong hours, No fair oppurchunities, team was very unco-operative.
Laboratory Technician | Calgary, AB | 11 mai 2022
High Volume, Low Pay Labour Work Environment
Most of the work is repetitive and it can get very exhausting especially at select stations like the rock grinding station. The management is ok but they have to achieve a certain target and they will ask you to work more in order to achieve it if needed. All on a minimum wage. Shifts are long and exhausting with a 4 days on, 4 days off schedule working 12 hrs per day. If you have good colleagues in the season, it can be easier to work there while socialising with them. The job can be good for your CV if you only have work experience while working in Walmart or similar places in the past, or you need professional work experience for permanent residence. In those cases, working here can arguably be worth the struggle.
Points positifsGood for CV if you don't have much work experience
Points négatifsLong hours, Low pay, Exhausting and Repetitive work
| Calgary, AB | 14 avr. 2021
Bad place to work
As with most things, it's not all bad. However some key aspects to job quality were just not there. AGAT top management is terrible, the founder runs the company like an autocratic dictatorship leaving many employees underpaid and undervalued. During my time here I observed very poor morale resulting in sub standard quality of work. AGATs success is due largely to its marketing veneer, however it lacks substance. The company in my opinion to some extent exploit those who have worked so hard at attaining quality education. Some middle management do their best with what they have and most people are quite friendly despite the hardships of the company culture. I would only recommend working here if there are no other options.
Points positifslaid back, friendly people
Points négatifsTop management, company culture, pay

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise AGAT Laboratories

Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez AGAT Laboratories?
Posée le 14 août 2017
Super easy especially during high season when they get desperate
Réponse du 28 mai 2022
Single meeting
Réponse du 3 sept. 2018
Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez AGAT Laboratories?
Posée le 1 déc. 2020
People from Calgary need to check what's really happening in a their branches, no reason for wages to be 30% below the national average
Réponse du 12 févr. 2022
Treat staff with respect.
Réponse du 30 déc. 2021
What is the company culture at AGAT Laboratories?
Posée le 16 oct. 2017
Family oriented, caring and understanding
Réponse du 17 oct. 2019
Sneaky management, full of gossipers, slavery work style are just the few, but correct, ways to describe the work culture at AGAT.
Réponse du 2 nov. 2018
Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez AGAT Laboratories?
Posée le 14 août 2017
Fast place environment
Réponse du 14 janv. 2020
It has a fun, small company feel. Good management.
Réponse du 24 sept. 2018
Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez AGAT Laboratories?
Posée le 16 juill. 2021
Initial interview to confirmation of position within 1 week. Start date approximately 2-3 weeks after that.
Réponse du 24 avr. 2022
One week to get hire, they were on rush.
Réponse du 21 avr. 2022