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3,1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3,1Salaire et avantages
2,8Sécurité de l'emploi et avancement de carrière
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900, 240 4 Ave. SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 4H4
1 001 à 5 000
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De 100 à 500 millions $ (US)
Industrial Manufacturing

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20,25 $
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10,15 $-34,60 $
2 salaires indiqués
75 753 $
par an
37 000 $-114 000 $
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28,60 $
par heure
14,30 $-42,95 $
1 salaire indiqué
20,67 $
par heure
10,30 $-31,05 $
1 salaire indiqué
25,00 $
par heure
12,50 $-37,50 $
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Emplois populairesCookHousekeeperAttendantBakerLaborerChefGeneral HelperApprentice ElectricianKitchen HelperCamp ManagerCleanerManagerCarpenterGuest Service AgentJanitorMaintenance PersonAdministratorClerkDesignerMechanicProduction WorkerCarpenter ApprenticeCarpenter HelperCustomer Service RepresentativeDishwasherElectricianEquipment OperatorFront Desk AgentHead ChefHead HousekeeperLead CookLead HandOperatorPlumberRoll Off DriverSafety CoordinatorShipper/ReceiverTradesmanAccounts Payable SpecialistAccounts Receivable ClerkAdministrativeAdministrative AssistantAnalystApprenticeApprentice PlumberArchitectural DesignerAttendance ClerkBilling AdministratorBusiness AnalystCatererChef ManagerConstructionConsultantContract AdministratorDatabase DeveloperDerrick HandDirectorDirector of OperationsFabricator/WelderField SupervisorFinisherFood Service WorkerForemanFormanFramerGas JockeyGeneral ManagerHead CookHelp Desk AnalystInmateInstallerJourneyperson ElectricianKitchen Team MemberLead CarpenterLead ElectricianLead MechanicLead SupervisorLearning and Development FacilitatorMaintenance SuperintendentMaintenance TechnicianNight ManagerNight SupervisorOffice ClerkOperational ManagerOperations ManagerOtherPast EmployeePayroll CoordinatorPrep CookProject Manager/Business AnalystQuality Control InspectorReceptionistRecruiterSafety SpecialistSafety WatchSandwich MakerSanitation WorkerSenior AccountantService TechnicianSite SuperintendentSous ChefSupervisorTruck DriverWater Treatment SpecialistWorkforce Managercamp workerhouce keepingservice hand

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Attendant | Edmonton, AB | 27 févr. 2017
Great Job, but always room for improvement.
As a current employee with Horizon North Camps & Catering, I started as a Camp Clerk and worked as a Janitor, Laundry Room Attendant, and now as a Camp Attendant. As a Camp Attendant, I am expected to clean 38 rooms per day (which is the size of a dorm) and it can consist of day rooms as well as night rooms. Split shifts often happen. If you are willing to be a team player and help others in their time of need, the same will happen for you. The pay for a Camp Attendant is low, however, after clearing 600 hours you will receive benefits which are more than generous! The benefits is for medial, dental, and prescription. This is the only benefit you will receive, with the very rare and occasional gift from the company such as a T-Shirt. There is no programs such as awards for safety, etc. as there once was. The challenge with this job has to be where you are placed. Normal rotations are either 2 weeks in camp or 3, and then one week off. Rig Camps you are the only Camp Attendant and work 9 hours (sometimes 10 hours) paid. Being in a rig camp you need to expect the unexpected, and perhaps you will work extra hours, which are not always paid for. In a lodge setting 10 hours is the norm, and though in a larger environment with more interaction with others, your workload can get heavier and sometimes more demanding. Another challenge with the job is camp management. Depending on where you are placed, you can find yourself in a situation with a manager who "likes" you or
Points positifsFood, Lodging, Travel, Medical & Dental Benefits...
Points négatifsWages, Management, Growth
Attendant | Grande Prairie, AB | 17 févr. 2019
Avoid unless last resort.
This company is terrible. And I mean TERRIBLE. Incredibly unorganized and will burn you out fast and they still have the audacity to ask for more. The workload they give you is unattainable for the allotted hours you work if you aren't taking "short cuts" - UNLESS YOU WANT TO WORK ON YOUR OWN TIME WITHOUT BEING PAID AND/OR SKIP YOUR BREAKS. The rooms are filthy and the food is disgusting. I seriously feel sorry for the guests who have to stay here. Majority of the workers are incredibly lazy and filthy. If you're one of the few that actually does your job, you'll have the privilege of having to do theirs too while you both take home the same paycheck. Sound fair??? Unless you enjoy having to do multiple peoples work on the same wage, avoid this company. Management tries to pass it off as "teamwork" thinking we don't see that they're only using the good workers to fix the constant issues with the cleanliness because they can't be bothered to hire qualified people and more so, enough people (always short handed). Explains the turnover rates (good camp attendants don't seem to last here!) and the bitter atmosphere. Also, minding your business does not work. Someone will still find a way to create problems. It's a very childish and bully type of atmosphere. They seem to hire people in all fields who haven't a clue what they're doing which only adds to the hostile environment. Incessant drama between the camp attendants, front desk and management. Not an ounce of pro
Points positifsFree food and board
Points négatifsWage, hiring unqualified people, no training, short staffed, hypocritical standards, EVERYTHING.
Camp Manager | Edmonton, AB | 8 mars 2014
Horizon North Camps
MANAGEMENT: Responsible for inspecting, managing, maintaining, repairing camp facilities as required Capable of liaising with professionals Evaluating programs and personnel Maintaining health records, incident and accident reporting and investigation Responsible for security of facilities Recruiting, training, supervising and monitoring staff Developing work schedules for individuals and teams Successful at business promoting and marketing Successful at setting and achieving sales and profit targets, analyzing sales figures and devising marketing and revenue management strategies Monitoring and managing ongoing education and materials Providing feedback as necessary ACCOUNTING: Collecting fees, depositing funds, and keeping accurate financial records Exceptional with managing budgets, financial plans and controlling of expenditures Processing bank loans, and activating new accounts Maintaining statistical and financial records ADMINISTRATIVE: Exemplary computer skills Excellent minute taking and distribution of meeting minutes Proven ability to plan and organize meetings, trips, accommodations, catering Ordering supplies and maintaining inventory Maintaining up to date files/records; observing confidentiality of information COMMUNICATION: Exemplary communication and interpersonal skills Strong problem solving skills Capable of dealing with customer complaints and comments Ability to interact with contractors, suppliers, customers, general public
Customer Service Representative | Grande Prairie, AB | 26 mars 2020
Stay away
Don't fall for their ads, they pay 15$ an hour. ''Overtime'' is about 26 hours per week. Better to find work in the city and have a life. Wifi in the dorms doesn't work 80% of the time because they won't invest in proper internet. Toxic company, lots of bullying between departments. Outdated uniforms. Managers have favorites and treat them better. No work/life balance. You work 21 days on and have 5 days off. Work on the day you leave and the day you come back after heading to the office @ 6am and sitting on the bus for 8 hours. The managers are undertrained and don't know how to run the camps. They sit in their office while you struggle with paperwork. Work while you're sick. Like others have pointed out, the chef is a 'glorified sandwhich maker', ''cooking'' (frying in heavy oil) prepackaged foods. The gym equipment has been broken for months. Horizon will hire anyone with a pulse. Half of the people working here would not be hired anywhere else. Some camps are worse then others. This company has the highest turnover rate I have seen in my life. As soon as people find a better job in the city they will leave. Alot of the managers have HR on speed dial and will write you up for the most ridiculous reasons. This was the most toxic enviroment I have ever worked in my life and I'm sure alot of other staff would agree.
Attendant | Edmonton, AB | 15 mai 2021
Not perfect but regular work
There's plenty of upside with Horizon North. Big Company plenty of work (even in the offseason) And it really came down to this. If you showed up, did your job and didn't cause any issues you were pretty much guaranteed regular work. Like any other camp job there's the usual issues of travel back and forth and naturally the personalities and isolation. If you could handle this though you were good. Management was usually responsive, food was decent and accommodations and melodrama was kept to a minimum On the downside, travel was always a pain in the rear end even for a camp company and the number of rules and regulations that they had even for getting on the bus to go to work was definitely over the top. That guy they had there for the loading and unloading when I worked there was literally one of the most irritating people I've ever come across. Wages are also on the low side for camp job Overall best answer Balanced, Fair, Consistent Work (At least until COVID came along) Would return to work for them if I could
Points positifsRegular Work, Good Managers, Mostly melodrama free workplace
Points négatifsWay too many rules, low starting wage (For a camp company)
Chef | Edmonton, AB | 23 sept. 2022
Drama and Empty Promises
This company was decent years back bit now since merging with Dexterra it's become very disorganized and disappointing. Recruitment is awful and they will say whatever to get you working. There is poor communication. The drama in the camps themselves is abysmal. They don't take the time and care into hiring people for the right positions. There are some good people who work there as cooks or chefs but a lot them will leave and see through the frustrations. I worked during their fire season and it was nothing but stress and lies. You will get told they will give you a home camp for the summer yet most likely get moved around for most of it. The scenery was nice if you like the outdoors and the clients are awesome to serve. The pay is ok but I have worked for 2 other camp companies who are more organized and will communicate better and have a slightly better pay. Give them a try but dont expect much. If you ask for a seasonal layoff or time off dont expect to be put right back to work as you will get asked to resign or will be bumped down the line.
Points positifsGood safety culture
Points négatifsLots of cons
Database Developer | Kamloops, BC | 29 oct. 2015
Busy, but fun days.
Typical Day at Work: Forklift operating, shipping/receiving, organizing, data entries into a database, preparing items to be sent to site, inspecting/maintaining tools and equipment, inventorying new assets and assigning them unique identifying numbers, inspecting ladders. What I Learned: Greatly increased my knowledge on database implementation and programming, learned how to use various types of tools and equipment, Management: At this point in time, management, in my opinion, is mediocre at best. Co-Workers: A great group of people. There are times when we clash, at which point we will discuss differences and find a way to implement both opinions. Hardest Part of the Job: When times are slow, I find it frustrating to complete simple mind-numbing tasks, which have no over-all impact on the 'big picture of things'. Most Enjoyable Part of the Job: Learning about the various tools and equipment as well as developing databases
Points positifsExcellent company and staff
Points négatifsSomewhat under-paid in relation to the work done; but overall, it's about the experience you gain.
Attendant | Alberta | 2 mai 2014
You are treated like a number,whether you are a better or worse employee
Horizon pays its employees 3Hr so called travel pay on the first day you arrive at camp each rotation (21/7)...you are also expected to work that day..anywhere from 3hr(minimal) to your full 10hr shift with getting paid for the work you do the first day.On the last day of your rotation the bus comes to pick you up typically between 12 noon and 3pm...they pay you for 10hrs that day, but you work between 4-5 hrs or longer depending on when the bus gets there and the new crew arrives....so in essence, this company is not paying you for 2-3 or more hours that you work..this is not right. Not only do you loss the extra wages,which add up over time. You also loss extra insurable work hours AND if you do not work a 44Hr work week,which can happen depending on payday cutoff etc....you do not get paid overtime rate on your 10hr days ....think about this when choosing a company to work for...your time is valuable and time is money.
Points positifsmeet alot of great people and can build great friendships
Points négatifspoor wages-zero job security-good, loyal employees are not rewarded-poor wages
Cook | Fort McMurray, AB | 16 avr. 2019
Horrible Company to work for
I love everybody and less they give me a reason not to. This company hires immigrants from other countries that are lazy as heck. So those of us that do have work ethic have to pick up the pace for those that don’t. The first cook only makes $17 an hour. The camp you working they are all shortstaffed because nobody wants to work with The low wages they offer. I have worked many camps with this company all of which are shortstaffed and you work your butt off. They can’t get your pay done when you’re supposed to be paid because upper management keeps quitting leaving no paycheque for you on payday. If you are really hurting for a job you will get hired here And you don’t even have to work because somebody else will have to do it for you. I am not a disgruntled employee they would keep me working because I worked very hard. I went to another company that paid more unless you are really hurting stay far away from this company . I promise you they cannot get payroll together
Points positifsIf they ever do pay you at least you got a paycheque
Points négatifsNothing good to say about this company
Manager | Canada | 13 févr. 2020
Change Is Needed
This company is still in the 1970’s for equal pay with genders. The senior management is very clicky and will step on anyone to just get ahead. The toxicity level at this company is great. They will tell you all about how the company operates as a team and supports each other but after your first few months it will change and you will see the cutthroat nature of senior management and higher. The HR department does not understand confidentiality so be wary of using them as a sounding board or making a complaint. They do what they are told not what is moral and ethical. Training is rarely given but you will be held to an expert level. Ask away for training but you will never get it. Remember with this company you are an expendable number and will be cut when it suits them. The senior management always receive bonus and raises and the actual workers do not. If you choose to work here be wary of what they will sell you versus what they will deliver.
Points positifsRRSP matching
Points négatifsManagement, Turnover, Culture
Cook | Orissa | 21 oct. 2014
Great job. it is what it is.
This it a great company to work for, however the hiring process can be a bit tricky if hired through an outside recruiting agency such as Blue sky recruiting. Depending on your position you work 10 - 12 hours. General helpers, 2nd cooks, camp attendants work 10 hours, 1st cooks work 11 hours and the head cheese works 12...but in my case I think our chef does about 15. The staff are great to work with, everyone is friendly and makes you feel like family. The bedrooms at our camp are 1st class, private room, LCD TV, double bed, tons of storage and private bathroom with shower and WIFI. The management is really great, we have safety meetings every morning regardless, and they make sure you are properly trained before attempting to use any piece of equipment. My job as a 2nd cook is to ensure a well stocked salad bar for lunch and dinner. this will include fruit platter, deli platter, veggie platter, greens salad, and 3 custom daily specials with many side toppings. 75% of all things we make and serve in the camp is homemade and the nice part is really having the creative freedom to create what ever your heart desires. The pay is decent, General helpers make about $14 - $15 / Hour, 2nd cooks make about $16/ hour, 1st Cooks make about $17/hour, and Bakers make about $18/hour. I work in BC so overtime is everyday after 8 hours and anything over 40. You work 21/7 rotation. You will not be paid for your travel, you are paid for 3 hours your first shift, because tha
Points positifsfree accomodation, free food, WIFI, Pay, skills learned

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Horizon North

Why would you want to work at Horizon North?
Posée le 30 avr. 2017
I stayed with them long enough to get the experience I needed to get a higher price aging job which I eventually got. It is a horrible place to work. They preach health and safety but they don’t practice what they preach. Most of the coworkers are immigrants and most are very nice people. The only thing is they have no work ethic and have no qualms about the hard workers picking up the pace. I hated every minute I was in the camps the benefits are very minimal. You are all stuffed in a big huge bus with the cloying smells of rancid body odour. In the two years In the year I spent with the company the bus broke down three times in the middle of the winter. The pay is absolutely horrible. Housekeepers make $15 an hour second cooks get $16 an hour and first cooks get $17 an hour. Management treat you like garbage and there is no confidentiality when you put a complaint in. I spent with the company the bus broke down three times in the middle of the winter. The pay is absolutely horrible. Housekeepers make $15 an hour second cooks get $16 an hour and first cooks get $17 an hour. Management treat you like garbage and there is no confidentiality when you put a complaint in.
Réponse du 10 sept. 2019
Pay is low you work through your brakes. The management treat you like you’re nobody.
Réponse du 18 mai 2019
Si vous deviez quitter Horizon North, quelle en serait la raison?
Posée le 13 mars 2018
Unless you are content being a lickspittle to management and are fortunate enough to shank a co worker and throw them under the bus before they set you up for the fall your days are numbered.
Réponse du 23 juin 2020
I would definitely say the reason I will end up leaving this company is the boys club and cut throat nature of senior management and higher. These are people that preach team and then the actions they demonstrate are me, me, me. You get the feeling here that they would sacrifice their children to climb the ladder or maintain their positions.
Réponse du 13 févr. 2020
What is the company culture at Horizon North?
Posée le 30 avr. 2017
If I have my time back i wished i never applied to this job. Worst decision off my life. Not only was I not treated with respect. But I was given a dirty room to sleep in at Archie way camp. I asked the manager if I could switch to a different room but she said it was a fire warrent room. Really then how come there was no bag in the room and I wasn't given fire warrent sheets. Untop off that the front dest staff were ignorant. For this company to pay 15 dollars an hour is one thing. But treating your staff like grbage after making us watch an hour long video about discrimination in the workplace come off it. This company is a joke. Oh and good luck if you quite and you are trying to leave. They only got me as far as Grande Prairie. And I had to pay 500 dollars out off my own pocket to get home. And they wouldn't refund me. My advice stay away from this company. Too much drama. Overworked and underpaid
Réponse du 11 mars 2020
Corporate culture is fear based. Fear of management, fear of job loss, fear of discipline. They like to preach safety but it is most definitely a fear based workplace. You do not hear much laughter or see smiles it is all business all the time with the cloud of termination hanging over everyone’s heads.
Réponse du 13 févr. 2020
What are the perks offered by Horizon North Logistics?
Posée le 26 juill. 2017
Free food camps and free travel on trasporation
Réponse du 11 févr. 2019
Staff care, good saftey
Réponse du 29 janv. 2019
À quoi ressemble votre journée de travail type chez Horizon North?
Posée le 15 nov. 2022
Réponse du 18 janv. 2023
12 hrs or 10 hrs
Réponse du 6 janv. 2023