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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
2,8Salaire et avantages
2,7Sécurité de l'emploi et avancement de carrière
3,0Culture d'entreprise
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100 Via Renzo Drive, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4S 0B8
1 001 à 5 000
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De 25 à 100 millions $ (US)
Computers and Electronics

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 Salaire moyenGrille de salaires
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40 333 $
par an
20 000 $-61 000 $
3 salaires indiqués
18,76 $
par heure
10,15 $-28,65 $
1 salaire indiqué
26,00 $
par heure
13,00 $-39,00 $
3 salaires indiqués
52 667 $
par an
26 000 $-82 000 $
1 salaire indiqué
47 500 $
par an
23 000 $-72 000 $
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Compugen Inc : avis

Emplois populairesTechnicianSupport AnalystTechnical Support SpecialistTechnical Support RepresentativeCustomer Service RepresentativeAnalystDesktop Support TechnicianHelp Desk AnalystIT SupportInside Sales RepresentativeAdministrative AssistantComputer TechnicianField TechnicianIT TechnicianOperations AnalystSalesBranch AdministratorProject ManagerSystems AdministratorTechnicien en Informatique (H/F)Account ExecutiveAccount ManagerField Service TechnicianLogistic CoordinatorOperation AnalystOperations ManagerProject PlannerSenior ConsultantSenior Customer Service RepresentativeSenior Project ManagerSystems AnalystAccounts AssistantAdministrative AnalystAgentAnonymous EmployeeApplication AnalystArmy IT ProfessionalAssociateBilingual Customer Service AssociateBilling AnalystChief Information OfficerConseiller Clientèle (H/F)Contract ManagerContractorCustomer Care SpecialistData Entry ClerkDatabase SpecialistDirecteur Général des Services (H/F)EngineerEntry Level TechnicianField Technology SpecialistFinancial AnalystHelpdesk TechnicianHuman Resources AssistantImaging SpecialistIncident ManagerInformation Security AnalystInfrastructure ManagerIngénieur (H/F)LaborerLead TechnicianLease AdministratorMarketing AnalystMarketing ManagerMaterial HandlerNetwork AdministratorNetwork Operations TechnicianNetwork TechnicianOperations AssociateOperations SupervisorPC Deployment and SupportPayroll SpecialistPrefer not to sayPrincipal ConsultantProduct SupportReceiverReceptionistRegional CoordinatorReprésentant des Ventes (H/F)Responsable des Opérations (H/F)Retired from Compugen Inc. Richmond HillSales AssociateSenior AccountantSenior Client Relations SpecialistSenior IT AnalystSenior ManagerSenior PlannerSenior Support AnalystSenior Systems AdministratorSenior Systems AnalystSenior Technical SupportService AdvisorService CoordinatorService Delivery DirectorService Delivery ManagerService TechnicianService Technician IIService Technician IIIStaff MemberSummer InternSupport SpecialistTeam LeaderTechnical AnalystTechnical Support EngineerTechnical Support SupervisorTechnicien en Télécommunications (H/F)Technicien informatiqueTraining SpecialistWarehouse Worker

Avis généraux sur l'entreprise Compugen Inc

Support Analyst | Edmonton, AB | 30 août 2017
A declining experience for my duration with the company.
Compugen, from an IT technician's point of view, is best used as an introduction to the industry. It lacks nearly any sense of company culture from the IT service management point of view. Early during my employment we did have multiple meetings and culture nurturing efforts but this steadily declined while the workload steadily climbed. I compare this to my experience in related companies including Dell where I may have liked the work less but the support and respect I felt from the company was far greater. The industry practice of back filling positions with new hires that have little to no IT experience is the staple with Compugen. Our team's technical leadership all but vanished by the end of my term and experienced technicians like myself were left with a team insufficiently trained to support important clients like the Government of Alberta. I was provided no time to train new hires due to my own service load and was forced to work along side employees who lacked any post-secondary IT training. I consider this a failure at the management and HR levels. Opportunities for work on several contracts were available with optional project work. Technician work balance was decent but low level management was often required to do reporting well into their off hours and even at night. If you wish to gain experience in the field of IT perhaps look into Compugen but I suggest avoiding them as a career path into the future.
Points positifsMaintained GoA contract which was challenging and interesting
Points négatifsFailed to maintain respectable levels of professional support or culture.
Technical Support Representative | Richmond, BC | 10 oct. 2020
this company is not fair with their emplyes
Its the cheapest company I've ever seen in my whole life. They don't treat their employees fairly. Each employee is paid different wages even though they are in the same role. The day you are hired, they tell you that please keep your salary information confidential. It's because they don't wanna pay the same to everyone. Compugen always focuses on their customers. They want you to keep their customers happy. How do I make your customers happy if you guys don't make me happy. Compugen must take care of their employees and the employees will take care of their customers. Work with compugen only to gain experience. This is the worst company I've ever work with. I quit compugen like 2.5 years ago and I am still very mad on them, the way they treated me. I was hired by two companies, first ISM and second Compugen. and I wasn't sure which company is good, which company should I go for. and I mistakenly chose Compugen because I didn't see any review to tell me how it looks like. But now I am telling you if you have a choice to work with another company please go for it. Compugen is worthless who takes advantage of you with less money and too much stress. you get no credit for all the praises you get from customers. I got hundreds of positive feedbacks from customers, but I didn't get anything back, not even a thank you from my boss. There are too many bad things about this company if I keep explaining it will take me forever to finish. Just make it short. Do not work for this compa
Points positifsno clock in and clock out
Points négatifs- 1 hour of unpaid break, - 8.5 hours of shift and paid for 7.5 hours, - Unprofessional management
Technical Support Specialist | Hamilton, ON | 10 mars 2023
Be Careful
I cannot recommend this organization as a good place to work. It is entirely focused on revenue and profits, and it needs to undergo significant changes to its management style and priorities if it is to thrive in today's competitive marketplace. During my time with Compugen, I had an utterly terrible experience. The management was characterized by a staggering lack of professionalism and organization. Additionally, the absence of effective communication between upper management and lower-level employees led to pervasive confusion and misunderstandings. The work culture was toxic and insidious. Distrust and petty office politics were pervasive, and the company's management took no meaningful steps to address or mitigate them. There was also an environment in which employees were quick to throw each other under the bus instead of working collaboratively to resolve issues. This company was clearly focused only on its bottom line, prioritizing revenue and profits over employee welfare or satisfaction. There was little in the way of motivation, with few opportunities for career development or advancement. Rather than empowering its employees, the company created a competitive and cut-throat environment in which individuals worked against each other rather than together. Compensation was inadequate, with employees frequently working long hours without appropriate compensation. The company's management showed little concern for employee satisfaction or welfare, further compounding
Product Support | Richmond Hill, ON | 16 févr. 2017
Not ideal for personal growth and advancement
This employment adventure began with a great deal of promise and with an absolutely exceptional manager - a lady that is truly one of a kind with true leadership skills - ability to listen, ability to address concerns quickly and fairly and who set a positive example for the team. She also trusted in the capabilities of each team member without micromanagement. Her departure from the company left a huge hole in the team and this affected the morale of the team. The abysmal failure of the management to replace her and to provide competent and conscious guidance in the period after that led to the eventual collapse of the team - people resigned to move on to better positions and others were fired. If one desires a place where you are promised good pay and professional advancement while working yourself to a frazzle without ever seeing it happen - come and work here. You will see your professional dreams evaporate. Every person in the team was promised not only good pay but more importantly - the opportunity to grow. This simply did not happen. What did I learn? That this is a company where good employees go to waste, where communication is insincere, is scrambled as a broken radio and where an individual team member is as valuable as toilet paper. A BIG disappointment.
Points positifsWork from home, relatively flexible working hours
Points négatifsNo support from management, poor communication, delays in compensation/reimbursement for expenses
IT Technician | Ontario | 4 déc. 2019
Under appreciated with constant direction to go beyond your assigned tasks and duties, even when lacking the proper training\understanding
As will all companies that you work for, the direction of the management your employed under will dictate your day to day work life & gainful employment. At this Compugen location, as all initial senior management staff either retired or found gainful employment elsewhere, the replacement staff lacked the maturity and job experience in properly dealing with their Client's needs. Through the promotion of fellow peers to higher positions that they were 1) neither qualified for, or 2) those that were kept in such positions where their inner-office relationships over-looked the day to day noticeable operational abuses and ineptitude behavior, led to the demise of keeping & securing a long working relationships with *the* leading Energy Company in North America. Sadly were seniority used to be deemed as one showing themselves successful in their career and meeting their employers needs/demands, as well as being loyal to their current employee, here unfortunately, ones position within the company is dependent..solely so..on inner-office relationships. Yearly Performance Reviews be damned !!!
Analyst | Richmond Hill, ON | 24 mars 2015
Poor Company to work for
They don't like to give time off, most people don't have a true backup to cover them when off. Low pay, 2 raises given in 8 years of employment. It seems as if they are trying to push out the full-time employees and replace them with contract employees. their contract employees have no job security or benefits. I know contract employees who have gone to work not knowing if they would have a job the next day. That's no way to live or treat your employees. They used to have lots of employee appreciation events, and bonuses. The last few years they have been eliminated. They don't appreciate when employess go above and beyond for them. They request overtime work, but its like pulling teeth when you want to get paid for it. A lot of times they would ask you to work OT, and when you expect to get paid for it they give you vacation time in lieu. Then they don't document that you worked X amount of hours. So when its time to use you accrued time in lieu hours. Its up to you to prove that you earned it. No respect for employees time.
Technician | Richmond, BC | 6 déc. 2019
Mostly Good, No job security, massive culture shift happening, give it some time.
So mostly the company was pretty good. Except a couple of months into my employment, my manager became really sick and no one really stepped into his role. Which left me at the mercy of project managers, unsure of when my next project was. Also this company behaves like an abused girlfriend. By that I mean it takes problematic clients and does everything possible to please them, even at their own expense. Job security, at least as a contract employee was apparently not a thing. I received nothing but praise for every performance review, and yet in the middle of a project I was let go, there was no warning signs at all. They also seem to be in the middle of a culture shift, a lot of people have been let go recently, and last I heard no one was replaced. I would maybe give this company a miss until they sort out the culture shock they are going through.
Project Planner | Canada | 1 juill. 2020
Awesome staff
Enjoyed working with the various teams. Good pay, for most roles unless you are a technician or deskside support staff person. Unfortunately, Management is very clique-oriented and if you are not in the clique, you won't be treated well. There is only advancement if you are connected to the right people, so just keep this in-mind when you take a position. The Sales Management are great but don't know how to estimate 'project work' - so that particular area is quite often underestimated and as a result staff have to work far too hard on projects to keep the customers happy. Great for a newbie looking to get in to a trade, or a parent looking for a stable job. And, really, if you are just looking for work, then it's an ok place to work.
Points positifsOk pay, stability, great co-workers, some training dollars, great Xmas parties & other events for staff
Points négatifsLong hours, little to no recognition, no advancement, lots of favouritism
Technician | North York, ON | 16 nov. 2012
Config technician (afternoon shift) and Deployment technician (morning shift)
Typical Day: I'd be the Config technician. I'd arrive at the customer's site between 2 and 4pm and call the scheduled U to confirm "refresh" upgrade to Windows . pickup user's XP laptop / desktop and perform backup of data using Microsoft USMT. Prepare the same or new unit with Windows 7 and if requested - return the Win 7 unit to user's desk. Otherwise, in the morning the Deployment technician would deliver it in the morning and spend up to 1/2 hour getting the customer familiarized with the Windows 7 desktop and Microsoft Office 2010 apps and how to navigate / customize them for the user's convenience. Printer connectivity would be checked.
Points positifscould choose when to take a break and when to take a lunch.
Points négatifslong hours (past normal scheduled work time, if backup / windows 7 builds were problematic.roblematic.
Help Desk Analyst | Montréal, QC | 7 mai 2018
bilingual help desk analyst
Worked at the company for two years, but never had a salary increase. Great learning expierence, but not a company to stay at long term. People in Montreal were great but there was never a feeling of being part of a team. Work load increased but salary did not. Even the cost of living would have helped a bit. Employees leave but are not replaced. Office is beautiful. management has issues hiring people with accents. It is great to be able to put on your CV that you were the IT guy for 55 different companies, but actually doing it was horrible. Management not able to understand the numbers. The exit interview was a joke. Manager was definately not a people person.
Points positifsclean work environment, new building, polite and respectful coworkers
Points négatifsseems like company did not care much about the employees, frozen salaries
| Richmond Hill, GA | 25 mai 2021
Just a GRINDER of a company - Go in with your eyes WIDE open.
Compugen is frankly, a grinder of a company with LOADs of politics behind the scenes. Frankly the agendas of individuals get in the way of the company achieving it's objective. They do seem to deliver for their customers, but they take the hard way to doing it, and it's been this way for YEARS (I've been in and out of the company in several roles for several years. Management feels like it's actively working against you, instead of supporting you and working with you at the first sign of trouble. I've observed it in others several times in several departments - this mentality flows down from executive leadership right on down. People both directly and indirectly being set up to fail, and then run over and thrown away when they do. Do what you're going to do, but consider yourself warned. The company is growing, and is capable of good work, but your experience will depend on your department, client, co-workers and management team, like many other companies.
Points positifsOnsite Cafeteria (in Richmond Hill), some really good people
Points négatifsNo support from management, can't trust colleagues, leaders implementing a culture that holds back the companies (and their staff's) success

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Compugen Inc

À quelle fréquence les salaires augmentent-ils chez Compugen Inc?
Posée le 16 juin 2021
Annually review.
Réponse du 11 mai 2023
Réponse du 29 avr. 2023
Quels sont les avantages proposés par Compugen Inc?
Posée le 3 mars 2021
Usual dental and health benefits
Réponse du 10 mai 2023
I was ever ogfered benifits after 5 years of service
Réponse du 9 mai 2023
Quelles sont les heures de travail chez Compugen Inc?
Posée le 20 juin 2017
37.5 hours a week, plus 3 breaks per day. From 9h00am to 17h00 pm.
Réponse du 16 oct. 2018
40 Hrs per week
Réponse du 2 nov. 2017
Quelle politique est appliquée par Compugen Inc en matière de congés? De combien de jours de congés disposez-vous par an?
Posée le 12 août 2020
14 paid holiday after completion of one year .
Réponse du 10 mai 2023
Cancer and toxic
Réponse du 26 janv. 2021
Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Compugen Inc?
Posée le 21 mars 2020
Speak directly to the Supervisor and do not discriminate because of age
Réponse du 16 nov. 2020
Follow up on promises of advancement. Offer fair pay.
Réponse du 26 juin 2020