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Residence Manager | Edmonton, AB | 9 avr. 2023
Decent work place with amazing colleague
I definitely loved the job because I was lucky enough to work with amazing colleagues. Tenants are also friendly and understanding. Only downside about this job is sometimes, we do not have enough work force(Such as maintenance and cleaner). It puts lots of stress on the existing crew as well as the resident manager when there are many suites to turnover.
Residence Manager | Calgary, AB | 18 juin 2023
Great Place To Learn And Grow.
I have been working with Boardwalk for more then three years and I have learned a lot and and gained experience and been appreciated by every level of management. I cannot thank enough Boardwalk for unlimited love and support received and helped me grow in the industry.
| Calgary, AB | 30 mai 2023
Good place to work
Could use some improvement on culture. Some groups gang up on others. Otherwise, pay is fair, work hours fair, expectations are fair, learning is fair.
Maintenance Person | Edmonton, AB | 9 août 2023
Stay away from this company - blood suckers !!! Makes you run all day non-Stop . Bad management !! They are doing nothing except giving you orders !!!
Nursing Assistant | Neptune City, NJ | 8 déc. 2022
5 stars
What is the best part of working at the company? Family oriented very caring and friendly. What is the most stressful part about working at the company? Maybe the pay could have been a bit more What is the work environment and culture like at the company? I love traveling throughout New jersey to visit the patients. Had a grand time and always a calm, productive and professional environment. Boardwalk was excellent to work for. What is a typical day like for you at the company? Traveling to my assignment work eight to ten hours.
Cashier | Pakistan | 6 juin 2022
Good experience.Learned more knowledge
I learned about management.And team work.Gives extra time to our company.I am really enjoyed when our company acheived sale target.when we are get green cards in restaurant audit
Cashier | Atlanta, GA | 2 août 2023
ok first time job for hs grad
beginner job management changes alot , pay doesn't increase much at all. supervisor was ok. general managers was ok fast paced environment only hs students should work there

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Boardwalk

Si vous deviez quitter Boardwalk, quelle en serait la raison?
Posée le 5 mai 2018
Well, it appears that most of your former employees are discrunted and as a former Director of Operations with a Security firm, the largest in the world. I always would conduct an exit interview just to clarify what if any reason for them leaving. Jarrid Danylyshen
Réponse du 17 août 2020
Conflict between coworkers and conflict between different sites. Can get overly stressful
Réponse du 22 déc. 2019
Comment décririez-vous lenvironnement de travail et la culture dans lentreprise?
Posée le 23 oct. 2017
Everyone is helpful, everyone has set goals for there teams. Some times getting a job done can conflict with saving money and it’s hard to get things approved.
Réponse du 22 déc. 2019
The work environment has devolved into extreme negativity. This company needs a wholesale change in its upper management beginning with the Regional Director for Southern Alberta. This individual is responsible for creating and making bad decisions. How they still have a job is one of many intriguing questions regarding this company.
Réponse du 15 juill. 2019
Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez Boardwalk?
Posée le 5 mai 2018
About 2 weeks. Apply online, two interviews and, some times a skill test
Réponse du 22 déc. 2019
Through a two step interview process
Réponse du 5 août 2018
Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Boardwalk?
Posée le 23 oct. 2017
It was a good interview process, saw HR and was interviewed by site. Good training back in 2013 but they removed the extensive raining program which was very helpful at the time of employment.
Réponse du 8 mai 2022
Two interviews. One with HR, that is a good interview. Then one site interview. That will show you your new boss is lost and afraid to say anything.
Réponse du 13 déc. 2021
Les horaires sont-ils fixes ou plutôt flexibles chez Boardwalk?
Posée le 20 déc. 2021
Hours were set on rotation, pretty equal balance of employee shifts.
Réponse du 8 mai 2022
No, on call was the worse part, felt like I was at work all the time
Réponse du 20 déc. 2021