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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3,7Salaire et avantages
3,6Sécurité de l'emploi et avancement de carrière
3,8Culture d'entreprise
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#600 - 555 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V7X 1M8
501 à 1 000
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45 000 $
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31 200 $
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20 000 $-47 000 $
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16,00 $
par heure
10,15 $-24,00 $
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28,00 $
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14,00 $-44,20 $
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17,00 $
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10,15 $-25,50 $
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Sales | Vancouver, BC | 21 janv. 2019
You will move up quickly if you put in the work, the people and the vibe are awesome. FREE FOOD.
In short this is my time at Canada Drives: I moved up quickly, (senior sales in 3 months). I learned more than I ever thought I would. I went on a fully paid trip to Amsterdam. I asked for 3.5 weeks off for Christmas and they didn't hesitate to say yes. Best of all I made friends and skills for life. It's not for the faint of heart if you're in a sales position (no sales office is I don't think) but overall it's been very fair working here. I've been compensated extremely well, I never thought I would make this kind of money. I moved downtown, I drive a nice car, I got big plans because of this place. If you work hard, you ACTUALLY get paid a lot here. I've wasted my time at other company's who claim to pay you after you hit a number or put in a certain amount of time but they never ended up giving me much. At Canada Drives it's totally achievable, and the office is honestly fun. People speak their mind and get heard here. The company is always down to try new things. It's only as stressful as you make it. If you take it one day at a time and listen to your manager you can make a lot of money here. People come from all walks of life and if they just listen and work hard they are blown away at their pay. I know I was. My manager is the nicest guy ever. I had multiple manager's before this who were all super nice too. They just want to make you money so they also make more money. It's fair and I'm not that stressed out each day other than my own perf
Points positifsI eat FREE FOOD, go on free trips, enjoy everyone I work with, speak my mind, move up quickly
Points négatifsSometimes you have to work late, However if you properly utilize time management you won't have this issue
Sales | Vancouver, BC | 20 févr. 2018
Sold as a fun place to work but complete opposite
Its basically a wolf of wall street want to be except you get paid minimum wage unless you work 60 hour weeks in sales, ruthless (for example you cant urinate standing up in the stall or it results in termination) I was recently going to be late and was terminated immediately after I text to inform. All the staff are selling this wonderful free spirit fun work place but its extortion, both for the staff and the customers - ruthless sales techniques being advised to find a problem in the customers life, a dying relative was a specific example going to lend money at 46%APR No morals, no security, worked too hard and paid too little. Free lunch though
Points positifsFree lunch
Points négatifslong hours, minimal pay, ww2 german rules, enthusiastic annoying management
Sales | Vancouver, BC | 31 juill. 2020
A lot of hard work is required from you for not a lot of pay. The way sales people are taught to act with customers and the way management deals with its staff is manipulative. You'll be micro managed 100% of the time to the minute and put down if you're not doing things exactly the way management wants. I think this is a good place for new sales people to start to get an idea of what this type of telephone sales is like and gain experience. Wouldn't recommend for the long term.
Sales | Vancouver, BC | 16 nov. 2019
-Toxic work environment -most sales managers are just little kids playing manager..... they have no idea what they’re doing, the power just gets to their heads and they end up treating everyone poorly -very gossipy/ high school culture.... this is not by accident, senior management creates this culture -no job security - so many employees leave on a weekly basis

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Canada Drives

Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Canada Drives?
Posée le 4 mai 2017
Did a phone interview and a 40 minute in person interview with 2 people which included job shadowing.
Réponse du 1 mars 2018
Easy, they'll literally hire anyone since the turnover rate is so high.
Réponse du 18 févr. 2018
Comment bien se préparer pour un entretien chez Canada Drives?
Posée le 4 mai 2017
Be confident and prepare to talk about yourself/scenarios you have been in.
Réponse du 17 oct. 2018
Make a few webpages
Réponse du 28 sept. 2018
Quels sont les avantages offerts chez Canada Drives?
Posée le 16 juin 2021
Very little. It is a bunch of 20-somethings in cheap suits with big chips on their shoulders all competing to see who is the best at being mean to each other.
Réponse du 29 avr. 2022
health, dental, life insurance
Réponse du 14 avr. 2022
Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Canada Drives?
Posée le 13 nov. 2020
Very good! Fellow employees are always helping each other.
Réponse du 5 mars 2022
Toxic, conniving, managers act like high school students
Réponse du 29 mars 2021
Les horaires sont-ils fixes ou plutôt flexibles chez Canada Drives?
Posée le 28 févr. 2020
The hours are set for my position. I have not asked for different hours since the hours work perfectly for me.
Réponse du 2 mars 2021
Canada Drives are set hours depending on the department you are working in.
Réponse du 30 oct. 2020