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City of Brampton
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4,1Culture d'entreprise
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2 Wellington Street West Brampton, ON L6Y 4R2
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28 000 $-85 000 $
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83 462 $
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41 000 $-126 000 $
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44 000 $-135 000 $
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City of Brampton : avis

Emplois populairesInstructorSwim InstructorCamp LeaderCustomer Service RepresentativeVolunteerLifeguardCamp CounselorLaborerAttendantSupervisorClerkOperatorService ClerkCrossing GuardDance InstructorFitness InstructorFloor StaffMaintenance PersonOperations AssociatePersonal TrainerGardenerProgram InstructorAssistantGuardCamp DirectorConcession Stand WorkerCounselorExecutive AssistantGymnastics CoachHuman Resources AssistantManager of Volunteer ServicesNetwork AdministratorOffice AssistantPool ManagerProject CoordinatorSecurity OfficerShift LeaderSummer Activity AssistantSupport SpecialistTechnical Support AnalystAccountantAccounts Payable ClerkActive Directory EngineerAdministrative AssistantAdministratorAdvisorAnalystAnimal CaretakerAnimal Shelter VolunteerApplication DeveloperArt TeacherAssistant InstructorAssistant TechnicianBartenderBramptonBuilding MaintenanceBusinessBusiness AdvisorBusiness ConsultantBusiness Intelligence AnalystBuyerCITY COUNCILLORCamp ManagerCaregiverCashierChief Operating OfficerCivil TechnicianCo-op StudentCommunity VolunteerComputer InstructorConcession WorkerConstruction Project ManagerCoordinatorCustomer Service Associate / CashierCustomer Service Team LeadCustomer Service/Sales RepresentativeData AnalystDivision LeaderEconomic AssistantEnergy EngineerFacilitatorFacilities TechnicianFinancial AnalystFitness StaffGrounds CrewHealth Information Management ClerkHealth Unit CoordinatorHealth and Safety InstructorHorticulturistHuman Resources ManagerHuman Resources SpecialistIM NOT SAYINGIT ManagerIce staffInclusion WorkerIntegration WorkerIntegration Worker/ Site HeadInterior DesignerInventory AnalystJunior AccountantLandscape TechnicianLaw Enforcement OfficerLead TeacherLegal AssistantLoss Prevention OfficerManagement AssistantNetwork ArchitectOffice RepresentativeOwner Operator DriverPackerPart-time ConcessionsPayroll AdministratorPlannerPresenterPress OperatorProgram AssistantProgram FacilitatorProgram LeaderProgrammerProject DesignerProject EngineerProject ManagerPublic Relations ManagerRecords ClerkRecreation ManagerRecreation StaffRecreational program staffRisk ManagerSecurity GuardSenior Operations CoordinatorShop AssistantShop ForemanSnack Bar AttendantStudent LeaderStudent leadership roleSummer StudentSwimming InstrcutorTechnical AssistantTechnology CoordinatorTemporary Enviromental WorkerTemporary Parkskeeper on ContractTransit PolicyTutorVideo Game DesignerYoga InstructorYouth Workerbramptonpart-time staff

Avis généraux sur l'entreprise City of Brampton

Payroll Administrator | Brampton, ON | 25 oct. 2014
Productive and fun place to work.
The city of Brampton payroll department was indeed a great place to work! All the employees were hardworking, yet fun to be around. Each payroll cycle is started with collection of employee data forms (EDC) example , new hires, rehires and terminated employees to determine how to set them up into the computer software. This process although sounds simple it can be a stickler since some EDC are for the current pay period and others are for future periods. Thus the data sheets must first be sorted into specific periods and categories and labeled accordingly in order not to waste time. The next step is to enter all new hires and rehires information before time entry is locked because that would require supervisors to reopen time entry for one to enter information that should have been entered into the system. Next all relevant deductions and banking are setup. Following deductions I have to calculate terminations and payouts and start running my queries to validate time entry. The first query is the Hours by Users which records the exact amount of hours entered by each time entry user. This amount must harmonize with the hours sent to payroll by each time entry user. There are of course other queries that must be run and validated in order to ensure accuracy of the payroll. For example, Name List Difference is a query that tells us about incorrect entries and there maybe differences like effective date for a particular job code that must be verified and reasons
Points positifsTime flies when working in payroll.Benefits, great pay!
Points négatifsDistance to travel can be long especially in the winter.
Operator | Brampton, ON | 28 mai 2014
Safe working enviorment , team leader, self dedication and works great under pressure.
My typical day at work would start off at 3pm for the city of Brampton. Our job as maintenance staff consists of 3 major topics, 1)The Health and Safety of the public 2) made sure the faciility was clean to its standers and 3)the flow of the public; such as helping them with any questions they had, assisting them with their belongings when asked too and lastly controled the traffic in and out of the facility. I learned many good habits in working with the city of Brampton, such as working as a team, communication either by, sign language, touching and feeling, hearing and many other ways in understand what the customer wanted to say. Our management for the city of Brampton by far is the most successful and important job to have, especially when being in charge of all staff and vistors that come into the building as well. Our managment takes care of what happeneds in the build and also what needs to get done around the building inorder to be running at its best. The city of Brampton works together like a family, all co-works and volunteer are close to together and treated with respect no matter what level of work experience you have. The hardest part of the job would have to be the control of people in and out of the bulidng, this makes it very difficult on making sure that the public is safe from danger and or exposure to natural gas. The most enjoyable part of my job is helping and interacting with the people of the city. I really enjoy putting myself out of li
Points positifsworking and interacting within and throughout the community, safe working environment, could lead to a greater position
Points négatifsnot enough hours, lack of respect, abuse towards lower level employers (meaning full-timeworkers take credibility for part-timers work)
Lifeguard | Brampton, ON | 11 févr. 2018
Fun and Exciting
Being apart of The City of Brampton and being able to work at Eldorado Park was fun and eventful. I was able during 2017 to have the opportunity to work both inside and at an outdoor pool. A typical day at work this past summer included arriving at 8:30 setting up the deck, ensuring guard chairs were equipped, cash was check and everything was in place for when the day began at 9 am. Every morning until 1 involved the local camps coming to take a swim and us guard alternating and rotating throughout the duration. When we weren't on guard we were playing card games for example President, eating and ensuring everything was running smoothly. When on the guard chair you could be up their to 30 mins at most in the hot sun. However when the pool exceeded a certain capacity and we needed 3 guards on you could be at least up there or standing for at most 45 or more. I would quite say there was a hard part at work, other than the blazing hot sun or those days where we had to guard in the rain. The only part of work that bugged me I would have to say is when we lost shifts due to the weather, thunder or lightning. Other than that I loved it, we had many people come and go through the facility and those familiar faces, so it was nice to be able to create a type of relationship with those people and have conversations and look forward to seeing them again.
Camp Counselor | Brampton, ON | 2 mars 2016
Fun work place during the summer
I have worked with the city of Brampton since 2003. I have enjoyed my experience with the city. During my time as a camp counselor, a typical day was meeting the kids and playing interactive activities until 9 o'clock when camp starts. During the day, we played sports such as hockey, soccer, discus, javelin, and many more. A big part of my job was to make sure that the kids were able to have fun and encourage team building skills with different types of games. Being a camp counselor taught me discipline and leadership skills. The management was very genuine and made sure that the staff always were always in a good mood. They communicated everything and anything that they felt was important. My co-workers are what made my day extra special. You build a very strong bond with them over the summer and make memories for the rest of you life. I would say the hardest part of the job is having to discipline the kids that don't want to listen. Very often though, the kids are respectful and enjoy being at camp. The best part of my job seeing all of my co-workers and the kids having a great time. This always puts a smile on my face.
Points positifsPlaying sports and activities while getting paid.
Points négatifsDisciplining the kids that don't listen
Programmer | Brampton, ON | 2 sept. 2014
Energetic and outgoing atmosphere
I have worked for the City of Brampton for just over a year. I started off at Peel Village Golf Course in 2013 as a Concessions Attendant and got offered a position as a Facility Clerk at Chinguacousy Park Curling and Tennis Club. A few months later I got offered to work as a Bartender at the Curling Club. Once, the season ended I got offered yet another position as a Concessions Assistant Programmer running my own building (Mini Golf). The whole experience working with the City of Brampton has taught me how to be proactive, flexible, perfect my time managing skills and how to have fun in your work environment. My fellow co-workers were yet the best people to spend most my days with. Without them, we would not have been the amazing team we are. The most enjoyable part of the job was planning team builders once a month and over viewing everyone being able to leave work at the door and building their leadership skills while enjoying each others company.
Points positifsFun environment
Points négatifsLong days
Personal Trainer | Brampton, ON | 27 mars 2017
Productive learning and reviewing ability in fitness with the City of Brampton
A typical day consists of communicating with customers and making sure they are satisfied. Responsibilities including cleaning and wiping gym equipment. Throughout the day I will give tours and consultations within the shift. I have learned to try my best when dealing with customers and doing everything in your ability to make them happy. Being introduced to many cultures helps with my customer service experience, i now have the ability to understand customers and assist them with confidence. The hardest part of my job would be having customers complaining about an issue that is out of my control and above managements control as well. The most enjoyable part of the job would be communicating with members and building rapport with individuals.
Points positifsGreat staff and management, ability to give your opinion
Points négatifsShort hours, Split shifts
Shift Leader | Brampton, ON | 7 nov. 2021
You either work hard, or watch people work hard.
Working part-time was good for the time I was in school as hours were very flexible and really helped make the workload and school balance less stressful. Unfortunately there's a theme of entitlement not to do certain work because of XYZ (everybody seems to have a reason). As a business, they struggle with communication within departments and even more so across departments. There's far too many micro managing individuals directing control over tasks they don't seem to understand. If you want flexible hours and simple work - it's there. There's nothing about the work (recreation) itself that is problematic. Keep in mind, across the board, the City of Brampton pays their part time staff much less than the surrounding major cities.
Points positifsSuper Flexible hours.
Points négatifsUnbalanced expectations, poor communication through management, minimal room for growth
Building Maintenance | Brampton, ON | 25 mai 2012
Fun, busy cleaning city job
A typical day at work with the City of Brampton was simple, all you had to do was clean and keep everything tidy and organized. I had no problems doing this. If anything, I've bettered my house cleaning skills from this job and that's what I've learned. Management was awesome because they didn't single anyone out or make you feel like you were a nobody to the company. Everybody means something, which is expected and a great quality for a company to have. Co-workers are always joking around and having fun while cleaning and doing their jobs/tasks given to them from the Facility Operator. There wasn't really a hard part to this job, it was all pretty basic. The most enjoyable part was watching free hockey and lacrosse games then having to clean up the mess after, always good fun.
Points positifslong breaks, work in arenas and parks
Points négatifsunexpected shifts/hours
| Brampton, ON | 17 déc. 2015
Play Hard Work harder
Overall it was an average city job. No issues with pay or any of the other workers. We worked hard to get things done and as a team. When people didn't show up for shifts we pulled up our own socks to keep jobs moving. I made it my goal to show up everyday ready to work to help out my fellow workers. It payed off in the end when we were praised for our hard work from our supervisor. The most difficult part of the job was the distance from my home. It was about a 45 min drive with no traffic. Most of the time however I was driving back and forth in those peak hours. The job had a lot of physical labour which I handled pretty well but it was difficult in the beginning. Overall this was a fantastic job and i had a great time working with them but I am looking to do something different and possibly earn a better salary doing so.
Points positifsGreat Hours
Points négatifsDistance to Brampton
Fitness Staff | Brampton, ON | 6 août 2015
Part-timers get shafted
I have been working for the City of Brampton in the Rec and Culture division for the past 4 years. Pros: -Experience (boot camps, personal training) -Friendly co-workers -Members are great -Easy to take time off and/or find coverage if needed Cons: - Poor Pay -PAY FREEZE - I haven't received a cent increase, ever -Hour cap; part-timers get capped at 24 hrs/week - Part-timers are on seasonal contracts = 0 job security - WHO you know will get you further than WHAT you know, or how long you've been working for the city - They pay for NOTHING, no money given for continuing education or recertifications - Seem like the "big bosses" don't see the big picture, nor communicate with "the little guys" who actually run the programs.
Points positifsFriendly staff and members; great work/life balance
Points négatifsPay, pay freeze, capped hours, turnover is high

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise City of Brampton

Quelles sont les heures de travail chez City of Brampton?
Posée le 25 oct. 2017
Very fair
Réponse du 22 avr. 2023
40 or more hours per week
Réponse du 1 juill. 2019
À quelle fréquence les salaires augmentent-ils chez City of Brampton?
Posée le 21 oct. 2018
1 year
Réponse du 18 avr. 2023
Réponse du 31 mars 2023
Quelle politique est appliquée par City of Brampton en matière de congés? De combien de jours de congés disposez-vous par an?
Posée le 27 sept. 2018
3 weeks
Réponse du 16 févr. 2023
Christmas day, Canada day etc.
Réponse du 7 déc. 2022
Quelles questions vous a-t-on posées lors de votre entrevue chez City of Brampton?
Posée le 26 juin 2018
Qualifications to the job position
Réponse du 27 avr. 2023
Tell me about yourself
Réponse du 13 févr. 2023
What should you wear to an interview at City of Brampton?
Posée le 25 oct. 2017
Causal wear
Réponse du 1 juill. 2019
10 august2018
Réponse du 9 août 2018