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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3,7Salaire et avantages
3,6Sécurité de l'emploi et avancement de carrière
3,8Culture d'entreprise
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#600 - 555 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V7X 1M8
501 à 1 000
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45 000 $
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22 000 $-68 000 $
15 salaires indiqués
31 200 $
par an
20 000 $-47 000 $
5 salaires indiqués
16,00 $
par heure
10,15 $-24,00 $
1 salaire indiqué
28,00 $
par heure
14,00 $-44,20 $
4 salaires indiqués
17,00 $
par heure
10,15 $-25,50 $
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Front End Developer : avis sur l'entreprise Canada Drives

Front End Developer | Vancouver, BC | 22 févr. 2022
Take pride in your work and accomplishments
The typical day at work starts with a stand-up meeting to deliver updates and raise concerns that affect productivity so that the team can assist you. By working at Canada Drives, I have learned how to efficiently manage my time, deliver presentations and use the latest software development tools. I take pride in my work and accomplishments. The hardest part of the job is the pressure that comes with some tasks. Thankfully the managers and teammates are willing to lend helping hands. Everyone at Canada Drives cares. The management will do its best to offer career growth and help you reach your career goals.
Points positifsCanada Drives is a company where you can take pride in your daily work and accomplishments, Managers, leads, mentors and teammates are caring, encouraging and understanding, Teamwork is very evident across the teams of QAs, Developers, Designers and Managers, The management encourages you to reach your career goals, Everyday is a learning experience at Canada Drives.
Points négatifsThe occasional abundant number of meetings in a day tend to divert your focus on completing tasks.
Front End Developer | Remote | 14 avr. 2022
Great company to work for
This job has been really great. Everyone is friendly and my team was really helpful through my on-boarding. The work structure keeps management within earshot and they make sure to give us time for questions and suggestions. Overall very flexible and rewarding work.
Points positifsinteresting work, great compensation, management that listens, inclusive, good culture
Points négatifswork is remote, would like mix of remote and in person

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Canada Drives

Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Canada Drives?
Posée le 4 mai 2017
Did a phone interview and a 40 minute in person interview with 2 people which included job shadowing.
Réponse du 1 mars 2018
Easy, they'll literally hire anyone since the turnover rate is so high.
Réponse du 18 févr. 2018
Comment bien se préparer pour un entretien chez Canada Drives?
Posée le 4 mai 2017
Be confident and prepare to talk about yourself/scenarios you have been in.
Réponse du 17 oct. 2018
Make a few webpages
Réponse du 28 sept. 2018
Quels sont les avantages offerts chez Canada Drives?
Posée le 16 juin 2021
Very little. It is a bunch of 20-somethings in cheap suits with big chips on their shoulders all competing to see who is the best at being mean to each other.
Réponse du 29 avr. 2022
health, dental, life insurance
Réponse du 14 avr. 2022
Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Canada Drives?
Posée le 13 nov. 2020
Very good! Fellow employees are always helping each other.
Réponse du 5 mars 2022
Toxic, conniving, managers act like high school students
Réponse du 29 mars 2021
Les horaires sont-ils fixes ou plutôt flexibles chez Canada Drives?
Posée le 28 févr. 2020
The hours are set for my position. I have not asked for different hours since the hours work perfectly for me.
Réponse du 2 mars 2021
Canada Drives are set hours depending on the department you are working in.
Réponse du 30 oct. 2020