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Actor | Pitt Meadows, BC | 1 déc. 2022
An okay workplace, not the best
I worked at Meadow town Centre Cineplex, the management was okay, there are a few managers that are a pain in the behind to work with. I started right when they reopened after COVID-19 and it was pretty stressful. I was rushed into concession after not even a week on cleaning theatres and scanning tickets (floor). I don't mind doing the dirty jobs as i know they have to be done, all i got from doing those was 10 "points" and a pat on the back and it was completely forgotten after that. My coworkers were nice, once you get to know them better, some of them bring up petty highschooler drama but that's not the reason I quit. I got to experience almost everything in that cineplex, even training (the cast trainers aren't paid what they deserve at all, they are expected to act like managers for 25 cents more than minimum). Hardest part of my job was the customers. Complaining that it took them 15 minutes to get to me, when we're in the middle of a rush, complaining that things aren't clean right away after a rush. Getting mad at us for running out of popcorn because there was more people coming in than expected. The most enjoyable part was the coworkers I was close with, they made my job fun and was part of the reason i stayed in the job for so long Overall the reason I had to leave is because they couldn't accommodate my schedule which i understand. The manager I talked to about it was nice to me and i visit the theatre once in a while to say hi to old coworkers.
Points positifsFree paper bag of popcorn
Points négatifsA lot expected of you for the amount of pay you get
Actor | Langley, BC | 3 oct. 2022
Really fun place to work at
I worked at Cineplex for around 7 months and can I just say that I had a great time. Every person I worked there with was so much fun and the majority of shifts did not feel boring at all. You start working in concession and floor and eventually can make your way around all the places and even become a team leader and eventually assistant manager. The shifts do get long and working during big movies can get really hectic, but personally, I like rushes over slow days because those can get bad. Also, the hours can get long and sometimes when you're closing concession, you get out at 1 or 2 am. The management is also great and really understanding. I, unfortunately, had some health issues while working and they were all so nice and gave me the time off that I needed. All in all, it's not a bad high school job and its great if you love movies (free movies) but not so great if you wanna make more money (minimum wage)
Points positifsFree movies (unlimited), Free drinks and popcorn on your shift, Half off all food while working, Great environment, Fast paced (most of the time)
Points négatifsLong hours, Closing shifts run really long, Slow days are unbearably boring, Floor can get tiring
Assistant Manager | Langford, BC | 16 févr. 2023
don't expect to ever get hours OR a raise.
minimum wage for maximum stress. the customers don't give a darn about you and treat you like robots. management would sooner hire a few groups of people and give out one or two shifts a week to all employees instead of a steady 5 days or so for those who actually wish to and want to work. assistant managers HARDLY get a raise to do the exact same thing as a SALARY MANAGERS job. commissions on combos were abolished for a points system that no teenager would use due to the catalogue appealing to an adult audience. there is zero room for advancement unless a manager leaves or you relocate to take a management position. did i mention zero raises and working for minimum wage? while teenagers are expected to stay until midnight and deal with the worst customers i have ever seen in my life?
Points positifsfree movies, free popcorn (ONLY while working), free soda (ONLY while working)
Points négatifsliterally everything else
Server | Burnaby, BC | 9 janv. 2023
Co-Workers are amazing, Managers are a revolving door, Cineplex doesn't invest in good employees
Management is constantly changing AND they are not on the same page- they always tell us opposite information. The GM is rude, petty and sassy, not professional. The pay is minimim wage, with tips that aren't the best. No raises unless you become a supervisor which isn't worth it, its a .75¢ increase from minimum wage (2022) and way too much work. No wage increases if your shift is past midnight, no increase for treasurers, bartenders, or if they ask you to train new hires. They ask us to do too much for too little. Cineplex surcharge VIP tickets to $26 for the extra work WE do but don't raise our wage?????
Points positifsFree movies for you and one friend, Great co-workers - truly a highlight for me, 50% off food during our shifts only
Points négatifsLate shifts, Bad pay for too much work, Management is up and down
Crew Member | Belleville, ON | 7 janv. 2023
Such a fun workplace, super productive, fast pace at times slow at times overall very fun
I loved working at the Cineplex to me. It was my favourite place I’ve ever worked. My coworkers and management were amazing. Guests were super nice all of the time but of course you had those couple. You receive a lot of training with the popcorn machines with the butter pumps because the popcorn machines run at 500°C she receive a lot of training with how to handle that properly how to prepare the popcorn you learn how to use the P.O.S which is the point of sale or the register for those who don’t know. management was amazing I can’t say anything negative about it whatsoever. My experience working at the Cineplex was fantastic 100% would recommend to everyone.
Points positifsDiscounted food, and free movies on your day off
Points négatifsNo cons
Actor | Edmonton, AB | 16 juill. 2022
fun and easy but management can be difficult
shifts were pretty simple and the same every time, coworkers were nice and most customers were very kind! i personally had issue with scheduling conflicts because i had two jobs at the time, was very hard to balance. i had issues with emailing or calling in for shifts, as management would never answer the phone or emails unless it was to say you couldn’t get it off (witnessed them watch the phone ring once and listen to someone call in, only to laugh and not call them back)
Points positifs50% off food 30 minutes before or after shift and on break, free movies
Points négatifsmanagement sucks at replying sometimes, website is hard to navigate occasionally, lots of the tech likes to shut down multiple times a month
Actor | London, ON | 1 août 2022
Good first job
Good first job if you're just starting out. But your management team and coworkers can make or break the experience. Don't expect to be promoted or moved to different sections, even if you have all the qualifications. My location had a VIP section and I was told that if I got my Smart Serve I could work in there, but my managers moved a new-hire over there instead because she was related to the Head Manager. I also asked to be trained on different sections of the regular theater but because of favouritism, management never did it. They also have an "award show" every year to give people awards for doing their jobs, but again, favouritism is blatant.
Points positifsFree movie tickets for you and a +1
Points négatifsFavouritism
Actor | Winnipeg, MB | 22 janv. 2023
good job for teens
I got my first job at cineplex when i was 15 and it was so much fun ( mostly because of the free popcorn and fruitopia ) everyone i worked with were all so nice and then managers were always really understanding. Was easy to get time off when ever you needed. I worked at a small old cineplex but it closed down and we got moved to a cineplex junction and that’s when it went all down hill, the new managers were horrible, didn’t properly train new cast member, wouldn’t allow time off, etc.. If it wasn’t for the switch in locations and management i would still be there.
Points positifsfree popcorn, movies and fountain drinks
Guest Service Agent | Toronto, ON | 17 juin 2022
Very fast paced and a bit stressful
Typical day at work starts of with answering calls right at the start of the shift. Management was very nice but not very organized as they was very understaffed. The job being remote means that workplace culture is a bit non existent. Hardest part of the job would be the constant pressure of answering calls and dealing with the customers that have had a long wait time. Most enjoyable part of the job would be the satisfaction that you get after you successfully help a customer after they have had to be put through a heap of trouble.
Actor | Coquitlam, BC | 26 mars 2023
management sucks
if you’re scheduled in one area, and stay to help another area, there’s a high chance that they’ll start docking your pay. Management is known to stand around and talk in the middle of a rush and start complaining to you when the rush ends that we didn’t pop enough popcorn or about the fact that there is no candy in the tiers. i’ve been on till before and got asked to do three other things as i’m in the middle of a transaction. This whole location is basically up and running because of the teenagers who work here and the managers barely give their part and effort.

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Cineplex

Comment se déroule le processus de promotion chez cineplex?
Posée le 16 nov. 2022
there is none
Réponse du 13 mars 2023
Automatic for the raises, if you wanted to be a Team Leader you can ask to be trained on all positions and then eventually become a Team Leader.
Réponse du 6 mars 2023
Quels sont les avantages proposés par cineplex?
Posée le 8 août 2022
Free movies
Réponse du 24 mars 2023
You get a cast pass with every paycheck so free vip movies and you get popcorn, drinks for free and 50% discount on food but only 30 mins prior, during, or up to 30 mins after your shift
Réponse du 5 mars 2023
À quelle fréquence bénéficiiez-vous d'une augmentation de salaire chez cineplex?
Posée le 16 nov. 2022
When minimum wage goes up, any raise you once had and earned is diminished to a smaller increase. Other than that you only receive an increase in hourly wage when you get promoted.
Réponse du 8 mars 2023
6 months but its not a big raise
Réponse du 6 mars 2023
À quelle fréquence les salaires augmentent-ils chez cineplex?
Posée le 12 juin 2022
hardly ever
Réponse du 27 mars 2023
Not very often
Réponse du 27 mars 2023
Quelle politique est appliquée par cineplex en matière de congés? De combien de jours de congés disposez-vous par an?
Posée le 12 nov. 2022
You can choose to take 2 of either Christmas day, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, NYE, New years Day. There's not a lot of flexibility. They really make you do the most for the least.
Réponse du 5 mars 2023
Réponse du 17 févr. 2023