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Metrolinx : avis

Emplois populairesCustomer Service RepresentativeAdministrative AssistantBus DriverBusiness AnalystGas Station AttendantProject CoordinatorSenior Project ManagerCleanerContract AdministratorData AnalystProject ManagerSenior Business AnalystAmbassadorAnalystBusiness ManagerContractorCustomer Support RepresentativeFinancial AnalystManagerNetwork AnalystPurchasing CoordinatorSystems AnalystUtility WorkerAccountantAccounting InternAccounting ManagerAdvisorAssistantBusiness ConsultantBusiness Process AnalystCAD CoordinatorCall Center RepresentativeCivil EngineerCommunications LeadCompliance OfficerContracting OfficerControl OfficerCounselCustomer CommunicationsCustomer Service ManagerCybersecurityData Entry ClerkData ManagerDelivery AnalystDocument ControllerDocumentation ManagerEngineering InternEquipment EngineerExecutive Assistant to CEOHuman Resources GeneralistHuman Resources ManagerHuman Resources SpecialistIT Security SpecialistIT SupportInternInventory AssociateJourneyperson ElectricianMaintenance SupervisorOperations AssociateOperations SupervisorOperatorPmoProject Manager/Business AnalystQuality Assurance AnalystQuality Assurance ManagerRapid transit Project sponsorResearch InternSafety OfficerSafety SpecialistSecurity OfficerSenior AssociateSenior Database AdministratorSenior DeveloperSenior Financial AnalystSenior Program OfficerSenior Project ConsultantSenior Quality Assurance ManagerService ManagerSpecialistStudent WorkerSummer InternSummer StudentSupervisorTechnical AnalystTest ManagerTesterVendor ManagerVideographer/Editorsummer student

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Contractor | Toronto, ON | 1 sept. 2016
Metrolinx I&IT improving, but could use a lot of work still.
There really isn't much work to do in IT, so if you want work life balance, don't care about advancement or doing something good for the province, and don't know much about technology, then Metrolinx I&IT business unit is right for you. Didn't really learn much there, as IT was so behind the times. Management plays favourites. And it's obvious who the favourites are. But just a friendly warning...never complain about the RTSI (Real Time Scheduling Info) system or its creator, one of the most favourited by several managers. So when you notice RTSI crashing every month for months on end, blame it on something else. Some co-workers are very sincere and I befriended those. The favourites are back stabbers...and pretty well the entire IT management team is out to screw the employees. Especially the managers hired by the old Director who used to run things. The hardest part of the job is having to see all the BS going on and pretending it isn't happening. Don't bother reporting it as it seems everybody in the Metrolinx business side seems to know but doesn't care. There was a very honest QA lead who called some of this out and the IT management team burned him for it. Also, there were 3 ethnic Chinese who were let go for very small mistakes. I've seen bigger mistakes made more frequently by others and they got promoted. There was a restructuring initiated back in 2013, but instead of changing things, the old guard outwitted the new management and managed t
Points positifsDon't need to be qualified at your job to stay there, or get promoted.
Points négatifsSome managers have biased opinions of ethnic Chinese
summer student | Canada | 20 avr. 2014
Good, secure job, however employees less so
My first year was a little bit of a hassle. I had come to the job in July, as I started in Highschool whereas, the other students had started in April, so they had already had training. I had no training what-so-ever (WHMIS/Rail Safety) which I needed for the job. Of the 6 supervisors that I went through, at least 4 of them knew that I had no training and had me do jobs anyways such as cleaning with WHMIS products or go on the rails to weedwhack grass (although the tracks were un-used). The other students and employees were really helpful though and taught me how to do the job before I had to do it. They were aware of my lack of training and often kept me away from the dangerous jobs. My second year I received full training, but no real work as there were too many students that were hired and not enough work to do, so it was mostly re-doing the jobs (such as re-painting) the things that we had accomplished in the first couple of weeks. I enjoyed the students and some of the employees, but there was always gossip that ruined some of the relationships.
Points positifsWorked for Metrolynx, fairly easy jobs.
Points négatifsI didn't feel as if I was earning the money I was getting because of lack of work
Administrative Assistant | Etobicoke, ON | 22 juin 2016
Working for Metrolinx's Rail Fleet Maintenance
I work for the group that oversees the day-to-day maintenance of the rail fleet at GO Transit. I provide assistance to a team that is headed by the Chief, Rail Fleet Maintenance and two Managers and support a staff of 35 people. In my day-to-day routine, I manage the calendars, prepare meeting material, take minutes, coordinate with internal and external stakeholders to book and facilitate meetings on site. I also work with internal departments to hold specialized training and other special events on our site. I also provide assistance in preparing VISA logs, travel expense reports using Excel, creating PowerPoint presentations. This team is hard-working and proud of the service they provide and I am so glad to be a part of something that is making such a meaningful difference in the future of our province.
Contract Administrator | Toronto, ON | 24 nov. 2022
Like a prison
Welcome to Micromanage department. Where you are treated like a child, forget you years of experience and knowledge. This place is still in the year 1989, what modern company writes memos upon memos to simply get a contract. No freedom to do your job, management is closed minded. No sense of urgency, to the job now. No break time, only half lunch. Endless meetings takes up your whole. Meetings are best described as a lecture hall in university, management just talk and talk no chance to make commentary. I quit my previous job to come here thinking a public organization will treat me better. Nope. If you are in private sector stay where you are. Final straw management changes policies every other day, impossible to function
Points positifsSalary is good
Points négatifsMicromanaging, inconsistent rules and regulations
Engineering Intern | Toronto, ON | 13 mai 2015
Engaging and diverse responsibilities
Having proven myself as a capable intern, opportunities to take on more responsibilities were constantly offered. Furthermore, interns were involved in important decision-making processes. A typical day involved assisting the project manager in the research and documentation of various technological solutions (and eventually procurement) and working on an assignment during the slow periods. Co-workers were genial and supportive and management even more so. The opportunitiy to conduct presentations was the most enjoyable part of the job. The least enjoyable part of the job was making photocopies, printing and scanning documents and drawings
Points positifsFree transportation on GO services
Points négatifsRigid salary for returning interns
Customer Service Representative | Toronto, ON | 17 janv. 2016
Excellent work enviornment
Overall Metrolinx is an excellent employer. The culture within my department is excellent and senior management is really good. Job security exist so you will never have to worry. The probation period is almost a year, but if you can make it through then you will only go up from there. The pay at the beginning of employment is okay, but once you work for a couple years you really do get paid well. I encourage anyone to apply as they are fair in their hiring practices and I submitted my resume just like anyone else and got hired.
Points positifsGreat Management, Good Pay, Clean Work Space, Free Transportation on GO Services, Senior Management listens to employees and takes suggestions
Points négatifsHeavy work load from time to time
Ambassador | Toronto, ON | 2 juin 2019
Productive work place
Working at Metrolinx was a new venture for me as I was exposed to public relations, conflict resolution issues. I learned ho to build effective relationships with all internal and external stakeholders partners. The most challenging part of the position was to get other departments on board with suggested changes. It was always a rewarding feeling when a project was successfully accomplished. In regards to the culture of the work place it was great, everyone was supportive even if they were not associated with your assignment directly.
Points positifsGreat people to work with
Points négatifsLong hours
Bus Driver | Toronto, ON | 19 janv. 2022
Secure job with good pay
Solid job. First 2 or 3 years as a bus driver is very difficult, as it's a unionized workforce an your location an shifts are decided by seniority. Expect to be sent far away from home an work very odd hours. Pretty much no work life balance for the first 2 to 5 years. After that it gets much better. Excellent benefits, health and dental for you and immediate family. Guaranteed pay. 3 weeks vacation. Good pension. Difficult to advance in the company. Overall it's a good job after you've put in about 5 years.
Points positifsGood pay, secure company
Points négatifsVarious shifts far from home, No work life balance, not much room for advancement
Senior Project Manager | Toronto, ON | 20 mai 2020
Metrolinx PM
MetroLinks was a fast paced environment but had a lot of hurry up then wait. Senior project management were a bit spend crazy. These Program Managers Came from E-Health Often adding aspects to the project not required. Often arguing with more knowledgable people. Requesting servays and training programs be added to the project program that were not required. It was empire building at its best. As for the people on the ground I must say it was a pleasure working with them as they all were very knowledge in there fields and worked together as a well oiled team.
Quality Assurance Analyst | Toronto, ON | 30 janv. 2015
It was a good place to work
The day started with stand up meeting with the developers and the QA team where we discussed any blockings or issues. Then I start with my work to write the test cases from the user stories. If any doubts I discussed with the developers. In the afternoon I had a session with my junior QA to train him or her. Had a good team and everyone in the team contributed to the success of the project. Last part of the day was the touch point meeting with the whole team and the manager where each one would come and tell what they did the whole day.
Points positifsGood environment
Contractor | Street | 6 févr. 2017
I&IT - avoid if you can.
Some managers are way too overly obsessed with themselves. One even said in a Town Hall meeting that "their knowledge of the human body made them a natural fit for planning and architecture" in front of the CIO, basically declaring he wanted this Director job. Of course he didn't get it. Also, some solution managers continually skip meetings (even management ones), and skip town hall meetings when the staff are told they have to attend. And when they work from home they are impossible to reach. Lots of business discussions done in Hindi and Urdu. And when you ask them to repeat/explain in English they don't. And a lot of talk about Gandhi. And if you are of Chinese descent, be very careful. At least in my section of I&IT almost every little mistake someone would pay a penalty.
Points positifsWork life balance, good pay, good benefits, some nice people there.
Points négatifsDouble standard for staff and management.

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Metrolinx

What should you wear to an interview at METROLINX?
Posée le 3 sept. 2018
I wore a suite
Réponse du 27 janv. 2020
I would recommend a suit and tie.
Réponse du 2 juin 2019
How long after submitting a job application did it take to get contacted for an interview?
Posée le 30 mai 2018
As long as it takes the company to process the application.
Réponse du 24 mai 2019
For Customer Care Representative quite long. 2 weeks after submitting an application I was contacted to do a technical test, following the test I was contacted after 3 weeks for an interview.
Réponse du 18 sept. 2018
Do METROLINX accept foreign applicants?
Posée le 17 avr. 2018
Yes they do most of senior leadership is from the uk
Réponse du 7 août 2022
No they offer Canadian onky
Réponse du 24 juill. 2022
What kind of questions are asked at interviews for Project Coordinators?
Posée le 30 nov. 2017
I don't know i did not work as a project coordinators
Réponse du 18 juin 2019
Related to project and situational.
Réponse du 10 juin 2018
Quelles sont les heures de travail chez Metrolinx?
Posée le 10 août 2017
Bus Driver Shift work
Réponse du 11 oct. 2020
Am. And pm
Réponse du 22 avr. 2018