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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3,3Salaire et avantages
2,9Sécurité de l'emploi et avancement de carrière
3,4Culture d'entreprise
Siège social
1500 Don Mills Road Toronto, Ontario M3B 3L7
501 à 1 000
Chiffre d'affaires
25 à 100 millions $ US

Emplois populaires chez Numeris

 Salaire moyenGrille de salaires
Agent de Centre d'appel (H/F)
3 salaires indiqués
26,00 $
par heure
10,15 $-56,20 $
Agent de Centre d'appel (H/F)
3 salaires indiqués
14,83 $
par heure
10,15 $-22,25 $
Agent de Centre d'appel (H/F)
1 salaire indiqué
18,65 $
par heure
10,15 $-28,00 $
Téléphoniste (H/F)
2 salaires indiqués
13,75 $
par heure
10,15 $-20,65 $
Téléphoniste (H/F)
3 salaires indiqués
14,25 $
par heure
10,15 $-21,40 $
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Numeris : avis

Avis généraux sur l'entreprise Numeris

Receptionist | Montréal, QC | 27 déc. 2020
Fun place to work
Numeris is a very professional and clean environment for work, the staff was friendly and efficient. The pay was perfect for the tasks asked for, the interviewees were all acknowledged.
Aout 2016 – intervieweuse pour sondage d’opinion | Montréal, QC | 7 mai 2017
bon managers
les managers son vraiment Nice.le travail deviens difficile au bout de 3 heures.
Data Entry Clerk | Moncton, NB | 13 févr. 2018
Call centre with good environment despite sometimes stressful work
The corporate culture was welcoming, yet there was a large emphasis on productivity. The more productive you were, the more incentives and fun opportunities to be had. This being said, you were not usually punished for not meeting target unless there was a very large gap. I personally do not like call center work, but it was one of the better environments. My direct supervisors were all nice and seemed more approachable than head management. A typical day would usually have me working on an assigned dialing project for a few hours and then having lunch. I would possibly be on a new project after lunch until dialing time was over. I did get promoted to data entry, which I enjoyed despite the overnight work hours. However, data entry is very strict with time limits and speed. I was not able to hit the speed targets and was subsequently let go. I do not regret my experience, but I am not in a hurry to work at another call centre.
Points positifsLots of great work incentives, decent pay, room for growth
Points négatifsOutgoing calls, bothering people, being yelled at by respondents, on call shift work
Outbound Customer Service Representative | Toronto, ON | 5 oct. 2015
good part time job
good way to spend your time earning some part time wages. Practice your different voice tones to see which are most effective in getting results
Points positifstake breaks any time
Points négatifsvery repetitive
Research Interviewer | Toronto, ON | 15 mai 2020
productive and fun workplace with cool people
Typical work 3,4 days a week, it is a life balance job. My colleagues and supervisors are very friendly. They have tv in the office, we can watch tv while we work. It was a little bit hard for me from the beginning but after 2,3 weeks, I got used to it.
Research Interviewer | Nova Scotia | 3 juill. 2019
Don't ask for help(you'll be terminated)
This was the worst experience I ever endured. They hired me, I did not even apply for this position. This company found my resume and hired me. When I began the training, I wasn't in there 3 hours they "shut me down" I was left feeling lost during the process, they sent an offer letter to be signed. It was a different empolyee (not me) they had hired. with their name, address and other personal information on this person. A mistake that should not be overlooked. Needless to say, I receive a call the next morning telling me I was terminated with no explanation with the recruiter on the call to add to the embarrassment. During the training, she elaborated on how Numeris loves and will go out of their way to help a newcomer. An out and out lie, during the training I was having difficulty finding paperwork it seemed to agitate the trainer I could sense it, not 3 minutes after I asked for help I was "shut down" next day terminated with no explanation to me. I would stay as far away from this company as possible. They couldn't even give me a training day without the trainer becoming overwhelmed with her position. A bad choice.
Points positifsnone
Points négatifsmangagment
Research Interviewer | Toronto, ON | 7 févr. 2018
Average Organisation
It was okay for a temporary job as the hours of working was flexible. However, your shifts got cancelled at last minutes so many times without being informed in advance. Also supervisors never know what is going on in the office. They barely can answer the questions regarding work. Being sent home from time to time when the projects are suddenly out..
Points positifsflexible hours
Points négatifspoor management
Research Interviewer | Toronto, ON | 22 févr. 2017
Nice location, good budget, nice coworkers, helpful management, job is very easy. Only issue will be inconsistent hours which is expected from a call centre. Try to make up for it by volunteering.
Points positifsFree Lunches, Season Events
Research Interviewer | Moncton, NB | 15 oct. 2016
Stressful at times, good hours
I appreciated the freedom of completing tasks on my own. Not often is someone shadowing you. The call floor can often be a bad traffic environment and there are no various tasks to work on so the work can become boring very quickly.
Research Interviewer | Moncton, NB | 1 sept. 2016
Like it but don't love it
My job as a Market Research Interviewer entails telephoning people by a random computer generator and asking them to participate in surveys. The success rate of getting people to participate in surveys in only 25%, which I find quite challenging. I have little issues with people becoming irate with me, it happens on occasion, but generally ends with them hanging up on me. And that's the worst they can do really; hang up on me. BUT because Numeris is not a well known company to a lot of people, people often question the legitimacy of our company. They hang up on me after only sentence. They don't care to share personal info over the phone (names, mailing address etc) because they don't know who we are. And if I am not able to get a certain number of people to complete these surveys my productivity goes down, and I often get sent home early. I like the atmosphere, and the people I work with. I like the perks (BBM points, good wages, vacation pay) of the job, but don't enjoy being hung up on 100+ times a shift. I like working in a call center, but I think I'd prefer an inbound center or outbound, but under different circumstances.
Points positifsBBM Points, Awesome shift hours/shift accommodations to your schedule
Points négatifsNot a well known enough company, being hung up on a lot

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Numeris

Une vérification des antécédents criminels est-elle nécessaire chez Numeris?
Posée le 4 août 2017
Yes they do require a background check. I was offered a job there but then after the offer they say but first we need 3 references; 2 from supervisors and 1 from a manager. Seriously?! Who in their right mind will go back and bother old employers or even your current one, 3 of them, to give to this to this company that pays a low hourly wage and no guaranteed hours? I said forget it! This job is not rocket science and they act like it is.
Réponse du 22 août 2020
No. No background check they hire everybody
Réponse du 25 juill. 2020
Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Numeris?
Posée le 4 avr. 2017
Dont waist your Time Numeris especially the HR are toxic
Réponse du 12 oct. 2020
First off, they asked me to ba telephone recording of me reciting off a paragraph. Then, I was subject to an impromptu ten minute telephone interview. Next, there was a 5 hour paid orientation that same week.
Réponse du 10 juill. 2018
Is this something where I can work evenings and weekends? on my own terms?
Posée le 17 juill. 2017
They have flexiblity but they cancel your shifts
Réponse du 25 avr. 2018
Yes! The minimum amount of time worked is two weeknights and two shifts on the weekend. There are two different shifts on weekends so the choice is yours! If there are any special hours needed, speaking to a supervisor is the best choice. There are also student hours which are very helpful.
Réponse du 6 avr. 2018
Les horaires sont-ils fixes ou plutôt flexibles chez Numeris?
Posée le 10 juin 2019
None that I had
Réponse du 3 juill. 2019
They allow flexible hours. You work the shifts you pick
Réponse du 24 juin 2019
How long before they get back to me on the outcome of the interview
Posée le 29 août 2018
Around 1 week
Réponse du 21 mars 2020
Very responsive
Réponse du 23 juill. 2019