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Courier | Moncton, NB | 6 sept. 2020
A job to avoid
I've seen how the company is run, and how the teams are managed. I know how utterly unprofessional the work environment is, that employees are not paid adequately or on time, that proper tracking/delivery requirements are extremely slow to implement. People delivering on New-Brunswick provincial holidays but not Quebec ones (company based in quebec). The 'training' is a joke and the drivers are not properly screened or taught what to do, how to do it. Some managers in the south-east region of New-Brunswick are taking monetary revenge on ex employees, as reported by multiple drivers. Hope you like being on call 7 days a week, getting to the warehouse for 7am yet not be guaranteed a route that day, or being told you can only start delivering at noon. The pay isnt great for the amount of work required, the days can vary from 4hrs to 12 hrs. You get paid about 1.50$ per package delivered, but your routes will vary wildly. You are often required to drive up to 1 1/2hrs away from the city to do deliveries. No paid holidays, vacation time or benefits of any kind. You should expect not being paid on time (sometimes weeks late) and having to argue with a unresponsive manager over whatsapp. Overall, it's a very poor choice for a place to work. Not competently managed at all.
Points positifsmanage your own time, independent work
Points négatifsManagement, work environment, team dynamic, wage, benefits, expectancy, respect for employee's time and effort
Delivery Driver | Mount Pearl, NL | 17 mai 2023
Pays good if you're lucky
The warehouse is usually in shambles by the time you get there, "7AM start" could end up being delayed 45 minutes, barely any room in there, head warehouse was extremely disrespectful in the morning which can outright ruin your day. Busy days you're forced to take 190+ package routes with no help which could leave you working much longer hours than expected (Better pay though). Big boxes were usually thrown in a pile ways away from where you park. Carry 60+ pound box the size of a body across the warehouse into your van and then up a driveway and put gently at the door to ensure customers don't leave a bad review. I was paid by package so wages were good given you could finish the route in a decent time. Though some days could be in Carbonear with less packages and end up working 12 hours for below minimum wage. Usually not top bad once you're on the road given you're up for a few challenges such as geos sometimes being km's away from the actual drop-off or running around MUN with 20+ packages trying to find a specific office, but the good routes are really good. If you finish early you can sometimes take 2 routes and make over $350 in less than 12 hours. Worth trying if you're given the opportunity solely for those good routes but when I worked there people would come and go within a week.
Delivery Driver | Kelowna, BC | 2 mars 2021
Work is good. Management rude & unprofessional. Unpaid when packing your vehicle
It’s unfortunate that management is unprofessional. Was hired for an 8:30 start time but start time would change on a daily basis. unpaid while waiting at the warehouse for packages to arrive. Like 3 hours. Finally management agreed to getting a text if trucks were late. This was better but Work was inconsistent. Sometimes worked 3 days sometimes 5. Declined to come in one day as the truck was very late. I Cannot drive in the dark and told management. After that the manager stopped giving me shifts and did not answer inquiries. I would expect a professional person to speak to the employee if they are unhappy with their work or to tell them they were no longer needed. The company does not allow you to switch managers so after no communication after a week, I presumed I no longer had a job. Would have been nice to have an open conversation instead of this unprofessionalism.
Points positifsWork alone and can listen to music while driving
Points négatifsManagement is unprofessional and rude
Delivery Driver | London, ON | 16 déc. 2021
Messed up company, great job if you’re good at it
As a driver you don’t work for Intelcom, you work for your broker. But technically you don’t work for them either since you’re an independent contractor. And the brokers “work” for Intelcom in the same way. And Intelcom works mostly (over 90% of packages handled) for Amazon. Ultimately nobody at Intelcom is really responsible to the brokers or drivers, and they can and do take advantage of this. The job itself is what you make of it. If you’re good at it and you work under a good broker it’s great and the pay is decent especially considering how easy the job is.
Points positifsIndependence, No boss breathing down your neck, If you do your job right they leave you alone, Take breaks whenever you want
Points négatifsSome routes take much longer than others to complete, Both warehouse supervisors and brokers play favourites, Incomes and workload uneven and unequal among drivers
Customer Service Representative | Montréal, QC | 1 févr. 2022
Avoid working here
I worked here for 1y & 4 months and it was one of the worst call centers I’ve worked in. If you’re applying for a temporary part-time job, go for it. However, DO NOT apply for a full-time job here unless you are applying for non-call center positions. How this company is still in business is beyond me. I could write an entire book on everything wrong with this company and it still wouldn’t be enough, but I hope this review can be helpful.
Points positifsWork from home.
Points négatifsLack of communication with management. HR is non-existent. Customer service agents treated unfairly.
Delivery Driver | Surrey, BC | 11 nov. 2021
Worst Management
This place is a total mess. You are called early morning to load your vehicles but are made to wait for hours in line for your turn to enter the warehouse. Because the warehouses are small in size and mis-management of packages results in very slow process of loading and dispatching. You’re not treated nicely for sure and will definitely feel at some point that you’re in some backward country. Management will look for minor errors by drivers to punish while themselves being not-prepared for day-to-day operations.
Points positifsHaven’t found one
Points négatifsNever ending list of cons
Sorter | Victoria, BC | 21 janv. 2022
Terrible management, not worth your time.
Upper management will not help you out with any problem you are having you are just there work horse. They will change your working hours on you a day prior of working, you will also be lucky if they pay you on time. "I do not care how many people quit, we will just keep re hiring a new sucker to fill the spot" and I'm quoting a head manager. It's actually pretty terrible hearing that.
Points positifsNone
Points négatifsEverything stay away from this place if you have a family.
Responsable des Opérations (H/F) | Trois-Rivières, QC | 6 avr. 2022
Ils engagent n’importe qui
Ne vous faites pas d’illusions, grand parleurs petits faiseurs, décisions prises sans analyse de conséquences et surtout faites écrire toutes promesses et surveillez de très près votre paye Ne suivent aucunes règles de santé sécurité. Jamais vue d’employés aussi désolés de travailler pour une entreprise
Points positifsVous avez du temps pour Facebook, Netflix etc
Points négatifsLa direction de L’entreprise elle même
Delivery Driver | Calgary, AB | 30 août 2020
Do not work here.
You are a contractor and the brokers are largely bad to work with. Ended up with no home life for the money provided AND had to consistently chase the broker to get paid. Also, during COVID, the CEO decided the company image was more important than getting the job done. Do NOT apply here unless you have a WHITE VAN. No others will be considered.
Points positifsNone
Points négatifsLong hours, not enough work, split routes, terrible pay, no job longevity.
Package Handler | Mississauga, ON | 20 janv. 2022
Generally Just a place to start with especially if you are a student
You cannot be idle, they will always get you something to do, even if you have to clean the warehouse. Its much better if you have something doing, if not they could tell you to go home because there's no work.
Points positifsStaffs can be friendly. Easy to speak with the team lead and supervisor
Points négatifsOnly 30 minutes break is allowed and its not even paid for.

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Intelcom

Lentreprise {0} autorise-t-elle le télétravail?
Posée le 16 déc. 2019
Réponse du 10 nov. 2022
No you cannot
Réponse du 2 mars 2021
Quelle politique est appliquée par Intelcom en matière de congés? De combien de jours de congés disposez-vous par an?
Posée le 30 août 2020
2 semaine
Réponse du 6 avr. 2022
No vacation time/sick time whatsoever
Réponse du 6 sept. 2020
Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Intelcom?
Posée le 19 mars 2020
Réponse du 9 févr. 2022
Improve their management by proper training. Investing in bigger Warehouses Better scanning technique should be introduced. Driver/Broker-Management better relations.
Réponse du 11 nov. 2021
Quels sont les principaux défis auxquels vous devez faire face chez Intelcom?
Posée le 23 janv. 2020
Changing of schedule constantly.
Réponse du 21 janv. 2022
Les conditions météo
Réponse du 14 févr. 2020
Combien de temps devez-vous travailler chez Intelcom avant de pouvoir partir en congé de maternité?
Posée le 5 déc. 2022
Pas de congé
Réponse du 28 janv. 2023
No benefit
Réponse du 5 déc. 2022