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Sales Associate | Thornhill, ON | 1 mai 2023
Good pay and flexible hours
One of the things I appreciate about working for Bell Canada is the flexibility that the job provides. As a part-time sales commission employee, I am able to set my own schedule and work around other commitments, which has been incredibly helpful for me. Additionally, the pay structure is commission-based, which allows for earning potential that is directly tied to my sales performance. The training provided by Bell Canada has been thorough and helpful. I felt well-prepared to begin my job, and the ongoing support and resources have been valuable in helping me to improve my sales skills and techniques. I appreciate that Bell Canada invests in its employees in this way, as it demonstrates a commitment to their success and growth. Lastly, I have found the team environment at Bell Canada to be positive and supportive. Despite working as a commission-based employee, I feel that I am part of a larger team that is working together to achieve shared goals. This sense of camaraderie and support has made my work more enjoyable and has encouraged me to stay motivated and engaged. Overall, I would recommend Bell Canada as a great company to work for in a part-time sales commission role. The flexibility, training, and team environment are all positives that have contributed to my positive experience with the company.
Marketing Coordinator | Montréal, QC | 6 févr. 2023
Fun workplace
The management team is approachable and supportive, and they have created a positive and inclusive workplace culture. They are always open to feedback and suggestions for improvement, and they have implemented a number of employee-focused initiatives that have had a significant impact on morale and job satisfaction. The company places a high value on professional development, and they offer a range of training and career advancement opportunities for employees. This has been a great way for me to expand my skills and take on new challenges.
Sales Associate | Ontario | 4 mai 2023
The team is really good, but bell as whole doesn't care
I was lucky to be a part of incredible individuals and a great team, but Bell treated employees disposable. Years of experience in retail space amounts to nothing, and when asked for a hike by people who worked there for 6-8 years nothing valuable was done, to rub salt on wounds, new hires are given the same wages and signing bonuses (which is great) but the energy is not seen when you have worked there for years.
Sales Consultant | Toronto, ON | 26 juin 2023
Productive but the sales computer system is outdated
Harder you work more you are paid. But at the meantime the computer system used in store is outdated and annoying to use. Back-end team have poor communication skills with customers so customers will come to the store for the sales consultant.
Software Engineer Intern | Toronto, ON | 11 mai 2023
Team made all the difference
Worked on a dead-end project/product, so my co-op would've otherwise been awful, but I was given the chance to work closely with the other co-ops that semester. We learned way more and were way more productive working together than alone.
Telecommunications Technician | Laval, QC | 12 janv. 2023
Couldn't care less about you
They promote how they keep there employees safe, but all they care about if the service is provided. They will make you work until 12 am, they will push you and push you if you let them.
Points négatifsThey couldn't care less about the employees
Software Engineer | Mississauga, ON | 12 avr. 2023
Great work environment but boring work nature
Great team and people but the work is boring, slow, and doesn't use all the latest tech. Salary is parred with average and no huge benefits. Opportunities are limited with the tech stack and long meetings/unnecessary
Network Specialist | Montréal, QC | 21 juill. 2023
disconnect between management and operations
Ever since the new CEO came in, all management wants are returns for shareholders by cutting necessary positions to save. Operations are now overloaded with work and cx are impacted negatively. Going downhill
Director | Winnipeg, MB | 3 août 2023
Wonderful place to work
Wonderful place to make a career. It is a huge company with lots of complex systems and processes but the people are amazing. The network and IT team are adopting agile development techniques and the management team is very open and progressive.
Construction Project Manager | Toronto, ON | 16 juill. 2022
Professional work atmosphere
Productive Great work life balance Very professional in telecom operations Friendly work atmosphere Team building Lots of learning resources Leading company in telecom industry
Points positifsGreat place to work
Points négatifsNone
Veterinary Nurse | Leicester | 27 mai 2014
Fun and forfilling work place
Every day is different. Some days there can be many emergencies, it can be busy and there can be a lot of unhappy owners worried about their pets. I have gained immense people skills and can solve situations, explain and go through problems with their pets in a compassionate and caring mannor. Veterinary practises are always very busy and many people can become stressed. I have always been good at handling work excellent and going with a situation and not taking it to heart. Other days can be quiet. I always utilise this time to catch up on paperwork or even find simple jobs, such as sorting stock cupboards etc. Every day is a learning day for me. Or days i can better my skills and become and even stronger emember of staff. I believe my opninion is valued as collegues takemy advice and value it. We have a lot of work expereince therefore it is my responsibility to teach them how a practise is run daily as well as giving them jobs to forfill. The hardest part of my job is talking to devistated owners whom are loosing or have lost their oets. I built up a respectible relationship with them and i beleieve they appreciate my kindness towards them. Ever part of my job is enjoyable,but id say the most rearding is helping these animals to get better and/or helping their owners to take better care of them.
Points positifsrelationship eith collegues. Having excellent pet care for my animals.
Points négatifsBecause the team is so small often work with minimum staff.
Current position - Part-time bar work | United Kingdom | 9 sept. 2016
Fun and easy going workplace
A typical night shift can often start quite quietly as you begin the shift you start putting glasses away that have been left in the glass washer and then begin to serve more customers as it gets busier around 8pm-9pm. Going around and collecting glasses from around the inside and outside of the pub as well as empty ash trays from outside too. This was my first job and the management and fellow staff members were very kind to me and taught me how to pour pints properly, make (for example drinks like) JD and coke, change barrels and the draft pepsi. The hardest part would have to be on a particularly busy day (often Bournemouth home matches, family fun days and big football games ie, Euros) as you often have to try to manage your team, keep on top of making drinks and collecting glasses. The most enjoyable parts of the job are probably karaoke nights where its more fun and you feel more relaxed behind the bar.
Points positifsyou are allowed one alcoholic drink before shifts
Points négatifsfinishing at 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays
Change Manager | Pasig | 17 oct. 2016
Would have been the 3rd Major Telco
BellTel was a very promising career choice for me as I was joining what wold have been the 3rd Major Telco player having been involved with the 2 incumbents. A typical day at work would involve getting updates from the Project Managers for reporting to relevant stakeholders at the start as well as the end of the work week. Management was very supportive and Roles and Responsibilities were clear enough so as not to sow confusion on who does what. My co workers were very much suited for their jobs as most were ex Telco employees coming from SMART, Globe, Digitel/Sun, Bayantel, etc. The hardest part was working under uncertain terms when Telstra pulled out and then the eventual sale to PLDT/SMART and Globe while the most enjoyable part was working for an elite team that would have been the Best IT Team in the Best Telco.
Points positifsfinancial reward, highly competent workforce
Points négatifslimited benefits
Cashier | Buffalo, NY | 8 sept. 2023
Cool job good mam environment with diverse opportunities. Daily tasks involve collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving. The corporate culture emphasizes teamwork and values employee growth, often providing training and development programs. You'll find a fast-paced atmosphere, challenging projects, and a chance to make a meaningful impact in the job market. Communication and adaptability are crucial as you navigate corporate hierarchies and processes. Perks may include competitive salaries, benefits, and work-life balance initiatives. However, the corporate world can also bring high expectations, tight deadlines, and bureaucracy. Overall, Indeed's corporate experience offers a blend of professional growth and personal challenges, rewarding those who thrive in a dynamic, results-driven setting. Was this review helpful?
Director of Strategy | West London | 11 mars 2013
Bell Consultancy
There does not appear to be a typical day at work and it really just depends on what is going on. Currently I am working with a creative designer / author on a web-based language education business and initially I knew very little about this field but in preparing the business plan one has to absorb a lot of relatively unfamiliar material - this I find fascinating, enjoyable and stimulating and I think the business plan is all the better for it. The hardest part of this particular exercise is making sure that the wishes and the inevitable "trade-offs" that go with an exercise of this nature are accurately and sufficiently reflected in the final plan.
Points positifsworking with clients to develop solutions to their challenges and issues
Points négatifsnot having someone to bounce ideas off can be a little challenging
Management Consultant | Chantilly, VA | 11 mars 2013
A great place to work with opportunity to travel to several states throughout the USA,
This was a consulting position working with start-up telecommunication companies in several states including Cleveland, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; Fayetville and Greensboro, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Landover, Maryland; Silver Spring, Washington DC. The position was varied which included writing technical documents for training of customer service representives; troubleshoot the timely processing of service order for connection of telephone service for business and residence. I enjoyed the job thoroughly. I worked in a team environment wich was quite enjoyable.
Points positifsmet people from several states.
Opérateur (H/F) | Basel, BS | 21 mars 2023
Boîte très discriminatoire ou la plus part des chefs son des fachos en puissance il se fon passer pour des suisse mai il son bien français l’es chapeau vert et lés chapeau bleu utilise leur pouvoir pour se taper des femme au boulot pour leur faire espérer des longur mission étant donner que c’est un salaire suisse c’est mieux que la France et malheureusement elle son prête à tout pour garder leur boulot une forme de prostituer déguiser j’ai jamais vue une boîte surtout une certaine Gilles sanger qui fait le protecteur des femmes alors que c’est le roi des femmes battue il bat sa femme etc et ça c’est la vérité Bell du fond du cœur j’espère la boote coulera un jour .
Points positifsAucun
Points négatifsRacisme
Recruiter | North York, PA | 8 mars 2018
Rewarding and Collaborative Workplace
From my experience at Bell so far, I have seen that the culture is one of learning, development, growth, hard-work (things move really quickly), and work-life balance. The leadership in my unit is positive and challenge each employee to see the broader business goals. My manager is excellent at understanding what additional responsibilities would help my overall career development and has helped me attain opportunities for more exposure to senior leadership.
Points positifsCompensation package, growth opportunity, trust, collaboration
Points négatifsOffice location not easy to commute via transit, physical office not a lot of natural light

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Bell

Combien de temps devez-vous travailler chez Bell avant de pouvoir partir en congé de maternité?
Posée le 17 nov. 2022
20 years
Réponse du 4 janv. 2023
1 year
Réponse du 17 nov. 2022
Comment se déroule le processus de promotion chez Bell?
Posée le 8 nov. 2022
Réponse du 11 juin 2023
Absolutely crap
Réponse du 8 nov. 2022
À quelle fréquence les salaires augmentent-ils chez Bell?
Posée le 16 janv. 2023
Réponse du 16 janv. 2023
Quelles sont les prestations couvertes par l'assurance santé proposée par Bell?
Posée le 17 nov. 2022
You have to wait 6 months to get health insurance. Which is really bad.
Réponse du 17 nov. 2022
À quelle fréquence bénéficiiez-vous d'une augmentation de salaire chez Bell?
Posée le 8 nov. 2022
Every 6 months based on performance
Réponse du 8 nov. 2022