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North York General Hospital
North York General Hospital
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Medical Technologist | Toronto, ON | 2 oct. 2014
Provided the great opportunity of Radiography and CT scan and professional development.
North york General Hospital a Leading employer and family environment workplace where i enjoyed challenging and rewarding carrier performing all radiography and CT(Non contrast Head) implementing proper procedures Health,Safety,and radiation protection to the patients with respect and dignity to their culture.It's an equal opportunity work place for everyone providing compensation and benefits to all employee including pension plan. The challenging part of the job was balancing to treat emerge patients and perform CT examination of prior appointed patients at same time using the accountibility and experience with communication and team work with other staff with the great outcome. Being an immigrant and english as a second language I had difficultyto understand the accent of the people at the begining so to cross that barrier I joined some language learning classes and it helped me to get throgh it.
Points positifsLunch and learn programs for professional development
Points négatifsEmerge patients hevy workflow and duties requested by the supervisor.
Student Nurse | North York, ON | 16 juill. 2014
Student Nurse Clinical Experience
Once a week, for 10 hours in the day, I would be at the Geriatrics Acute Care Unit at North York General Hospital from 7am-3:30pm, followed by a 2 hour post-conference with my Clinical Group and Clinical Instructor from Seneca College. During the shift, I would be assigned to a Nurse and would meet and help in providing patient-centered care to their patients. I assisted with taking Vital Signs (temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse, respirations), Feeding, Grooming, Transferring, Bed-baths. My groupmates and I would sometimes help each other if needed. We all co-operated well and listened to our instructor as she guided us very intelligently. I learned so much about the importance of communicating with patients and making them feel well-cared for. I enjoyed seeing my patients in a good mood, knowing that someone was there for them and paying attention to their needs. I sincerely want to be a nurse, but would enjoy any job in the medical field. I want to expand my knowledge and skills to build a long-lasting career in the future.
Points positifsGreat learning experience
Points négatifsLong day
Administrator | Toronto, ON | 3 juill. 2014
patient care and self learning
I enjoy working for my employer , multitasking and keeping up with all the administration for the patients/ hospital pre-op packages including on-line surgical bookings, OHIP billings through EDT on a weekly basis. Filing and clerical duties are always dealt in a quick efficiently pace. Urgent messages are ALWAYS prioritized as patients have undergone surgery. Must be dealt with asap. I have learned that patience is a 'must have' and I have that in me. There is always a solution to anything, never say not possible or never. This is important as I have worked in health care for many years. I love the environment and the communication to and from the hospital. The hardest part of my job is losing a patient as the care and closeness becomes a loss here, and for their family and friends. Dealing with their loss is important to listen to, and show your condolences as I know it is not easy to deal with. Comforting caring words help.
Points positifsfree parking - paid by my employer
Points négatifsmay need to stay late, when surgeries are cancelled last minute
Senior Medical Secretary | Canada | 16 janv. 2016
Excellent team players
North York General Hospital is my SECOND family. There are days where they feel like my ONE AND ONLY family. I have complete satisfaction working at NYGH as I have never seeked to look elsewhere in any other department. Our manager is the greatest manager I have ever had. She is open, fair, honest and most of all we are treated equal. The only hardest part of the job is because we don't pick and choose our family.. some members may not be having such great of a day, where "working like a team" needs to be reminded. But other than that, every aspect of my job is enjoyable. I love to make a difference in all the lives I am blessed to be a part of. Making a difference is what NYGH does and for that, I am so very proud of this organization. I have been employed almost 18 years, and as much as I look forward to retiring, I do not look forward to NOT being a part of this amazing team we have. Hence, I am literally super excited to come into work and be the change I wish to see in this world and specifically in the health care field.
Points positifsFAMILY SETTING
Manager | Toronto, ON | 26 nov. 2015
Kitchen duties
I was a porter/general help. I time in when I first come in to work, put on an apron and go directly to the dish room because the job is not complete if I leave unclean items in there or if something isn't finished by the end of my 5 hour work period. I learned that teamwork is important because complaints and complements can both effect your long Gevity there. My co- workers were positive towards the work and other people. I could see myself working with those type of people a long time. The hardest part is on Fridays when I used to have to do extra for example: clean the deep fryer and other kitchen items because its the end of the week and I would have to make everything clean for Monday. Free Lunch there were different food restaurants I had could go to within the hospital.
Points positifsBenefits: perscriptions drugs, dental, parking
Points négatifsCan't discuss work hours due to kitchen regulations.
Registered Nurse | Toronto, ON | 3 juill. 2016
Very supportive and education based employment
I enjoy coming o work .If there is a problem we all are able to communicate and work out our problems. I feel privileged to be able to come into this work daily and increase my knowledge base as well as look after the clients. The employees here have gone out of their way to assist the patients and also be supportive to their family. We involve family in their care. I was able to communicate with management professionally about anything that is of concern on the unit and we would all work things out. There is also room for advancement in this profession and we are supported to go back to school. Ive been employed with NYGH for approx 20 years and I am happy that I will work for numerous years ahead. Professionally we are here for our patients.
Points positifsSupportive upper management and co workers
Points négatifsat times environment can be violent
Personal Assistant | North York, ON | 16 janv. 2017
What a typical day at is like.
When you arrive at work for you shift, you are giving a general report of the patient from your co- worker and what is required by the nursing staff during the rest of you shift. You introduce yourself ti the patient and ask them their name and as well informing them if they need anything to let you know and you can provide it for them. If I every have an issue with a patient or my job, my manager has an open door policy so we can see her about anything at anytime. The hardest part of my job would be not knowing ht type of patient you might get and figured out their needs are because you want to provide the best care possible for them. The most enjoyable part of the job is seeing the patient have a full recovery enabling them to go home.
Points positifsBeing to able to provide service to people in need.
Points négatifsPatients not able to recover from their illness.
Unit Secretary | Toronto, ON | 16 nov. 2015
I worked in the OR as a Unit Secretary worst job of my life. Back stabbing gossiping co-workers who smiled in your face one minute and brought false information about you to the manager the next minute. Disgusting work environment a bunch of cliques especially among the female Nurses and Unit Secretaries. Hospitals should be a culture of patient safety not sure how this can occur effectively when Nurses in the OR department are rude and disrespectful towards each other and there is an underlying systemic issue of a toxic work environment and mistrust among OR colleagues. The main issue is poor management, the management skills and techniques are outdated and underdeveloped and it should be a mandated requirement as part of their performance appraisal to have their skills reviewed and upgraded annually.
Points positifsNone
Points négatifsToxic Work Environment
Attendant | Canada | 15 déc. 2020
Under paid and overworked
Was hired in the ICU at the bare minimum was told could offer 4 more but won't because I wasn't in the same job for a few years. When I would work I was told about how horrible management could be and how I need to just "pretend" to keep busy when there around. The people constantly complained about the pay rates and the workload and how every other hospital pays more so they end up working multiple hospitals until can get more hours at a higher paying job. When I found out the cleaning ladies downstairs were talking about making the same as a team attendant in icu I was not having it spoke to my manager and hr to which I was told thanks for letting us know take care! Wow just wow way to treat and appreciate your staff no wonder the turn over rate is so high.
Points positifsHospital setting, staff
Points négatifsWage, over worked, safety neglect
Dietary Aide | Toronto, ON | 28 sept. 2012
I enjoy working in the long term care
As a Dietary Aide I have over five years experience in the child care and Long term care environment with food preparation, serve and delivering food to resident. As an organized and hard working individual with over five years experience in Child care and Long term care I believe my qualifications match very well with your requirements. My strengths also include independent working and working as a team with excellent communication skills. Being a very confident person when under pressure, my ability to assess client’s needs, inspire co-operation and achieve deadlines on a timely basis. I have currently completed my food service worker course at Centennial College. I am interested in expanding my skill within Food Services & Nutrition deportment.
Points positifsdietary
Points négatifsneed 20 hours and up
Registered Nurse | Cave | 15 avr. 2018
Great Potential but falls far from the mark
Zero patient harm is the "Gold Standard " and goal for all stakeholders within healthcare. It is the right thing to do for patients and families and is fundamental to delivering the best possible care, and fully aligned with healthcare's core values, from compassion and respect to quality and excellence. Recent in house surveys reveals a lack of evidence-based leadership skill required to engage North York General staff with the understanding and skill to embrace change. There is a preponderance of evidence-based indicators outlining the need for follower-ship engagement to be driven around the ‘how' of leadership however despite management learning modules the present management styles persist in a rigid punitive manner.
Points positifsTim Rutledge is an approachable and discerning CEO and President. (sadly he is leaving)
Points négatifsPunitive middle management
Security Guard | Security, TX | 19 mai 2022
Unprofessional Security Department
Negative & Unethical Workplace No Communication Overall No Training There is no teamwork, Altercations between guards happen often, and Shift charges only support favorites and hide. Quick to fire staff members without a care in the world since we are a contracted department. SHIFTS ARE FILLED DAILY. Guards are getting hurt left and right. Security management doesn't care and can't even demonstrate how to get the job done because they cant it's sad. Guards here seem to focus on getting into relationships with nurses and other guards and focus on having a fun time than the job. Security Management has no idea what they are doing and doesn't even interact with their contract security guards. They only know how to REMOVE guards to show their bosses. ACTION has been carried out.
Points positifsNone
Points négatifsTreated like garbage literality.

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise North York General Hospital

Comment fonctionne le processus de promotions chez North York General Hospital?
Posée le 7 mars 2020
Never really. After maybe a few years of full time work you increase 40 cents
Réponse du 13 févr. 2022
None so far
Réponse du 8 juin 2021
Où voyez-vous North York General Hospital dans 10 ans?
Posée le 7 mars 2020
Very positive collaborative feel..
Réponse du 9 mai 2021
NYGH is a community leader, well respected staff and practices. Very proud to have worked there.
Réponse du 28 févr. 2021
What should you wear to an interview at North York General Hospital?
Posée le 28 août 2018
Dress Shirt, Pants
Réponse du 26 mai 2022
Smart casual
Réponse du 17 févr. 2019
Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez North York General Hospital?
Posée le 26 mai 2022
I was interviewed, hired, and trained within 2 weeks.
Réponse du 27 août 2022
2-3 Week process. If selected for an interview, you are contacted a few days following to complete a written test. If chosen for the position, must give screening online and a training module.
Réponse du 26 mai 2022
Les horaires sont-ils fixes ou plutôt flexibles chez North York General Hospital?
Posée le 9 mai 2022
Flexible hours
Réponse du 8 juill. 2022
Yes the y so allow flexible timing
Réponse du 9 mai 2022