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2,9Salaire et avantages
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2,8Culture d'entreprise
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Mississauga, ON
1 001 à 5 000
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De 5 à 25 millions $ (US)
Transport and Freight

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34,24 $
par heure
16,95 $-55,75 $
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34,62 $
par heure
17,30 $-51,95 $
9 salaires indiqués
22,22 $
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11,10 $-33,35 $
5 salaires indiqués
27,95 $
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13,95 $-41,95 $
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Emplois populairesTruck DriverDriverDispatcherOwner Operator DriverDelivery DriverLong Haul DriverCustomer Service RepresentativeOperations ManagerBilling ClerkManagerWarehouse WorkerAdministratorBilling AnalystChauffeur Classe 1 (H/F)Data Entry ClerkMechanicOffice AdministratorWarehouse AssociateForklift OperatorTransport DriverAdministrationChauffeur Livreur (H/F)CoordinatorDispatch ManagerDispatch SupervisorLaborerLead HandLogistics AssociateOperations AssociateOperations SupervisorOperatorPlanner7.5 Tonne DriverAZ flatbed and moffatAccounts Receivable ClerkAdminAdministrative AssistantAdministrative ClerkAssemblerAuditorAutomotive MechanicChauffeur de Camion (H/F)ClerkCo-opCollection AgentConductor/aContracting OfficerCoordinateur Logistique (H/F)Coordonnateur (H/F)Delay Line TrackerDirecteur (H/F)Director of EngineeringDiverDrivers HelperExecutive AssistantField ManagerForemanFreight CoordinatorGeneral ManagerGeneral MechanicGruntHuman Resources AdministratorHuman Resources GeneralistInbound Customer Service RepresentativeLoad PlannerLoaderLocal DriverLogistic CoordinatorLogistics PlannerMaintenance SupervisorOffice ClerkOffice ManagerOperateur de chariot elevateurPackerPayroll AdministratorProfessional DriverReceptionist/Administrative AssistantRecruiterReviewerSafety & Compliance MemberSafety SupervisorSalesSenior Accounts Payable ClerkSenior System EngineerService ManagerShift LeaderSummer Temp StudentSupervisorSwamper Swamper/General LabouererTelecommunicatorTerminal ManagerTractor Trailer DriverTransport ManagerTransportation SpecialistTruck LoaderUnderlingVan DriverVice PresidentWarehouse SupervisorWas never toldWatehouse worker ano one importanttemp-contract

Avis généraux sur l'entreprise Canada Cartage

Delivery Driver | Lower Mainland, BC | 25 janv. 2019
Garbage cartage
I had a job I enjoyed within this company but the way they treat their employee's is horrendous they play favorites and mold the union rulebook as they see fit with little fight back from the union. I had a few minor incidents that were accidents but they did not follow the rules in how to handle me because they wanted to get rid of me by any means necessary. I got a no truck ticket that was later thrown out yet the company decided to suspend me for a week without pay even though I was fighting it... my co-workers wete given a fresh start with demerit points and I was told because I had a 1 week suspension that I'm on a final warning and that if I make a mistake in the next 18 months that my employment would be terminated... I dunno about all of you but thats a messed up thing to tell an employee that puts in 60 hours a week on a regular basis. Anyways eventually I had an accident due to being under an extreme amount of pressure and stress I went on stress leave due to loseing my mind wondering if I could pay my bills and the minute I met the company to try and come back I was fired on the spot I didn't even have a note from the doctor saying I was able to come back yet and they still let me go..... No severance nothing and the Union did nothing to protect me even though I provided reasonable examples of the companies misstreatment of me. This company is a joke and you are just a number to them go work where you're appreciated.
Points positifsNone
Points négatifsYou're treated like a robot with zero appreciation for anything you ever do for them.
Office Clerk | Laval, QC | 24 mai 2019
This review is about Laval, not Mississauga or anywhere else
TYPICAL DAY AT WORK: Basic office work *far from paperless environment* WHAT I LEARNED: To work in a paper environment and it cost a lot: paper, equipment / equipment maintenance, time for processing manually everything... I guess they don't realize how much money they lose. Paperless environment requires a good investment but worth every penny. MANAGEMENT: Some managers don't have the skills to properly manage the employees. It is an "open door policy company" for transparency but Laval is like another company inside the company. They need to have trainings for being able to understand the company's culture and ethic. WORKPLACE CULTURE: We had a meeting where the Director of Terminal Operation for East Canada clearly said: "For avoiding truckers and employees to quit their job, we have to treat our employees right" Recently I have worked on a project where I discovered Leslie and Lindsay's family, culture, ethic and I can tell that Laval don't reflect their culture, human values, ethic and respect. It's like Laval is a total different company. THE HARDEST PART OF THE JOB: Feeling powerless, being so much underpaid and seeing gradually my motivation falling apart... Unfortunately, I will have to leave before it affects my daily positivism and happiness. THE MOST ENJOYABLE PART OF THE JOB My coworkers, I have so much fun with some of them.
Points positifsPay each week...
Points négatifsyour pay is so low ... you need it.
Driver | Langley, BC | 8 août 2019
Respectable Company, Respectable Wage.
My second time working for Canada Cartage.First time was during the early 1970's when this was a family owned operation located in Toronto. It came across as a well respected company then and I wouldn't say that it seems any different today. Local highway deliveries of groceries where the shifts are 4 days on, 4 off. Continuous loops for that 4 days will get you into the Okanagan or Caribou. Out of Langley and keep going to your HOS limit, bunk, then carry on. Four days, four loads. Pay goes into the bank every two weeks without any hassle and the pay statement is easy to understand also a very straightforward pay structure . Current tractors are brand new Freightliners, they replaced (aprox) 5 year on fleet machines. I have not experienced any problems with either management, dispatch or fellow drivers, in fact all have been helpful and accommodating as well as friendly. This year (2019) marks 50 years on the road for me and at my age and experience, if this company was in any way a problem then I simply wouldn't be here. I do not have any stats but it appears that employee turnover is minimal so that alone speaks volumes. I should mention that there are many more local (city) drivers than highway.
Points positifsTeamsters Union, Decent Pay, Benefits & Pension, Uniforms.
Loader | Calgary, AB | 4 mai 2020
Work without downtime
I come in, work hard with barely any downtime, I sweat, finish my shift, then talk a little bit with other employees. I take two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch break. I learned quick and am operating machines quickly and sometimes unsafely as management orders. They do not have the equipment to do some jobs so you usually have to compromise. New workers will be trained by various people in different ways. They just have to pick a way that works for them and if it works for them, it works for management. You start off with minimum wage to a dollar over minimum depending on how you discuss your starting wage. You may get ten cent raises every year or you may not depending on when management puts you into the system or not. Workers are nice, but other than that there is no culture. If you're good enough at your job, you get to talk friendly with the lead hands. The job is hard in an endurance aspect. If you're able to work hard and consistenlty, you keep your job, if not, you lose it. The most enjoyable part of the job is to work hard knowing that you are helping someone out greatly and learning operations in a warehouse. I enjoy working with the employees as there are interesting people working there.
no one important | Canada | 29 juill. 2016
If your a seasoned driver ,your wasting your time even filling out a job app at this place. They don't really lie to you ,,they just leave out key bits of information unless you ask,,and when your new you trust them but that will change in a very short time. This company will get you out of the soup line if your in trouble but a good driver has no business being with these guys for any amount of time,,,,there are far better places to work, A closer look inside of some of these trucks will tell you what kind of people are driving them..would you relieve yourself in a bottle and leave for someone else to find?? and when this guy shakes it of,,,where is that flying???Get the picture now??? There are lots of things that would make this place better to work at but I think that management would not listen,,they are hard wired to make money,,,you will mean nothing to them. You will be much happier at almost any other job,,,I was really disappointed in the things I saw because it sounded like such a great place to work,,,,live and learn....
Points positifsany pros I saw faded fast
Points négatifsThe review should be enough to give you an idea
Truck Driver | Richmond, BC | 26 août 2019
Difficult place to stay positive
Working here for 2 yrs was about all I could take. Pay was mediocre, benefits were good and being short of drivers all the time allowed me to pick my work days. Thats the good. Cheap trucks, under-powered for the mountains, constant breakdowns, no pay to transfer gear into another truck. Most trailers dog-track. Maintenance companies are a joke, half-assed repairs, never completely fixed. Major in-house policies demoralize drivers. Huge lack of communication across all departments. Safety & Compliance dept. is terrible, very seldom return calls or answer their calls. Supervisors only answer the phone if they want to. Dispatchers sometimes fall asleep and don't answer your calls at 2 am. Overall, not really that good as there is no respect for the drivers. Their total disregard for quality control on repairs put me directly in harms way to the point where I feared for my safety on the road and subsequently ended up leaving because nobody in this company had contacted me regarding this event meaning that they just don't care!
Underling | Edmonton, AB | 4 mai 2015
Entry Level only.
This company will only listen to and promote 'yes men'. Management cares little about employees or even corporate safety standards or transportation laws. They will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy, at the expense of its employees and work standards. Band-aid is the solution, not effective, efficient or calculated change. Consistent conflict of interest concerns raised and a revolving door of low level employees who recognize no reason for putting up with such a work environment with no chance of ever advancing. This company takes advantage of dedicated employees who go above and beyond to help and accommodate unreasonable demands by both customers and management. These successes and sacrifices go with little recognition when acknowledged at all. A thankless and frustrating work environment that I had been hopeful would change, but after a year and a half, actually only became worse.
Points positifsSome great, hardworking low level people.
Points négatifsEverything about the management
Owner Operator Driver | Edmonton, AB | 29 janv. 2019
They wonder why their drivers are leaving???could it have anything to do with management,,,it sure does,,,,,,, They will tell you anything you want to hear but nothing you need to know,,,,after your hired you are nothing but a seat cover and a slave. The wages are probably the worst in the trucking industry and always mistakes on your pay and always in their favor. And that is only the tip of the iceburg,,,,,The union is a joke ,the bennifits are terrible, and the trucks are pigpens,,,,This company should be shutdown,,,,they hire anyone just to get as much out of them as possible and management laughs all the way to the bank,,, Don't even consider working here ,,,you can do much better and anyone even new canadians deserve better. even if your a new driver don't do it,,,what you learn here is not right and should never be tolerated Working there for as long as I did was the biggest mistake of my life but I needed to pay bills so I tried it,,,,,WOW I will starve before ever ever working for people like that again
Points positifsits a job
Points négatifsit's a bad job
Logistics Associate | Ajax, ON | 10 mars 2018
Just meets quality of life standard
No standardized review or wage increases. I like that I can work the hours I want, with very little micro-managing for the most part. Also, it's close to home. There are several locations & provinces to choose from also, which is good. I learned by trial and error, and common sense. I received 4-6 hours of training and was put on night shift. It actually made me better at my job, so I appreciated that aspect. New people now receive about 2-3 weeks of training, so they've improved in that respect. Workplace is cutthroat, but that is because of the "outsourced" facility environment. I think they could be better. Workplace culture? Diverse, accepting but also a bit muddled/ confused. Hardest part of the job is keeping up with the many changes & "try again" implementations. Most enjoyable is working with what I know. Trucking, truck drivers, carriers and staff. The employees make Canada Cartage what it is today.
Points positifsflexible work hours
Points négatifssalary, management
Driver | Alberta | 4 janv. 2019
If your from Canada don’t bother applying!
I applied with these guys a few months ago I have an clean class 1 drivers license, high school diploma, I’m 30 years old with lots of experience, I can drive Manuel transmission and told them I was willing to do any run including there logging jobs. I was working for another trucking company doing pretty much the exact same thing, even spoke with a few of there drivers to help get me in. After about 2 months of listening to the recruiters voicemail they finally contacted me on the phone and I had a 2 minute conversation with the recruiter and was told Ok we will call you if anything opens up and that was 6 months ago. I’ve talked to a few other guys who had similar experiences which sadly makes me conclude that they only advertise jobs to Canadian Workers but bring in foreign workers cause there cheaper. Hopefully we will see some reform in the trucking industry soon and hold these companies accountable
Points positifsLots of work
Points négatifsNo opportunity for Canadian Drivers

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Canada Cartage

À quelle fréquence les salaires augmentent-ils chez Canada Cartage?
Posée le 13 févr. 2021
Not a chance in getting that or a cost of living increase. Only more work hours if you want to keep up
Réponse du 8 sept. 2023
After year
Réponse du 25 juill. 2023
Quelle politique est appliquée par Canada Cartage en matière de congés? De combien de jours de congés disposez-vous par an?
Posée le 16 déc. 2018
2 weeks 10 paid sick days
Réponse du 22 sept. 2023
Réponse du 15 août 2023
À quoi ressemble votre journée de travail type dans lentreprise?
Posée le 15 nov. 2022
Réponse du 18 sept. 2023
Horrible unorganized compagny
Réponse du 21 août 2023
Why would you want to work at Canada Cartage System?
Posée le 15 avr. 2017
Winnipeg division is non union which allows for anybody to be trained on forklifts, reachtrucks etc. so look at it as a possible training ground towards a better paying job in the industry
Réponse du 17 juin 2021
Only if you had no choice, they provide evidence of employment for banks, provide benefits and because its non union you can be training on all equipment which is a stepping stone to a better higher paying job in the industry
Réponse du 17 juin 2021
Comment se déroule le processus de promotion chez Canada Cartage?
Posée le 30 nov. 2022
Réponse du 21 sept. 2023
Réponse du 10 août 2023