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3,0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3,1Salaire et avantages
3,1Sécurité de l'emploi et avancement de carrière
3,3Culture d'entreprise
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4401 Foxdale Ave. Irwindale, CA 91706
1 001 à 5 000
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De 1 à 5 milliards $ (US)
Food and Beverages

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21,29 $
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10,60 $-31,95 $
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41,09 $
par heure
10,15 $-88,60 $
7 salaires indiqués
16,14 $
par heure
10,15 $-24,25 $
15 salaires indiqués
19,44 $
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10,15 $-29,20 $
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17,75 $
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10,15 $-26,65 $
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Emplois populairesCariste (H/F)LaborerMachine OperatorAgent de Production (H/F)Forklift OperatorSanitation WorkerOpérateur (H/F)Quality Assurance TechnicianConducteur de Ligne (H/F)Manutentionnaire (H/F)PackagerGestionnaire de Stock (H/F)Production WorkerChef d'équipe (H/F)Conducteur de Machine (H/F)Contremaître (H/F)InspectorOpérateur de Production (H/F)PackerProduction SupervisorTechnicien Qualité (H/F)Électromécanicien (H/F)AssemblerCase OutChargé de Communication (H/F)Chef de Secteur Gms (H/F)Comptable (H/F)Lead HandMillwrightMécanicien Industriel (H/F)OperatorOuvrier (H/F)Production ClerkPromotor de VendasAddetto/a al customer serviceAgent d'Entretien (H/F)Assistant Logistique (H/F)Chef de Ligne (H/F)Chef de Projet (H/F)EngineerGroup LeaderHarvesterHeavy LifterHuman Resources SpecialistJournalier à la Sanitation (H/F)Line OperatorMachiniste (H/F)Maintenance MechanicMechanicPlant OperatorPromotor de MerchandisingPréparateur de Commandes (H/F)QA TechnicianQuality Control SupervisorResponsable Commercial Grands Comptes (H/F)Responsable de Secteur (H/F)Safety CoordinatorShipper/ReceiverStagiaire Qualité (H/F)Technicien (H/F)Technicien de Maintenance (H/F)" Bienvenue " - polyvalentAccompagnateur et traducteur pour les travailleurs étrangers temporaires Accounting ClerkAddetto/a al controllo di gestioneAdministrateur (H/F)Administrateur des Ventes (H/F)Agent Administratif (H/F)Agent D'expédition (H/F)Agent de Conditionnement (H/F)Agent de Conditionnement Et de Manutention (H/F)Aide à la Production (H/F)Analista de Crédito E CobrançaApprenti Maintenance (H/F)Apprenti Méthodes (H/F)Arbeiter (m/w/d)Assistant (H/F)Assistant Commercial (H/F)Assistant CoordinatorAssistant EngineerAssistant Marketing (H/F)AssociateAutomaticien (H/F)Auxiliar de Controle de QualidadeBoekhouder (m/v)Bulldozer OperatorC3 Lead AttributeCaissier (H/F)Chargé d'affaires (H/F)Chargé de Formation (H/F)Chargé de Mission (H/F)Chauffeur (H/F)Chef (H/F)Chef de Produit (H/F)Chef de Secteur (H/F)Chef des Ventes (H/F)ClincheuseConditionneuseConducteur de Ligne de Conditionnement (H/F)Conducteur de Ligne de Production (H/F)Conductor/aConseiller (H/F)ControlistaContrôleur (H/F)Contrôleur Qualité (H/F)Contrôleuse maïs surgeléCoordinatorCoordonnateur de la Mise en Marché (H/F)Cuisinier (H/F)CutterData Entry ClerkDepalettiseur de canne videDirecteur des Ressources Humaines (H/F)DispatcherEgraineuseEmballeuseEmployé D'usine (H/F)Facilité d'apprentissageFast Food AttendantFazia tudo um poucoFilmeurFonction supportFrigoriste (H/F)Gestionnaire Ressources Humaines (H/F)Gestor/a de ventasGraderHR AdministratorHuman Resources InternHuman Resources ManagerIT Support Medewerker (m/v)Impiegato/a CommercialeInfirmier (H/F)Ingénieur Thermicien (H/F)InternIntérimaireJoirnaliereKnife honerLabelerLaboratory AssistantLaborer/OperatorLegumiereLogistaMaintenance ElectricianMaintenance PersonManagerManobristaManœuvre (H/F)Marketing InternMaterial HandlerMechanic HelperMinőségbiztosítási MunkatársMulettistaMécanicien (H/F)Mécanicien de Maintenance (H/F)Oficial mecánico/aOperadorOperaio/aOperaio/a genericoOperario/a de producciónOperations AssociateOperations SupervisorOpérateur de Fabrication (H/F)Package ManagerPackagungPracownik produkcji (m/k)PreparadorProduct DumperProduct TechnicianProductiemedewerker (m/v)ProductionProduction AssociateProduction LeadProduction ManagerProduction SchedulerProduktionsmitarbeiter (m/w/d)Promoteur des Ventes (H/F)Quality Assurance AnalystQuality Assurance AssistantQuality Assurance ManagerReceiving ClerkReceiving SupervisorRegional Sales ManagerResponsable Administration des Ventes (H/F)Responsable Comptable (H/F)Responsable Maintenance (H/F)Responsable Plate-forme d'expéditionResponsable des Ventes (H/F)Réceptionniste (H/F)SalariéeScale OperatorService supportShipping and Receiving ClerkSorterSpécialiste en Acquisition de Talents (H/F)Stagiaire (H/F)Stagiaire Marketing (H/F)Stagiaire en Environnement (H/F)Superviseur de Production (H/F)SupervisorTeam LeaderTechnicien Support Informatique (H/F)Tote FillerTote dumperTote makerTrieurTrieuseTrieuse maïsUtility WorkerWarehouse WorkerWaste Water Operatorcampo di logisticacondittionneuse légumièrecorn tasslerdumperdépalettiseurgood workernaouvrier polyvalent (H/F)palettiseurproductionreporting RSE émissions de C02tri recyclage ,emballage , etiquetage, demoulageÉlectrotechnicien (H/F)

Avis généraux sur l'entreprise Bonduelle

| Lethbridge, AB | 1 juill. 2021
Full workload, can be stressful, expect results, overall experience will be hit-or-miss.
This review is specific to seasonal hires working in freshpack. Bonduelle is a decent place to work. I have definitely felt welcomed and enjoyed my time. This is a difficult place to work, at least one person will quit after the first week on nearly all of the crews. Even one of my friends who was hired around the same time as me, and was on the same crew, quit without even saying anything. I’m a student and the pay for my position is definitely more than I’d get at a fast food place or in retail, but in retail the job would definitely be less stressful. This factory is all about saving time. If there’s a shortcut to take, they will do their best to take it. Safety has definitely improved since last year, they had a massive overhaul in equipment and changed the position of some machines. Management is good, but it depends on the department. QA management is fantastic, and many of the crew leaders are also excellent. HR is friendly and she does her best. The higher up management can definitely pick favourites, so it depends on your performance. These people like to get stuff done, and worry about it later. If you do your job and get done what needs to be done then it will likely work out well for you. The shifts are consistent, 7 days straight, 8 hrs a day (sometimes 12 with little to zero notice) with a 2-3 day break between. Your pay depends on your position, some positions pay better than others. My position pays well above average for a seasonal job. You’ll work day, afte
Points positifsYou will keep busy which makes the day go by quickly, the hours are consistent, if management liked you it will be easier to get time off
Points négatifsLittle warning about overtime, must be on management’s good side, must be able to learn on your feet, breaks are inconsistent and short, mistakes are punished in varying degree (depends on who is upset with you)
Production Associate | Strathroy, ON | 20 sept. 2021
Fast paced frozen vegetable production facility with a high ceiling
Starting out in Packaging, you will go through a Production Technician program; depending on your supervisor and your onboarding representative. You’ll spend a few weeks on different types of tasks or roles, to build some knowledge then once that’s over you typically get placed in the one(s) you found most comfort with, or performed the best at. The typical day consists of some of (rarely all these tasks will be done daily, depends on your job) removing defects from frozen vegetables, keeping machines running, lifting roughly 5-30 lbs (not very repetitively anymore), babysitting a robot that stacks cases onto wooden pallets, or the most physically demanding job.. using a pitchfork to put blocks (sometimes) of frozen vegetables into a hopper. There’s tons of different machines or tools that help you do the process.. but you need to be willing to learn to make them work well cause they’re not perfect. It’s a very easy going environment, good benefits, fair amount of breaks that are all paid. The shift work pays its toll on you over time, you get 2 36 hour pay checks and 2 48 hour pay checks for 14 days of work per month. Two weeks of days, two weeks of nights, 6-6. Every other weekend off (Friday Saturday and Sunday) and you work no more than 3 days in a row (unless you sign up for overtime, which is pretty much always available) You’re paid fairly, especially for the work you’re doing. The days can go by pretty slow but I find it good when I stay busy and help others out
Points positifsContinuous improvement culture, youth, good work-life balance
Points négatifsShift work, poor layout in factory, some longstaying workers opinions, typical factory lifestyle, set schedule
Packager | Strathroy, ON | 17 mai 2020
Place is segregated between the salaried workers in the office, the minimum wage Jamaicans in processing and the slightly higher paid packaging
The only problem with this factory; the one is Strathroy is that the Management has no accountability to the people working on the floor. They are always looking for people because it is cheaper to take a subsidy from the government during a person probation then terminating them without cause then it is to hire people on an provide them with Benefits. On top of that new people are often treated poorly or worse. They will lie to and bully you out of the place if you don't go along with their absurd propaganda. Such violations include asking questions to superiors and calling in a "sick day" one two or three of the legally granted sick days. For the record the law says nothing about sick days it say personal emergency day. If they want to get rid of you and you don't do much wrong they will bring up the smallest technicality against you. ON TOP OF THIS GET READY TO WORK DOUBLE HARD CAUSE THEY ARE CHRONICALLY UNDERSTAFFED: EITHER ENSURING THAT NEW FOLKS CAN'T GET THERE BENEFITS OR AS A TOOL TO CUT COSTS. They want peak efficiency with the lowest amount of manpower. Don't ask them for much cause they have many nice ways of telling you to Fog off The place is segregated: The offices seems to benefit the most from packaging and processing labor. They work 8 hours days Monday to Friday in climate controlled offices. Processors work in extremely hot temperatures during the summer and cold during the fall as their positions are seasonal. Packaging is at 4 degrees or less, with free
Coordinator | Strathroy, ON | 25 févr. 2022
Purposeful job with lots of opportunity for advancement!
I think for anyone looking to work in a factory environment- Bonduelle is a great place to be. As with any factory job, there are a few drawbacks. Shiftwork. I don't need to say more about this, but a lot of people don't like shift work or it doesn't fit with their lifestyle. Working in the packaging department is the perfect place to start! Here, you will learn so much about how to package foods and how to run different types of machines that help to package the foods. Teamwork is essential here, it is the backbone that makes everything else possible. Bonduelle puts a HUGE emphasis on working safely, which makes everyone feel more comfortable going to work. There are many different jobs within the packaging department such as inspecting vegetables, running robots, cleaning etc. The best part about Bonduelle is that if you work hard and stay engaged, there are so many opportunities for advancement. Management will work with you to develop through the company. You can take college courses that relate to your role within the company, and Bonduelle will reimburse it. This can help you get promotions or just do better at your job. The company always tries to hire from within for various roles, which makes it even easier to advance. I've learned so much so far during my 6 years at Bonduelle. The pay is fair for the work, and there are benefits which is so so helpful.
Forklift Operator | Lethbridge, AB | 19 août 2015
Forklift Operator
Was hired on for a verbally confirmed (even looked it up) wage. Found out after being hired that there is a SEPARATE wage for seasonal and full-time employees (seasonal is LESS). They change their schedules on a whim and expect you to accommodate. For example, they changed my schedule on days-off and didn't notify me off the change, and expected that I drop all prior commitments (no matter how important) for them, even though the commitments were setup so that I could attend them after my shift. I constantly am having to double check time-cards and stubs to make sure they aren't trying to pay me less than what I am supposed to make. Being a student who is trying to move cities, I don't have the time to work 5 (FIVE!) twelve hour shifts (and 2 eights) the week before I have to move 200kms away. The job itself is easy, it's just stacking totes in the freezer. If they would treat seasonal employees with some respect, instead of trying to screw them out of pay wherever they can, they'd have a lot better of a workforce. It's hard to care about a job when you're nothing more than a number to them.
Points positifsAllowed to work under own supervision.
Points négatifs7 days in a row gets old, constantly having to fight for your deserved/agreed pay gets old, fellow employees are unreliable, working 7 days in a row they expect you to work overtime without notice (and willingly).
Sanitation Worker | Tecumseh, ON | 4 févr. 2016
Great co-workers but very poor management
I don't have much to say about this place. My co-workers were for the most part reliable and made each day enjoyable, however the higher up the chain of command you go the more you realize how little they care about the people on the bottom. Sure they make it sound like they care during interviews but really it's all just a bunch of smoke. When you work here you can expect to be pushed around each day and if you prefer to work for someone who appreciates your hard work, this is not that. Their rules are very inconsistent as well. Many people will often do their jobs the way they see fit regardless if it violates workplace safety, and there have been many violations that have gone without management knowing or caring. Granted there have been no serious injuries except for one, it is still concerning how little they actually care about what goes on so long as they are able to ship off enough product on time. Too many times have I had to look away and pretend not to notice because the higher ups told me to. If you want to work for a place that can guarantee you 40+ hours a week, this is it. Just don't get too worked up about safety violations, you'll be the only one.
Shipper/Receiver | Ingersoll, ON | 3 nov. 2015
Fast pace and required being very organized
communicate with previous shift operator for relative information that concerns production requirements. Preform safety inspection on required equipment and sign off, assess shift production schedule and pull products for packaging lines. Move full pallets from the line to the wrapping machine and create a packaging label and move finished pallet to the warehouse for storage. Restocked lines with required packaging and utilized the onboard computer scanning program to track product use and movement of all raw and finished materials. This job was by far the most unpleasant of my career as it was an extremely cold working environment. I did not get many chances to converse with fellow employees due the staggering of break times, I learned to utilize a computer system that was very complex.
Points positifsfull time employemnt
Points négatifsinconsistant work schedule
C3 Lead Attribute | Windsor, ON | 22 févr. 2016
A Great Experience
Typical day at work @ Bonduelle consists of, doing the job your assigned to do. weather you enjoy the position or not. Doing the job successfully and efficiently. I experienced plenty while working at Bonduelle. I was am able to successfully acquire knowledge of not just Bonduelle but on a grand scale how operations are executed and handled. Management while working at Bonduelle is as expected. Coworkers were excellent for the most part. The Hardest Part was working long grueling hours sometimes 16 hours shifts im happy i worked at Bondelle was great to experience long hour shifts and low income pay made me stronger overall. The most enjoyable part of the job was infact seeing everybody s faces after working a shift. priceless to say the least. :)
Points positifscool experience
Points négatifsmanagement coulld improve a tad
Harvester | Taber, AB | 11 janv. 2018
Long Hours but relatively easy work
The duties of the job were relatively simple: you have to operate a harvester, wash the harvester down, and grease various parts of the harvester. The hardest part of the job was the long work weeks (8 hour shifts 7 days in a row with 2-day breaks in between). With each new work week your shift time changed to a different 8 hour shift, which is exhausting to have to constantly adjust to. The most enjoyable part of the job was being able to work relatively independantly, with little interaction. As someone who enjoys sitting by themselves and not having to really communicate with anyone, it was nice being able to sit and just work for several hours.
Points positifsMinimal interaction with others
Points négatifsLong Hours, continually changing work hours
Coordonnateur de la Mise en Marché (H/F) | Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, QC | 24 sept. 2017
Bien-être des employés. Sécurité et plaisir au travail
Bonduelle s'est grandement amélioré lors des dernières années. C'est un leader mondial dans le domaine alimentaire. L'entreprise a réellement "Le Souci de l'Homme" au coeur de ses préoccupations premières. Elle est également très axée "Santé et Sécurité" au travail pour le bien-être de tous ses employés. De plus, la compagnie se souci de l'environnement de manière à, par exemples, réduire au maximum sa consommation d'eau potable et même à utiliser des petites usines de filtration d'eau pour éviter de rejeter des eaux usées dans les rivières.
Points positifsAvantages sociaux, Bonis de performances, activités sociales.
Points négatifsPeut travailler parfois les fins de semaines.
Agent de Production (H/F) | Renescure (59) | 1 nov. 2021
Agent de Fabrication
J'ai été embauché en tant que CDD saisonnier, du 19 Septembre au 30 Octobre 2021, en horaire posté (3*8). Pour ma première année, j'ai travaillé sur différents secteurs : -Conserverie : - Palettiseur : mettre un intercalaire entre chaque plan; vérifier la qualité des boites de conserve; retirer les boites cabossés, écrasées, avec le code et le DLC à l'envers; utiliser le convoyeur pour sortir la palette remplie ou installer la palette vide en dessous du plateau aimant. - Sertisseuse : mettre les couvercles sur le rail; vérifier le bon sens des couvercles; vérifier le fonctionnement de la sertisseuse; indiquer le nombre de couvercles sur une feuille. - Racine : - Nettoyeur : nettoyer les déchets par terre à l'aide d'un balai et d'une pelle ou d'un jet d'eau. - Tri des légumes : retirer les déchets; les légumes trop grands ou de la mauvaise couleur. - Parage : - Tri des légumes : retirer les légumes non étiquetées, les tiges, les feuilles, les autres légumes, les animaux décédées; vérifier le fonctionnement du tapis (tapis de visite, tapis de matière, tapis de recyclage, tapis de sortie). - Nettoyeur : nettoyer les machines, les tapis, les sols à l'aide d'un jet d'eau ou d'une lance.
Points positifstrès bonne équipe, compteur heure (heures sup > 35 heures semaine maj à 125%), vestiaire, salle de pause, distributeurs, prime d'habillage.
Points négatifsLa distance (90 km A/R par jour), les horaires postés, la cadence, la fatigue.
Chef de Secteur (H/F) | Île-de-France | 18 nov. 2013
Bonne culture de l'entreprise
Une journée Typique: Suite à la feuille de route préparée la veille, 9H du matin, présence dans la première épicerie ( relevé des prix, façing, mise en place des promotions, rencontre avec les commis puis le gérant , information sur les nouveautés à venir...) 16h de l'après midi, dernière visite de magasin 17H: rédaction du compte rendu de la journée auprès du service des commandes et du service marketing. Opportunités de développement: possibilité de devenir chef de région après 1,5 an Les collaborateurs: Esprit d'équipe, échanges d'information pertinentes sur le terrain( épiceries) Aspect le plus difficile: Impossible de toujours prévoir une congestion sur la route, ce qui pouvait parfois retarder ma tournée de magasins. Aspect le plus agréable: Monter des shows( évènements promotionnels), décorer les têtes de gondole, les rayons aux couleurs de BONDUELLE.
Points positifsvoiture de fonction, panier repas
Points négatifsachat limité dans les boutiques Bonduelle

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Bonduelle

Quels sont les principaux défis auxquels vous devez faire face chez Bonduelle?
Posée le 22 mai 2019
Body wise, rotating shifts...typical of any job that requires you to work shift
Réponse du 29 févr. 2020
No good place to work set back in the 80s. Place really needs a Union !
Réponse du 12 nov. 2019
Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Bonduelle?
Posée le 6 nov. 2017
Not good. Hard if you worked outside and very dull if you worked in the freezer
Réponse du 27 sept. 2020
All about the money
Réponse du 7 sept. 2020
Quel aspect de travailler chez Bonduelle est le plus stressant?
Posée le 22 janv. 2021
Having overweight supervisors who know absolutely nothing trying to help. They all need to be fired.
Réponse du 17 avr. 2022
They treat you like trash and openly replace Canadian employees with immigrants they fly in for a profit because they refuse to pay fair wages while they constantly increase their prices and their profit.
Réponse du 24 juill. 2021
Comment bien se préparer pour un entretien chez Bonduelle?
Posée le 21 nov. 2020
Be your self
Réponse du 31 août 2022
Don’t. It’s an easy process. Just wear some safety footwear, dress casual.
Réponse du 20 sept. 2021
Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de Bonduelle pour améliorer l'entreprise?
Posée le 20 juin 2020
The ceo has no idea as to what really goes on because the management below him hide everything from him to either protect their jobs or stab him in the back in hopes of advancement seen it happen to two guys in my 4 yrs there
Réponse du 5 oct. 2020
Être à l'écoute des salariés et des syndiqués. Investir dans la machinerie
Réponse du 27 sept. 2020