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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3,1Salaire et avantages
2,9Sécurité de l'emploi et avancement de carrière
3,2Culture d'entreprise
Siège social
100 International Blvd. Toronto, ON Canada, M9W 6J6
5 001 à 10 000
Chiffre d'affaires
100 à 500 millions $ US
Health Care

Emplois populaires chez LifeLabs

 Salaire moyenGrille de salaires
Assistant (H/F)
7 salaires indiqués
22,93 $
par heure
11,45 $-36,15 $
Receptionist (H/F)
3 salaires indiqués
17,50 $
par heure
10,15 $-26,25 $
Analyste (H/F)
1 salaire indiqué
50 000 $
par an
25 000 $-75 000 $
Ingénieur Etudes Et Développement (H/F)
1 salaire indiqué
48,00 $
par heure
14,50 $-93,55 $
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Account Director | Toronto, ON | 4 nov. 2019
No leadership
I am a results-driven Senior Management professional with more than 20 years of verifiable experience in leading sales teams, strategic business development, increasing revenue and managing budgets. Exceptional communicator with a consultative sales style, strong negotiation skills, exceptional problem-solving abilities, and a keen client needs assessment attitude.
Laboratory Technician | Scarborough, ON | 11 janv. 2020
Very challenging workplace, productive and friendly staff and management.
Working in Lifelabs during my Placement thought me a lot. From theory into actual practice helps me develop my skills of what I've learned during my studying as Medical Laboratory Assistant. I considered as a Very challenging workplace, productive and friendly staff, including the management.
Mobile Phlebotomist | Ottawa, ON | 15 déc. 2019
good place to work, usually understaffed
People/staff are friendly and generally a good place to work, however, usually understaffed. More work than there are bodies. I feel the company lacks inclusion of all sites across the country.
Business Systems Analyst | Etobicoke, ON | 4 nov. 2019
Flexible and employee friendly workplace
My overall experience with LifeLabs was amazing. I was working as Business system analyst in IT department. I would say great work-life balance, flexibility to work from home, good salary, great people, lot of things to learn.
Lab Technical Assistant | Vancouver, BC | 11 juill. 2016
Not recommeneded.
Hardest part of the job is dealing with patients. Not much career advancement. Not much proper training. Company likes to save on money. Very repetitive work. Work can be dangerous.
Medical Technologist | Toronto, ON | 4 sept. 2018
Experience varies from departments
Everyday is busy and challenging, there are many changes and you need to adapt. The style of the manager's leadership has a direct impact on the work environment.
Points positifsfree coffee
Points négatifswork life balance is hard to achieve, lots of shift work
Laboratory Assistant | Burnaby, BC | 2 juill. 2016
Great place to work
Salary is competitive and its a good place to work. Lots of opportunities to move within the company.......................
Mobile Assistant | Toronto, ON | 16 nov. 2020
Amazing Company to Work at
This is the best company in the medical Laboratory field to work with. They supervisors are amazing, work life balance it great. Pay and benefits are amazing and fair. I love Lifelabs Toronto, hope I can work for them again.
Data Warehouse Engineer | Etobicoke, ON | 22 janv. 2020
good place to work
employees were very supportive of one another and genuinely cared about the output which they produced. recommend to anyone as a great place to work.
Laboratory Technician | Stoney Creek, ON | 29 juin 2012
Lifelabs is a good place to start a future, but their job security is poor
My career at Lifelabs was steady and rewarding, but the management is lacking organization and the ability to grow into the future. There are to many "bosses" and they are not in touch with each other, causing mass confusion and a disorderly work place.
Points positifspatient care has improved over the years, and their benifit package is good.
Points négatifsthe lack of a union allows management to treat employees poorly, and favouratism is the norm rather than the exception.

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise LifeLabs

Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez LifeLabs?
Posée le 1 juin 2017
Favouritism runs rampant!!! Hard workers are criticized, while incompetent friends of management are treated well!
Réponse du 8 févr. 2020
Depends on the location. I worked two different locations. Very busy at both. Especially mornings. One was like night and the other day. Some friendly coworkers. But you will get the bitter person here and there working that likes to make things difficult. Other then that Lifelabs is a good starting point.
Réponse du 27 avr. 2018
Are you part of a union?
Posée le 4 sept. 2017
Yes! Opseu
Réponse du 10 juill. 2020
No I'm not part of a union since I left the fire department.
Réponse du 8 déc. 2017
What should you wear to an interview at LifeLabs?
Posée le 6 avr. 2017
Business attire
Réponse du 28 janv. 2018
Wear a suit and be clean and tidy
Réponse du 8 déc. 2017
Wath are the working hours?
Posée le 31 mars 2018
Part time but expected to work full time hours with no benefit. No overtime allowed.
Réponse du 15 déc. 2019
Horrid....24 hours a day
Réponse du 23 juill. 2018
Which transportation of dangerous goods designation does one need to apply as a courier with lifelabs?
Posée le 5 mai 2017
I had all this when working at the fireball and also at the Ammunition department
Réponse du 8 déc. 2017
I had whimmis training and trained to transport dangerous goods in the fire department and as a truck and forklift driver atCFAD where I had to collect and deliver dangerous goods when I worked at the Ammunition department.
Réponse du 8 déc. 2017