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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3,9Salaire et avantages
3,2Sécurité de l'emploi et avancement de carrière
3,1Culture d'entreprise
Siège social
Corporate Headquarters - Saint-Hubert, QC, Canada US Headquarters - Appleton, WI
5 001 à 10 000
Chiffre d'affaires
De 5 à 10 milliards $ (US)
Food and Beverages

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31,50 $
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15,75 $-47,30 $
26 salaires indiqués
25,89 $
par heure
12,90 $-38,85 $
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31,62 $
par heure
15,80 $-47,45 $
8 salaires indiqués
25,35 $
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12,65 $-38,05 $
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24,72 $
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12,20 $-40,30 $
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Emplois populairesOperatorProduction WorkerLine LeadMachine OperatorPackerWarehouse WorkerLaboratory TechnicianAssemblerProductionProduction SupervisorShipper/ReceiverLaborerMaintenance TechnicianPackagerProduction AssociateQuality Control SupervisorAnalyste (H/F)BatcherBlenderManagerManœuvre (H/F)Production OperatorShipperTechnicianAutomation TechnicianForklift OperatorLead HandMaintenance EngineerOpérateur (H/F)Order PickerQuality Assurance ManagerQuality Assurance TechnicianQuality TechnicianTerritory SalesWarehouse AssociateÉlectromécanicien (H/F)Administrative AssistantAgentAnalyste Programmeur (H/F)Cheese MakerChef (H/F)Consultant (H/F)CoordinatorFood TechnologistLead Server and Storage EngineerMaintenance MechanicMaintenance PersonPlant OperatorPlant SupervisorProcessorPréparateur de Commandes (H/F)Resource Recovery OperatorSanitation WorkerShift ManagerStagiaire (H/F)Truck DriverUtility WorkerWarehouse SupervisorWarehouse/DriverAccount AnalystAccountantAdjoint Administratif (H/F)Adjoint de Catégorie (H/F)Adjoint du Patrimoine (H/F)Administrateur (H/F)Agent (H/F)Agent D'élevage (H/F)Aide Générale (H/F)Aide à la Production (H/F)AnalystAnalyste Commercial (H/F)Analyste Financier (H/F)ApprivissionneurAseptic Filler OperatorAssistant BuyerAssistant Comptable (H/F)Assistant Marketing (H/F)Assistant SupervisorAssistant aux Ventes (H/F)Associate ScientistBaggerBagging prepBoxroom level 1Building OperatorBusiness Process AnalystCariste (H/F)Chauffeur Livreur (H/F)CheckerCheese Maker 2Chef de Projet (H/F)CleanerCloud EngineerCommanderCommisCommis (H/F)Commis d'entrepôt (H/F)Concepteur Mécanique (H/F)Conseiller (H/F)Consultant Technique Assurance (H/F)Contract WorkerContrôleur Financier (H/F)Coordonateur Expédition (H/F)Coordonnateur (H/F)Coordonnateur de Production (H/F)Crew MemberCustomer Insights AnalystCustomer Service RepresentativeData ManagerDeli AssociateDelivery DriverDirecteur de Projets (H/F)DriverEmploi étudiantEmployé Energy Co-op StudentEngineerEntry Level TechnicianExpéditeur (H/F)FarmerField WorkerGeneral aidGestionGestion Fichiers MaîtresITIce Cream MakerIndustrial ElectricianIndustrial MechanicInformation Technology ManagerIngénieur Maintenance (H/F)Inside Sales RepresentativeInternJanitorJanitorialJournalièreLaboratory AssistantLaboratory ManagerLaitier helperLaveur (H/F)LeadLogistic CoordinatorLogistics AssistantMMFMaintenance ElectricianMaintenance ManagerManufacturing AssociateMarketingMaster Control OperatorMedia DirectorMerchandiserMicrobiology TechnicianMilkmanOffice AssistantOperations ClerkOperations SupervisorOpérateur de Production (H/F)Order AdministratorOrder TakerPackaging OperatorPaymasterPlanificateur (H/F)Planner/SchedulerPlant LeadPress OperatorProcess ManagerProduction ManagerPréposé Production (H/F)Purchasing CoordinatorQuality Assurance AnalystQuality Assurance EngineerQuality Control Lab TechnicianQuality CoordinatorR&DR&D EngineerReceiverRecruitment ManagerRegulatory SpecialistReliefRepackReprésentant (H/F)Représentant des Ventes (H/F)Research InternResponsable Comptable (H/F)Responsable Paie (H/F)Responsable de Coupe (H/F)Responsable des Opérations (H/F)Retail MerchandiserRoom AttendantSafety ConsultantSalaried EmployeeSalariésSalesSales CoordinatorSecrétaire (H/F)Senior Administrative AssistantSenior Business ConsultantSenior Distribution ManagerSenior Laboratory TechnicianStackerStagerStagiaire Gestion de Projet (H/F)Stationary EngineerSummer InternSuperviseur (H/F)Superviseur de Production (H/F)SupervisorTableau DeveloperTechnicien Contrôle (H/F)Technicien Raccordement Cuivre (H/F)Technicien d'entretien et de Maintenance du Bâtiment (H/F)Technicien de Maintenance Électrique (H/F)Technicien en Informatique (H/F)Technologue (H/F)Technologue en Radio-oncologie (H/F)Warehouse ManagerWhey PlantWorkday HCM ConsultantXxxxline slicerretour et expeditionwearhouse worker

Avis généraux sur l'entreprise Agropur

Contract Worker | Woodstock, ON | 4 oct. 2014
Good pay but, lots of gossip and hawkish/unprofessional behaviour
Only worked here a short while but, the pay was good. $18.17 on Days and a $0.75 cent shift premium for Afternoons ($18.92). The Afternoon shift is a bit more relaxed because management isn't around. The Day shift has an old, cranky, crow for Health & Safety who will literally wait to pounce and OVER-react on you for the slightest errors. As with the previous reviewer from Woodstock, you arrive about 20 minutes before your shift. You use an electronic card to enter the building (which you get after a week or so or, you have to wait for a another person and enter with them). You walk through mats that contain sanitizing solution and then put on your hair-net. Then, you walk past all the managers offices, through part of the cooler and into the work area. You take your lunch upstairs to the lunch room and then head back down to get your uniform out of a metal closet. You then go into the crowded change room and put the work pants on and you can wear the work shirt alone or over your regular shirt. You are told during orientation that there aren't any lockers left for new employees so, you have to stick your regular clothes on a shelf or leave them in a bag in the change room. You also have to make sure you have your safety shoes and safety glasses on. Once you leave the change room you grab a bump-cap and clock in using a fingerprint reading device. You punch in a 3 digit number for the line you're working on (posted on a wall), then your employee number and then scan the
Points positifsGood pay for a contract/seasonal job. Able to pick your shift.
Points négatifsNon-union. Only 2 short breaks. Must have 40 hours before 1.5x pay. Young, arrogant workers and old, hawkish workers. Don't always get help when 1 person is doing a 2 person job!
Quality Technician | Woodstock, ON | 19 août 2020
Negative Environment
I worked as a Quality Technician a little while back and I can say, the experience was very poor. The Quality manager has no idea what is going on in the lab, and she's one of those office types who rarely show their face on the floor or lab yet instruct you tasks from her desk. The job itself is pretty basic. It's a straight 8 hour shift with no rotation which is great. A typical day is going over the production schedule with your colleague then picking up where they left off in terms of sample collection etc. Depending what they run, the day can be hectic or super slow. Most days, it's daily slow and you find yourself twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do next. They have 6 lines and usually 4 of them run big orders which you only need to take 1 sample from so you're entire shift you have only 3 lines to tend to. If you have down time, you're expected to do some data entry, exports and general cleaning of the lab. You also are required to check up on the micro testing swabs (which need to be played, or need to be read) and record the data in the computer and lab results book. The job itself is also very independent. It is 1 tech per shift. There are other lab staff in the lab but as far as I experienced, the lady does nothing productive and is very negative and comes across as rude and people generally avoid her. The other lab lady isn't really part of the quality team as she's more health and safety and she is friendly and pleasant. The lab seniors can be hit and m
Points positifsFree cheese, benefit package, social committee, nice people on afternoon shift, straight 8 hours, safety boot allowance, small summer BBQ
Points négatifsUnqualified individuals allowed to do Quality Control, Nepotism, Racism, poor management, nasty and miserable colleagues, repetitive boring tasks, no chance of advancement, no growth at this particular facility
Technician | Woodstock, ON | 22 mai 2019
Malicious Environment and Very Poor Management
I worked here close to one year this coming August. I came from a Managerial type position into more of beginners position at Agropur Woodstock due to job location. Right off the bat my colleagues warned me of the high turnover rate and favoritism. When I was hired, another employee was hired around the same time and they didn't make it through probation as they disliked the work environment so much. Not only is the work environment unprofessional and unsupported, there is an extremely malicious environment in certain departments. I had gone to the Manager multiple times to report abuse, harassment by colleagues but she did nothing. I ended up having to talk to the Plant Manager a few times and he too did nothing to make me feel like I was safe. Ultimately, I did not feel safe at my job anymore and having to keep watching my back for fear of being backstabbed, reported and set-up to fail by colleagues. HC is useless as I reported some racism and because there were no witnesses, they told me it becomes a "he said she said" type situation so unless I get proof, they cannot do anything about it. There isn't much good to say about the company in general. Managers are not nice, play favorites...especially in the Quality Department where friends of Supervisors/Managers get promotions and get to work up in the comfort of the front office. I became quite close to one Lab Technician and I observed first-hand the unfairness being shown to them by a fellow colleague. It was also
Points positifsfree cheese, good pay, decent benefits, consistent hours
Points négatifsnepotism and favouritism, malicious environment, clueless management, unsupportive management
| North York, ON | 6 mars 2019
Toxic Environment, No Communication
APPLIES TO WAREHOUSE/SHIPPING DEPARTMENT ONLY Getting Laid-Off, if interested in employment for 12-24 weeks then this is the job for you Labour intensive job and work environment is cold, dark, and wet. Long hours in a giant fridge takes a toll on the body. Starting out as a part-timer, you will be guaranteed to work morning, afternoon, and night shift all in the same week, every week. Also you will be 24/7 on-call and will be expected to show up to work with less than an hour notice. Being a part-timer you will be management's emotional punching bag; meaning if one of your supervisors are having a bad day then expect their frustrations to be taken out on you. Expect to be treated with little to no respect. The harder you work, the worse you are treated. The less work you do, for some reason, you get a free pass. Not only are you required to be a milkman, but you must also be a part-time lawyer and part-time accountant. The language of written law will be manipulated to the will of management, and missing hours are a regular occurrence. When bringing up missing pay to management you will be accused of fabricating work hours. Job security is there once passed probation due to the union. Advancement to full-time is nearly impossible. There is no transparency between management and hourly employees and HR is also known to not tell the truth. Dysfunctional and disorganized, with management refusing to communicate with each other, each day is a mess. Schedule is fin
Points positifsDecent Starting Wage, Overtime Available, Company provides PPE, Close to highway, Cafeteria inside
Points négatifsDysfunctional, No Communication, Lack of Leadership, Favoritism, Gossip, Victimizing, Getting Laid-Off
Manœuvre (H/F) | Granby, QC | 5 oct. 2021
De nuit...
Entrevue pas dutout véridique!! On te dit : - Que tu vas travailler quelques mois de nuit et qu'après tu auras la possibilité d'être de jour. FAUX. - Que tout le monde sont sur des horaires rotatives. FAUX. - Qu'il n'y a que 2 semaines de "mise à pied" dans toute l'année. FAUX. - Qu'ils sont très compréhensif et accommodants concernant les situations familiales. FAUX. La seule chose qui garde les employés là, c'est le salaire, mais encore là, l'assurance est tellement cher et pas dutout actuelle au besoin (100% médicaments, rien d'autre). Fait vécu : Un collègue vient tout juste d'avoir un poste sur une cédule, il entame sa 12e années de travail au sein de l'entreprise. C'est encourageant de savoir que tu n'auras pas de poste intéressant de jour avant casiment 15 ans et que tu devras travailler ces 15 ans de nuit, n'est-ce pas?? Adieu la vie de famille avec tes enfants!
Points positifsSalaire, mais assurances et retenues trop élevées, cela revient casiment à un travail de 18$/heure
Points négatifsEntrevue fautive, Administration incompétente, communication inexistante, horaire, assurance, aucune volonté d'amélioration d'équipements, mentalité de 5x plus de productions avec 3x moins de personnel, aucun respect des employés
Quality Assurance Technician | Woodstock, ON | 25 mai 2018
It's a Job
The job itself is pretty simple and straightforward. Very minimal in terms of microbial lab work. Some of the people you work with are great, but management avoids a lot of questions. When I was hired I was asked about benefits and the answer was avoided until I had the paper work to hand back in. They obviously know these answers but hope you won't pry. The pay is great for what was basically measuring and tasting cheese. The weekend shift has 0 security and no one will give honest, straight answers about the likelihood of having a job by December (heard news in March/April) which is a shame. I would never have taken the job had it been clear. In addition, primary hear-say, people say no one really takes care of the employees in management. They avoid issues and use bandaids to fix things, which is also a shame. There also became a really malicious work environment where each person is out to oust another in order to get the permanent position since contracts have no stability.
Points positifsFree/Cheap Cheese
Points négatifsNo security, Read Review
Technologue en Radio-oncologie (H/F) | Saint-Hubert, QC | 18 oct. 2018
Ambiance de travail médiocre, employés peu motivés, travail redondant, gestion de style archaïque, peu de lien de confiance employés/ gestionnaires.
Excellent salaire, bels avantages sociaux. Peu d écoute provenant des gestionnaires, injustices, ils sont incapables d être impartiels, beaucoup de manque de jugement de leur part. Ils se déresponsabilisent et mettre toute la pression sur les employés. Ambiance de peur règne au sein du laboratoire. Pas de liens de confiance établient entre les employés et les gestionnaires. Harcèlement psychologique est au RDV. Les employés y travaillent que pour gagner un excellent salaire. Ils sont pris dans une superbe cage dorée. Donc, s il n y a que le salaire qui compte pour vous, vous serez très comblé d y travailler et je vous recommande fortement cet emploi.
Points positifsHoraires flexibles entre 7h30 et 17hres, belle cafétéria, gym, reer collectif. Excellent salaire.
Points négatifsAssurances médiocres, style de gestion archaïque, injustices, peu de possibilité d avancement.
Production Associate | Woodstock, ON | 27 févr. 2013
rigid workplace, lots of favortism from management to certain employees
A Typical day: Arrive ay work between 6:30 and 6:50 am to change into the required uniform. Be on the line ready to work by 7am. Work on the line for 2.5 hrs and take a 10 min break. Then back to the line work another couple hours have a 20 min lunch break, back to the line to work until 3p.m. shift end. Learned alot about cheese production and the food regulations. Management not too fair. Lots of favourtism and sometimes unrealistic ideas. Most co-workers were good to work with although there was a serious issue with bullying in the workplace between employees and sometimes even from management. The hardest part of the job was dealing with the bullying and the way some co-workers treated other workers. The most enjoyable part of the job was actually doing my job. Working to put out a quality product that I was proud to say I packaged.
Points positifschristmas party, the very rare luncheon
Points négatifsmostly the work enviroment
Production Worker | Woodstock, ON | 1 mars 2016
Fast paced work
The pay is good.. Lots of overtime available in the fall..Fast paced production lines... Decent christmas gifts..Sometimes can be monotonous and boring.. You need to be flexible as the lead hands and the supervisors will pull you off a line to work somewhere else..Supervisors are ok..One is miserable and grumpy.. The other is weird and you never know where you stand with that person.. A few actually quite a bit of miserable people there. You need to watch out for them.. A couple of men who would rather flirt with the young cuties than do there jobs.. There no.1 priority is flirting The 10 minute break sucks to short and sit and relax and unwind.. Some of the line leaders are nice..Some line leaders have massive egos and think they are all that.. Im shocked at how many workers there are dating one another.. Massive amount of favourtism at this place..If you have a parent working there you can get away with anything..
Points positifsPay, discounts on cheese
Points négatifsmiserable people, short breaks
Production Worker | Woodstock, ON | 10 nov. 2017
Bullying and intimidating
Agropur and their full time staff are quite nasty to new employees. They create a discriminatory environment with the enforcement of green hair nets to decipher who is new and not. This leads to targeted bullying. I've witnessed line leads make new employees cry or go home. I've witnessed full time employees throw packed heavy boxes at new employees. They refuse to properly train employees, training only on the slice one line and throwing them into unknown areas following the two weeks. You are promised a minimum of 3 shifts a week to start, if you take a sick day they'll limit the amount of shifts you receive if they don't fire you during a personal emergency leave. They hire you on a six month contract to hire and yet the plant manager refuses to hire full time positions before 2019
Points positifsNone
Points négatifsIntimidating, bullying, bad management, no promotions, no shifts, unfair treatment, illegal dismissals
Territory Sales | Micro, NC | 9 juill. 2013
An outstanding place with amazing people and a fast paced, competitive environment.
Independent work days on the road, however, ideas were constantly being discussed among colleagues in order to better your own individual territory. Their ideas were sometimes better than your own, and visa versa. 8-10 retail calls per day with a variety of people. Some were easier to work with than others so one must be adaptable. The experience I had with Agropur was invaluable. The skill set they expected was second to none. A high priority and mantra was "be the best you can be". Aside from the sales skills, we were taught to think outside of the box to get it done. There was no objection we couldn't overcome. Management changed frequently so, in all honesty, some were better than others, however, we continued to focus on our objectives and regardless of our supervisors, push forward and accomplish the company's objectives. My coworkers were an amazing team that worked exceptionally well together. We have a respect for each other and truly worked together as a team to better our results. Everyone wanted to see the other succeed. While we are all competitive, we enjoyed taking part in a coworkers success. The most enjoyable part of the job was the day to day, face to face contact with our clients. We became part of their landscape on a daily basis and they looked forward to seeing us. Nothing was better than walking into a client and seeing their face light up at the sight of you. The hardest part? Well nothing is "hard" unless y
Points positifsFlexibility
Packer | Lake Norden, SD | 25 févr. 2020
Not a place to linger...
Though on the outside, Agropur of Lake Norden appears to be a professional, organized, and caring workplace, it is far from the reality. If you are considering taking a job here, I would recommend reading my review in full on their facebook page but here is the TLDR: Their hiring and resignation practices are very misleading and underhanded. There is very little communication. There is very little training, you are simply thrown into the job and expected to perform and many of the other workers are not supportive and have no patience for you. The conditions bridge on ridiculous, I would never work there in the summer. Workers more used to the heat than I, were dying of heat stroke in the fall, and there is no water allowed anywhere near your work environment. Expect to wear ear plugs full time and get wet often. Much of the equipment is faulty and rarely restored to full-working order, yet management will expect you to perform to perfection anyway. The supervisors will attempt to rush production but only slow it down with their lack of knowledge and frustrate the workers who actually know what theyre doing. Positions are almost always understaffed. There were days when we only had four people when we're supposed to have eight. There is a lot of dead weight. Other workers will take long breaks and do half the work and still get paid the same or even more. Overall I would not recommend this job to anyone. I guess I don’t know about other positions, but the com
Quality Assurance Manager | Le Sueur, MN | 13 mars 2018
Production employees were great to work with, Management needs some PR work.
Culture - Old world practices from previous owners (Davisco Inc). example quote: "If you need more than 2 weeks off in a year we don't need you as an employee" didn't matter if you had worked 1 year or 20. Even though Agropur has remedied this, that mentality is still in place. Upper management need to learn to trust and utilize those they employ to be successful, they hired them for a reason. I enjoyed working with the production staff and the employees on the floor. I believe we were working towards making cultural changes prior to my departure. Training technique, needs improvement. High turnover on the floor. Agropur needs to step in to remove the old ways of former employer. Pay scale needs to be adjusted (considerably) for entry level positions. I was able to take a lot away from this role, including knowledge of dairy processes, handling many types of audit situations including FDA, USDA, halal, and many customer audits. Also, improved on some leadership qualities and realize how not to make the same mistakes I saw. (treat everyone with compassion and consideration, don't make assumptions)
Points positifsgood benefits, profit sharing for salary, friendly employees, salary scales were within reason
Points négatifsProfit sharing for salary only, poor culture, extremely controlling management techniques, in adequate training programs, wages for production too low
Operator | Grand Rapids, MI | 31 août 2019
Not the best pay, but it’s decent.
We used to have 4 breaks, now we’re only supposed to get 3 and we work 12 hour shifts. People are currently trying to get a union involved! They say they are family friendly but people have lost friends and family and still got points for taking days off to grieve or go spend time with family in the hospital. We have NO sick days. Just to use FMLA you have to miss 3 consecutive days. If you call in because you can’t make it into work they use 12 of your 80 hours (for new hires up to 3 or 4 year employees) PTO and you still receive 2 points. Agropur does NOT care about their employees At All!! I have been at this company for a couple years now and we’ve been through 3 production managers, the turnover rate is ridiculously high. They don’t want people discussing pay because of how differently people get paid in here! Plenty of opportunity for OT. However some departments have people working 6+ days straight(we work 12 hour shifts). It gets super hot in here in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. Insurance is high and not the best.

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Agropur

Comment se déroule le processus de promotion chez Agropur?
Posée le 10 nov. 2022
Réponse du 9 mars 2023
Réponse du 4 mars 2023
À quelle fréquence les salaires augmentent-ils chez Agropur?
Posée le 14 juill. 2019
Réponse du 12 mars 2023
Yearly, or with a position upgrade.
Réponse du 9 mars 2023
Is the lab personnel unionized? In NB specifically.
Posée le 22 août 2017
Lab workers in Miramichi are unionized
Réponse du 6 déc. 2018
Lab workers in Miramichi NB are unionized!
Réponse du 6 déc. 2018
Une vérification des antécédents criminels est-elle nécessaire chez Agropur?
Posée le 11 août 2017
Agropur does not require a background check
Réponse du 9 févr. 2020
They check for criminal record they don't require any form of education
Réponse du 15 mars 2019
What is the company culture at Agropur?
Posée le 12 juin 2017
The quality department at the Woodstock location is very gossipy and malicious. Be wary. Rest of company doesn't care about quality of product either as there are repeats in complaints and no action. There is also a lot of nepotism and favouritism.
Réponse du 29 mai 2019
The culture in the Woodstock branch is NOT good. Very money oriented and quantity over quality.
Réponse du 8 août 2018