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Canadian Blood Services
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Ottawa, CA
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Health Care

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18,94 $
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10,15 $-28,45 $
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24,04 $
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12,00 $-36,10 $
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22,75 $
par heure
11,35 $-34,80 $
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19,05 $
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10,15 $-35,85 $
1 salaire indiqué
24,04 $
par heure
12,00 $-36,10 $
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Canadian Blood Services : avis

Emplois populairesVolunteerCustomer Service RepresentativePhlebotomistResident Care AssociateLaboratory AssistantDriverRegistered NurseMedical TechnologistLaboratory TechnicianLogistics AssociateSupervisorAdministrative AssistantCoordinatorNurseAssistantAttendantNurse ConsultantTechnicianClerkData Entry ClerkEvent CoordinatorLogistics SpecialistManagerPhilanthropy ManagerRegional ManagerSenior Administrative AssistantSenior Project ManagerShipper/ReceiverASSISTANTE ADMINISTRATIVEAbandonedAdministratorAnalystAssistant (H/F)AssociateBiomedical EngineerBlood DonorBrand AmbassadorBusiness Systems AnalystBuyerCharge NurseClient Relations SpecialistClinical AssistantClinical AssociateClinical SupervisorCoding SpecialistDSRDirectorDistribution AssistantDocument Control ClerkDonor Center TechnicianDonor ServicesDonor servicesEmployee Relations ManagerEmployee/Pion.Environmental Health and Safety OfficerField RepresentativeFinancial AnalystFull time Medical Lab.AssistantHealth ScreenerHost/HostessIT ManagerLaboratory SupervisorLicensed Practical NurseLogistic CoordinatorLogistics SupervisorMSRMaterial HandlerMaterials ManagerMedical AssistantMedical TechnicianObserverOccupational Health and Safety ManagerOperations SupervisorPost-doctoral FellowPostdoctoral Fellowship in Molecular VirologyProject ManagerQuality Assurance AnalystReceptionist/Administrative AssistantRecruiterRecruiting AssistantRegistrationResearch AssistantResearch TechnicianSchedulerSenior Financial AnalystSenior Quality Assurance ManagerSenior Support AnalystService CoordinatorSystems AdministratorTeam LeaderTechnical Support AnalystTechnical Support RepresentativeTesterTraining DeveloperWarehouse Leadblood services.

Avis généraux sur l'entreprise Canadian Blood Services

Resident Care Associate | Winnipeg, MB | 3 janv. 2022
Fun professional environment working with the best of the best.
Working with clean healthy people who want to be there (donors) and friendly professionals who take pride in their role. It’s a great experience and environment unique to healthcare (biologics manufacturing). Very honoured to be a part of such an amazing team. CBS has a stellar collection of bright enthusiastic and caring staff who all come together for the cause. Everyone is exceptionally skilled at what they do and make it easy to come to work. It’s a good motivator for self improvement. There are always company politics, and working as part of a federally regulated organization will have that. As long as you can accept that fact, you will be fine. Training, both orientation and ongoing, is fantastic and comprehensive. Benefits, working conditions, team atmosphere, all a dream. Management is accessible and approachable. Work life balance can be an issue if you can’t adapt to the corporate culture. Front line staff work varied odd shift work with varying start/end times and shift durations/locations, it’s the nature of the business. Picking up shifts and no set schedule rotation is the norm. Which can actually be a great thing for some people. Overall exceptional handling of the pandemic, lots of communication improvements over the years. Very much appreciated. Frontline staff now always have the info they need when they need it. Concerns are readily and respectfuly addressed. Room for advancement is potentially good, depending on your current role, but competitive b
Points positifsAmazing staff, training, benefits, working conditions, perks, staff are well cared for. Varying hours (schedule is 6 weeks in advance).
Points négatifsHours can be unpredictable/odd and sometimes long shift work.
Driver | Brampton, ON | 21 mars 2020
Decent job but unusual shift times
The job is decent. You have different types of "runs". You have mobile clinincs, permanent clinics, dropping off blood/products to hospitals and dropping off blood to couriers. Mobile clinic runs are the hardest because you are actually transporting equipment to be setup by yourself and a partner and this will usually be challenging because the mobile sites are all over the surrounding area from the CBS hub. The mobiles sites are usually at a school or a church but not exclusively. Once you get there then there's a layout map of where to place all the beds, chairs tables, computer, garbage bins, privacy screens etc. It's exhausting to say the least. You then have to figure out your split break time between you and the other driver because you will be collecting and "shipping" the blood using a proprietary software. The break time is roughly 2 hours which is good. Permanent sites are easier because there isn't any equipment setup, just collecting the blood, no "shipping". Dropping off to the hospital/courier is as easy as it sounds. The big problem for me was the dynamic start/end times that changes daily so you cannot have a 2nd job. CBS also wants you to schedule your other job around this which is absolutely ludicrous and impossible. If you have a family then good luck seeing them 😕. Money is decent and they offer you hours but that's because most traditional drivers are not accustomed to this type of "driver" job. On the mobile run, you only drive 10-20 percent of the tim
Points positifsDecent pay and long breaks
Points négatifsLong hours and alot of equipment setting up and details to remember
Coordinator | Ottawa, ON | 24 janv. 2022
Very unhealthy work culture, but great benefits to help you with it
I have run into two complete strangers who were former CBS employees in the relatively short time since I left CBS, and neither had anything even neutral to say about the work environment. That says a lot. But they give you fabulous benefits so it's very difficult to leave once you realize the situation you're in. But don't worry because there's a good chance you'll just get laid off at some point anyway! The culture is very unwell, particularly at head office. Talk is valued, not action. This means that people who talk the talk but avoid accountability or action are those that rise to the top, generally (of course there are always wonderful exceptions). If you care about your own wellbeing, I strongly advise you to steer clear of this workplace. If those who had the power to change things put any of the effort that they put into telling employees that they care into actually caring, there would be huge improvements. The resources and the people are there. Genuinely caring and wanting to effect change makes it a struggle to work at CBS because you won't see it done but you will constantly be told how much leadership cares.
Points positifsGreat health benefits, stat holidays, pension, vacation. Many wonderful colleagues across the country.
Points négatifsWidely-known bullies in management, no job security/constant restructuring, organizational strategy developed from a privileged and disconnected corporate perspective.
Research Technician | Toronto, ON | 18 juin 2012
Not a bad place to work as a technician
A typical week working as a Research Technician includes planning future experiments, running the experiments, performing analysis and reporting results and suggesting future direction to the principal investigator. As with any new research position I have had only base and theoretical knowledge entering the field but have accumulated a wealth of related experience over my time working here. Previous and unrelated experience has carried over to help with an 'out of the box' style, and this will likely help with any future direction that I choose. Laboratory management can feel somewhat disconnected from the principal investigator and some more experienced staff can feel intimidated by the younger staff. This can lead to a generally uncomfortable environment at times when older staff are treating younger staff no different then the academic students within the lab. I enjoy working under stressful conditions when running clinical diagnostics and enjoy evaluating and optimizing experiments where and when I can. I find that previously gained experience can help with optimization and help seek resources to solve unique problems.
Points positifsworking hours are flexible. pi's can be inspirational
Points négatifsoffice politics could use improvement.
Driver | Brampton, ON | 23 mars 2015
front line works burnt out!management/ executives will always point fingers at employees
Where to start.....gossip, stress and minimual support from management. To much negativity in the building. Employer has very little understanding of how thw jobs r being done. Example. A driver only drivers 20% or so the rest is setting up computers, shipping the blood organizing rhe blood tubes during clinics. Oh an id ur scheduled to be finished at 8pm dont count on it book ir plans for the next day.. oh wait cant do that.. why u ask because the next day ur shift starts at 4am. Each day drivers have a different start time n end time .. shifts range from 4hrs to 14hrs through the week with very little consistency. Now as for job description. Good luck CBS has been telling employees they will have a job description for the new positions ppl are currently in, that was 2 yrs ago( staff r still waiting). I could write a book about how the moral is plugged to an all time low. Great company when it was a small setup, employees would take part in all areas of the job regardless of assigned duties. Now it is not so nor will it every get bk to that. If u have no love ones n just want to work no questions asked regardless of the hours.. this place is for u
Points positifsco workers
Points négatifsmanagement, work hours ( dont expect to see your family).
DSR | Toronto, ON | 2 juin 2021
For the most part the people are awesome and friendly
I was lucky enough that I got along well with everyone. A lot of the people were very friendly and genuine and still keep In touch with them. There is a gossiping culture to be aware of.Longtime employees working as DSRs are very nice and friendly for the most part. There are one or two you’ll get that don’t commit to the job because they’ve been there for so long which is fustrsting for the newbies cuz you have to pick up their slack. There’s not much management can do about disciplinary measures cuz of the union so you’ll have to suck that up. Overall I really enjoyed working there mostly because of the work colleagues. The donors are nice for the most part but you do get rude people. So if you don’t have good customer service experience and know how to deal with rude people and still smile this is not for you. The pay is not fair. Same positions across the country were paying almost $10 more. Vacation and in leiu of benefits are really good though.
Points positifsWork colleagues, short hours, different working locations if you don’t like being in the same place all the time, travel pay
Points négatifsNotalot of hours unless you pick up sick call shifts or give away shifts, very low hourly pay
Resident Care Associate | Halifax, NS | 12 mars 2022
Fast paced but rewarding
It is a very busy workplace and very physically demanding on Mobile Clinics that we travel on every second week. The work is rewarding as it it a vital service and i feel like I am part of someone's voluntary good deed to donate blood. That said, I feel that the job retention is bad as new Temporary Part-time employees get very few guaranteed hours. It took a whole year to be made Permanent and I still only get 25 hours per week with NO medical benefits. You can only opt into them twice per year and I was made Permanent after the last deadline. So it's taken 19 months to get Medical. We ALL are Part-tme so we get no paid vacation, only vacation pay on each check. We are open Monday through Saturday and all holidays except Christmas day, and must use a vacation day to not be scheduled.
Points positifsPaid meals and travel provided with nice accommodations on Mobile Clinics
Points négatifsNot enough guaranteed hours or Medical
Administrative Assistant | Ottawa, ON | 3 oct. 2013
Good place to work
• Conduct quality control to ensure that all information is captured correctly • Organized, scanned and created files in electronic filing system (REFS). • Boxed files and entered them in iRIMS system for off-site storage. • Marking boxes systematically with pertinent information for accurate retrieval and control • Creating and constructing physical and virtual boxes • Opening and removing contents for inspection • Lifting and carrying 20-30 lb. boxes daily • Photocopied. • Created labels for outgoing mail in word. • Created binders. • Created labels to put on tabs in word. • Entered data into excel spread sheet. • Worked with Microsoft Word, Excel, windows XP and Adobe Reader X. Management was good. The hardest part of this job was learning their electronic filing system. I enjoyed all of the jobs love being busy and being organised.
Points positifsNice place to work
Points négatifsNot a permanent job.
Shipper/Receiver | Nepean, ON | 8 juin 2020
Poor Management, Underpaid Union Members
An excessive amount of procedural documentation,SOP's and job duties required to learn and perform daily in exchange for a meager wage offered to logistics Material Handlers & Shipper/Receiver Clerks. Poor management overlooks any real issues, material handling employees are only a number and not a name. Other union members are favored and better wages are fought for and obtained for drivers & lab technicians. Wages for material handlers are way under the norm for a union setting. About 20 years behind current living expenses vs. wages. Too many chiefs to contend with, while important issues are left unanswered. A blind eye is the best management can do to deal with insubordination.
Points positifsFree Parking
Points négatifsPoor wage offered in exchange for far too many responsibilities, Mismanaged & Union Favoritism for Driver's/ Lab Technicians
Senior Administrative Assistant | Ottawa, ON | 1 févr. 2015
CBS is a great place to work
CBS is a great place to work and provides an important service to the Canadian public There was never a day that started or ended the same.I learned that it is not the job that makes the day its the people and the accomplishments. I enjoyed all of the jobs love being busy and being organised. Fast pace environment, people are nice, managers are not the best but try, you play an active role in life saving on a day to day basis and it can be very rewarding. Hardest part of the job was the lack of communications within departments and the computer softwares which was stressfull and frustrating at times but I always managed very well. Most enjoyable part of the job is when you are told you saved a life. Great office staff. Learned many things regarding the obtaining and processing of blood to help individuals who require it.
| Ottawa, IL | 2 juill. 2019
There are pros and cons
Overall it is not a bad place to work. There are people here who genuinely care and are here to make a difference. Pay in most areas is reasonable though in many of the corporate roles it is on the low end for sure. Benefits are just average in my opinion. It is bare bones and not really anything extra. There have been recent attempts to fix the culture and I am hoping they will work. I find that bullying in disrespect is tolerated for too long before something is done about it. I also find it very hierarchical with most of the executive team being very inaccessible. Kind of an ivory tower mentality, not all but most. I also find that employees are nickled and dimed while executives and higher ups seem free to spend. Our travel per diem is a good example, max of $50/day to eat for the regular folks which does not cut it at all when you are stuck in airports and hotels. Change is slow and that can be frustrating. Staff are constantly asked to cut costs and settle for small annual increases while each year we can clearly see what the executive team is making. I think the ratio is quite off. I also think that we need some fresh minds at the top. The CEO has been in place too long and while I understand that consistency has some benefits when the CEO has been there for 15+ years there are just no new ideas and improvements really coming out of the EMT anymore. That said we have a lot of fantastic, dedicated managers who are the reason many of us stay. I am hopeful
Points positifsability to work remotely, flexibility
Points négatifssalary and benefits

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Canadian Blood Services

À quelle fréquence bénéficiiez-vous d'une augmentation de salaire chez Canadian Blood Services?
Posée le 12 déc. 2022
Is by hours worked and sometimes it get more than a year to get a raise.
Réponse du 25 août 2023
Only when contract is renewed
Réponse du 4 juin 2023
Why would you want to work at Canadian Blood Services?
Posée le 4 août 2017
The blood supply chain is something that affects everyone. Without this service (front line employees), the donors and the volunteers -collection, transportation, processing, production and distribution of safe blood products wouldn’t be possible and people would die.
Réponse du 29 juin 2019
I really want to help people and represent them about donat blood and it can help and survive at least one person's life
Réponse du 1 mars 2019
Comment se déroule le processus de promotion chez Canadian Blood Services?
Posée le 5 janv. 2023
Is by senority and takes between 8 months to 1 year
Réponse du 25 août 2023
One word, seniority
Réponse du 20 juin 2023
Quelle politique est appliquée par Canadian Blood Services en matière de congés? De combien de jours de congés disposez-vous par an?
Posée le 10 mars 2022
1 week
Réponse du 11 juin 2023
4 weeks to start and tgeb a day a year after 5 years
Réponse du 21 mai 2023
Quels sont les avantages proposés par Canadian Blood Services?
Posée le 3 oct. 2019
Réponse du 19 févr. 2023
None for part time
Réponse du 8 janv. 2023