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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3,3Salaire et avantages
2,9Sécurité de l'emploi et avancement de carrière
3,0Culture d'entreprise
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4175 14th Avenue Markham, ON L3R 0J2
5 001 à 10 000
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De 100 à 500 millions $ (US)
Real Estate

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21 000 $-75 000 $
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64 344 $
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32 000 $-97 000 $
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81 667 $
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40 000 $-123 000 $
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4 599 $
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1 700 $-9 100 $
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BGIS : avis

Emplois populairesProject ManagerFacilities ManagerFacilities EngineerBuilding OperatorFacility CoordinatorTechnicianSenior TechnicianFinancial AnalystSenior Project ManagerService CoordinatorCustomer Service RepresentativeHVAC TechnicianMaintenance PersonManagerOperations ManagerProperty ManagerEngineerFinancial RepresentativeWarehouse LeadBuilding Condition AssessorBuilding MaintenanceDirector of OperationsMaintenance TechnicianProgram ManagerAdministrative AssistantAdministratorAnalystApplication SpecialistAssociate Project ManagerConciergeData AnalystDirectorDispatcherFacilities TechnicianFacility SupervisorFinance ManagerLeasing AgentProject AdministratorRegional DirectorRegional ManagerSenior Facility ManagerTenant CoordinatorAccounting AssistantAdministration ExecutiveAnalyste Financier (H/F)Anonymous EmployeeAssistant ManagerAssociate DirectorBus DriverBusiness SupportCalibration TechnicianCall Center RepresentativeCleanerContractorCorporate SupportData Center TechnicianData Entry ClerkDirecteur des Ressources Humaines (H/F)Director of Business DevelopmentDirector of Client ServicesDirector of StrategyElectricianEnvironmental Health OfficerEnvironmental Health and Safety OfficerEnvironmental TechnicianFacilities AssistantFinance CoordinatorFinancial Management SpecialistFire Sprinkler TechnicianFrigoriste (H/F)General HandGeneral ManagerGestionnaire D'immeubles (H/F)Gestionnaire Immobilier (H/F)Governance ManagerHandy ManInformation ManagerInstallateur (H/F)Installation TechnicianInterior DesignerInternJourneyperson PlumberJunior AdLead EngineerLead MaintenanceLead Project ManagerLead TechnicianLeasing ManagerMaintenance CrewMaintenance SupervisorManagement AnalystManaging DirectorMecanicienMechanicNobody #5712Operating EngineerOperationOperations LeadOperatorPlumbing Tehnician - I.C.I.Prefer not to sayPrefessional ServicesProcurement ManagerProgrammer AnalystProject AccountantProject CoordinatorProject SupervisorPscPump TechnicianQuality Assurance EngineerReceptionistRefuse CollectorRegional CoordinatorReporting AnalystRisk ManagerSPMSafety OfficerSenior ConsultantSenior DirectorSenior Financial AnalystSenior Recruitment ConsultantSenior Sales LeaderSenior Tax ManagerSenior Technical WriterService AdvisorService Delivery ManagerShipper/ReceiverSoftware EngineerSourcing ManagerStationary EngineerSupply Chain ManagerTeam LeaderTeam MemberTechnicien d'entretien et de Maintenance du Bâtiment (H/F)TechnologistTransaction ManagerTransport Driver

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Nobody #5712 | Toronto, ON | 13 juill. 2020
Unprofessional and clueless
The main things I didn't like about BGIS was the mixed messaging on nearly everything and how inept, clueless and childish most of the senior leadership team is. You're hired as a subject matter expert in your field, but yet you're told how to do your job and your suggestions are ignored. Senior leadership says do X, Y, Z, so you do it. Don't talk back or question anything and be ready for interrogation on a subject they know nothing about. Just say, "Yes," and let the communication flow one way...straight down from the top. The amount of projects I worked on that failed or were a complete waste of time after I suggested a better path or warned about potential risks were too many. It got to the point where I stopped saying anything at all because it wasn't well received. I did see a lot of success mind you, but not without its headaches. I saw good people chewed up and spit out because their direct reports were ruthless. They leave or get fired while management stays and gets shuffled around. I saw one leader get moved around to at least four different departments in my time after they failed to deliver on absolutely anything. I would have been fired for such incompetence, but politics prevail at BGIS. They handle terminations so poorly and distastefully that it's down right laughable. They're sharks. If you don't make their half-baked ideas a reality, you're not going to last long because you're making them look bad in front of their peers. It's a vicious cycle. Bad id
Points positifsThey pay well, Learned a lot because I was always in the frying pan with no direction
Points négatifsCan't get promoted, Anyone below senior management is expendable, You're expertise is not valued, You're told how to do your job by someone who doesn't know how to do it, You're expected to always say yes, What they say to team members is not how it actually is, Executives act like children, Projects sometimes fail because management doesn't listen, Shady things behind closed door, Lots of nepotism.
Project Manager | Toronto, ON | 16 janv. 2020
Learn, Work with the best & Grow
BGIS is a great place to work for employees who are passionate about what they do and are able to maintain work-life balance while managing relationships with their management team and peers. Projects are typically challenging, in a good way, providing exceptional experiences and opportunities to learn and contribute in areas such as technology, environment, team collaboration; risk mitigation and contingency development; contract administration; tender process; relationship building; health and safety; integration of extensive elements such as: interior and exterior construction, furniture; leases; communications infrastructure, cabling, voice and data systems, applications and networks; artwork; security; use of new applications and systems; and continuous improvement. Work-life balance is the responsibility of each employee and front-line management do not take a negative response to added workload well. The executive and senior leadership are approachable and invested in providing the best possible customer service while valuing all of their employees, who they believe make them successful. Unfortunately there is a gap between leadership and front line management, and between Human Resources and front line employees. Most project and operations team members are passionate about what they do and are committed to contributing to the company's, their team's and their client's success. This makes the work environment energized, fun and collaborative. E
Frigoriste (H/F) | Quebec City, QC | 8 févr. 2021
Superviseur hypocrite
J'ai fait parti de l'équipe de service technique de BGIS pendant plus de 5 ans et demi. Pendant les 4 premières années tout allait à merveille et on a toujours été excessivement satisfait du travail que j'accomplissais, en plus de recevoir des lettre d'extrême satisfaction de la part de la clientèle que je servais. Lorsque qu'un nouveau superviseur prit le poste de l'ancien et qu'un nouveau chef d'équipe fut nommé, tout a basculé. On a monté un dossier contre moi, de mauvaise conduite du véhicule de compagnie alors que ce ne fut jamais le cas de mon côté, on m'a attribué des erreurs qui n'étaient aucunement de ma faute jusqu'à utiliser le contexte de la covid pour me faire croire qu'ils devaient couper des postes à cause de de la perte de clientèle parce que la quantité de travail avait supposément changé alors que je sais très bien qu'avant que je sois mis à pied, ainsi que par une autre source sure à l'intérieur de la compagnie, que celle-ci n'avait aucunement perdu de quantité de travail ni qu'il y avait moins de client à servir. La compagnie a de plus augmenté son porte-feuille de clients de façon très importante par la suite. On s'est débarrassé de moi pour une raison que j'ignore mais je doute fortement que le nouveau superviseur et le chef d'équipe y aient été pour beaucoup dans toute cette histoire. Dans ce département de la compagnie chez BGIS, la culture d'hypocrisie a grandi énormément depuis que ceux-ci sont entrés en fonction.
Points positifs-
Points négatifsHypocrisie, mensonges, complotisme pour arriver à leur fin
Building Operator | Ontario | 15 févr. 2018
Horrible Experience
I worked at BGIS for about 3 years in one of their P3 sites. Based on the site I worked at, I would not recommend the company as an employer. I have spoken to other techs at different sites who love working for BGIS. They claim to offer career advancement but when asked the answer was always no. If you're competent at your job then they don't want to have to replace you. BGIS proclaimed they believe in education and offered bursaries but I was rejected on 2 occasions. Middle management are nothing more than "yes" people. I had 2 major reasons for quitting my position. The first reason for leaving was my coworkers (I use that term very loosely). They wouldn't do anything asked of them and would pass off their work to others. They were quick to blame and point the finger when something broke down. Their favorite quote was "not my job" even if asking for help. There are many incidents but I don't have all day to type. Which brings me to my second reason for leaving, my manager. I've worked in many buildings and for many different managers and I must say this one was by far the worst manager I've dealt with. He was unqualified to manage, had no idea on how building systems functioned, didn't trust anyone, was confrontational with staff and customers alike, and lastly would use promises of career advancement to motivate. If I could rate Job Security/Advancement and Management 0 stars I would. 1 star was too generous.
Points positifsBenefits were decent
Points négatifsSee Review
Stationary Engineer | Ottawa, ON | 1 déc. 2015
Review for Operating Engineer, Central Heat/Cooling Plant
Excellent company to work for. The Plant is kept in near impeccable condition, regular maintenance is done on a weekly and monthly schedule and major maintenance is done quickly and efficiently by contractors. Chief is great, truly cares about the well being and satisfaction of the operating team. Upper management also sincerely cares about the operating team as well as the success of the operation, which is reflected in their work. Quality Assurance is very important and great lengths are taken to ensure jobs are completed properly and safely, rather than quickly. Excellent morale, little to no conflict between personnel. Flex benefit package with option to renew yearly is very nice. RRSP matching by company is a good amount. Company phone makes it easy to stay up to date with the companies latest news. Upper management and HR are very easy to approach and available. Excellent shift rotation, not too quick between day/night switches.
Points positifsCompetitive pay, excellent benefits, management that cares.
Points négatifsTo ensure jobs are completed properly and safely, there is a lot of red tape. Lots of paperwork is required even for the smallest of jobs, it becomes tedious sometimes.
Plumbing Tehnician - I.C.I | Toronto, ON | 16 août 2020
Tech IV Plumbing (Roving)
Worst company I have ever worked for. Management will tell you what you want to hear to make you stay but won't follow through. Zero discipline for poor workmanship or actions by other plumbers. The plumbing division has a very poor reputation with its clients. Property managers/contract managers who work for BGIS are under no obligation to use BGIS technicians so they use sub-contractors that they have more control over. As a result, you often have 25-30 hours a week. Only get paid for what you bill. Make sure you have "guaranteed 40-hours pay" built into your hiring contract. The electronic work order and receipt system is a disaster. So you will inevitably be required redo documentation for free. Are expected to perform truck maintenance, cleaning, team safety training and meetings for free. Zero truck policy. Downtown Toronto and you need a fill valve for a toilet. Drive 30 mins to the supplier than drive back. Charge 3 hours for the call. The subcontractor charges 1 hour because they have truck stock. Who do you think they use?
Points positifsYou can do what ever you want, there is almost zero discipline for poor behaviour or poor worksmenship
Points négatifsUnsteady hours, Poor management, Zero organization and planning in their decisions
Project Manager | Vancouver, BC | 17 août 2018
Beware of BGIS
Unorganized. No real team leaders. Lack of process control. This sums up life at BGIS. The job work/life balance is okay. Salary is well below what is typically a project management position and benefits were cut this past year. Once you are in your position, likelihood of gaining promotion or career advancement is almost zero. Senior management and directors do not understand how to train individuals or teach them concepts since they are rarely sure themselves. The office environment is very poor. Employees asking valid questions are questioned back for asking the question in the first place. An example, during a boardroom meeting an employee asked their senior manager to shadow a stakeholder meeting as new concepts were introduced. The senior manager quickly turned down the request and suggested a less than pleasing alternative while shaking their head in front of all the employees. Not the type of culture one wants to be a part of. You will spend most of your time finding and filling out a document than actually doing project management work.
Points positifsLearn how to fill a document
Points négatifsLow salary and benefits, bad management
Facilities Manager | Hamilton, ON | 4 nov. 2020
Sink or Swim
BGIS is a third party property management company so they don't actually own anything. It's all about obtaining contracts and trying to save the client money. Initially when I first joined, everything was going great and pay was good however my manager was in Montreal and had little time to provide direction. They had told me there were only a couple of sites to look after then I found out I was looking after 6. They are trying to run a 300,000 sq. ft. facility with one un-ticketed engineer. I told HR that I was overworked and did not receive any response. There was never any budget to hire staff or perform simple maintenance repairs then the client thinks it's your fault things aren't getting done. Client is always right and BGIS will never stand behind their employees. I had to make a spreadsheet to track all my overtime hours because I was pretty much working 7 days per week. Management has no problem lying to you. They told me the client was restructuring and my position will be terminated however they had already planned my replacement who started the same day I left! Shady company.
Points positifsParking
Points négatifsLong hours, no budget, top heavy, HR
Facility Coordinator | Markham, ON | 15 mai 2020
If you're not management, you're just a number
When you're working the phones, you're just a number to them. They're a 24/7/365 operations centre and they need a voice on the phone at all times. The salary is probably fair for someone doing menial admin/grunt work, and the benefits are nice. There's a reason the benefits are good, however, because the job itself is not good or fulfilling whatsoever, and they need to keep as many warm bodies answering calls as possible. It's impossible to get into a routine because your schedule changes every week. You could be working a reasonable 1pm-9pm one week, then 7am-3pm the next. Also, since their week technically starts on Saturday, you're at risk to work a 7am-3pm Saturday shift less than 12 hours after finishing at 9pm Friday. There's a high turnover rate and almost no opportunities to move up. If you do move up, you're only moving up within the operations centre so you'll still always be on the phone. If you're not someone who can stare at a screen and talk on the phone for 8 hours, look elsewhere.
Building Operator | British Columbia | 14 janv. 2019
Great Vacation and Health Benefits
I work for BGIS a little under two years. I was involved in the P3 sector, which may differ from the rest of the company. Job descriptions and duties were far off from what you were told when hired. Management expects you to perform duties that you weren't hired or trained to do. I was able to learn alot while employed with BGIS, although most of it was not through training. Brookfield should invest more into their employees, give them the essential training they need to be successful and save on the job. I'd highly recommend giving employees incentives/pay raises when job duties advance with more responsibilities. Not doing so will cause a high turnover. I'd recommend working here, but don't expect this to be a long-term company. Great acento learn your skills and move onto a company that will reward you for your knowledge and work ethic.
Points positifsVacation, Health Benefits, and Safety First.
Points négatifsTraining, Job Transparency, and lack of communication from the powers above.
Data Analyst | Sydney NSW | 21 août 2018
Relaxed and Inspirational Environment
During my time at BGIS, I worked closely with the HR team to analyse and interpret internal data. My team were extremely friendly and made me feel right at home from the beginning. It was a pleasure to work in such a friendly environment and I was able to express myself personally as well as professionally. On a day to day basis I received data from the payroll team such as employee details. It was my job to determine patterns in employee practices and summarize this data to present to upper management. I learned a great deal about employee behaviors through data analysis and was able to improve employee workflow and treatment by recognizing imperfections and brainstorming solutions to management. I reported to a number of managers, all of which were very open minded and patient. I was very impressed with their people skills as well as their ability to deliver employee requests. It was a greatly diversified working environment with employees from all over the world. All aspects of these cultures were greatly respected and celebrated which added to the productivity. The hardest part of the job was saying goodbye to my team when my time in Australia was over. It was by far the greatest working environment I've ever had the pleasure of working for.
Points positifsFriendly staff
Points négatifsAir conditioning temperature
Administration Executive | Singapore | 22 avr. 2017
Review of BGIS
A typical at work in my previous employment would kick start at 8:30am. As I was in-charge of facilities and administrative duties, my day would start off by performing a inspection to ensure that the facilities on site is working as it should. Additionally, I was also responsible for raising Purchase orders for requisition of pantry and stationery items. This would entail liaising with the vendors to ensure quantity and cost are the right amounts. Overall, the workplace culture is fun, dynamic and productive, where the organizational culture is rather flat. Everyone communicates through the Lync Messenger - further reducing formality at the workplace. The only challenge faced is to ensure my job performance has met the company's requirements as there are KPIs to adhere to. Nonetheless, this makes the role dynamic, as you have to constantly demonstrate that you are competent and adding value to the organization. On a flip side, the most enjoyable part of the job is meeting new people. There are many new hires each month and to perform administrative duties (i.e. preparing their desk name plate; going through the Health, Safety and Environment induction Checklist; ensuring their stationery are in place etc) for them makes my job fulfilling at the same time.
Points positifsFun, Vibrant and fast Paced
Concierge | New South Wales | 24 mai 2013
Very supportive company that provides great working environment
My manager and colleagues are very supportive in my work. There has never been an issue in our working together. Everyone one is flexible and caring. They are able to assist any way they can, as long as it does not impact largely on our day to day work. My typical day will involve handling with a lot of requests from a diversity of people, which can sometimes be very stressful. But with the help of my colleagues I am able to easily manage any difficulties that come my way. The hardest part is getting through a quiet period, which I enjoy because the staff at my office are very friendly. They are always telling me their stories about their work and how they live their life. I find every aspect of customer servicing very challenging and interesting. This is what motivates me to work, because I am surrounded by wonderful people. Brookfield Johnson Controls is a company that provides services in Real Estate Management. I am honored to have been able to work in such a great company. Their ongoing support in assisting my career development has been a rough road, but they have done a great job trying to look after me as best they can. I appreciate all the wonderful people I have been able to collaborate with and those that have assisted me along my pathway.
Facilities Engineer | San Antonio, TX | 25 déc. 2018
A Typical Day At Work
• Support the creation, review, and approval of critical environment procedures. • Oversee Computerized Maintenance Management System usage and reporting. • Supervise contractors. • Ensure adherence to Brookfield GIS Safety Policy and Procedures. • Back-up the Critical Facility Manager as point of contact for clients and project teams. • Maintain positive and professional working relationships with internal and external clients. • Respond to customer requests for service. • Resolve maintenance issues. • Oversight of CFE daily, weekly, and monthly work order assignments. • Reviews equipment data for potential improvements, monitors systems data for abnormal trends, and suggests adjustments. • Manages the development of new projects. • Troubleshoot, evaluate and recommend system upgrades. • Order parts and supplies for maintenance and repairs. • Solicit proposals for outsourced work. • Work with vendors and contractors to ensure their work meets Brookfield GIS and Client standards. • Perform all maintenance to ensure the highest level of efficiency without disruption to the business. • Accurate and timely completion of work order requests. • Escalate issues to Critical Environment Facility Manager as needed.

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise BGIS

What is the company culture at BGIS?
Posée le 10 août 2018
Long hours and low pay (if not related to a member of management). That is the culture I found at BGIS.
Réponse du 24 mai 2023
The nepotism is strong here so be sure you're related to one member of management
Réponse du 29 août 2020
À quelle fréquence bénéficiiez-vous d'une augmentation de salaire chez BGIS?
Posée le 10 nov. 2022
Never. Increases less than inflation are not raises.
Réponse du 31 mai 2023
Réponse du 18 avr. 2023
À quelle fréquence les salaires augmentent-ils chez BGIS?
Posée le 18 sept. 2019
Almost never. Over 10 years there, one raise. Increases below inflation are NOT raises!
Réponse du 1 juin 2023
Performance based
Réponse du 25 avr. 2023
Quels sont les principaux défis auxquels vous devez faire face chez BGIS?
Posée le 16 févr. 2019
Bad management team who apparently have no repercussions for nepotism and covering up incompetence
Réponse du 17 févr. 2022
Dealing with incompetent coworkers who lack emotional intelligence. Very unprofessional group in general.
Réponse du 22 sept. 2019
Où voyez-vous BGIS dans 10 ans?
Posée le 7 févr. 2019
When you hire Security Guards to be Ops Managers then promote them to CBM (Director) positions it doesn’t really give too much confidence in the future of BGIS.
Réponse du 5 nov. 2021
BGIS goes into businesses and promises to save them money on their operations. First thing they do is cut funding on maintenance. They run the equipment into the ground and only do repairs unless there is redundancy present. After 3-5 years of complete incompetence they cry for more funding from the customer and then get replaced with another equally incompetent property management company. So my answer to how the future looks for BGIS, not good....not good at all
Réponse du 19 août 2019