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Research Interviewer | Remote | 27 sept. 2021
STAY AWAY unless you’re drowning in debt and need work ASAP
Success at Numeris, especially as a Market Research Interviewer is luck of the draw in all aspects. If you’re lucky you get a decent manager who wants to help instead of a terrible one who instead of trying to see you succeed they reprimand for your short comings and micro manage you. Success is luck based because it doesn’t matter how hard to try to work, if you don’t get people willing to do your surveys you will not succeed. You can do everything right and still fail. Doesn’t matter what coaching or training they make you do the job Itself is luck based. If you’re planning on moving or purchasing a car or something big, I recommend finding a different job because you will not last here and you definitely don’t want to add a major bill in your life and be forced to work here. It goes both ways though, if you’re really struggling and desperate about to get evicted, this is a great job to just put your head down and grind yourself out of debt (if you don’t really care for quality of life and overall happiness) some managers are terrible as in all work places, the hours are also pretty terrible. If you’re expecting to grow here. Don’t. Especially if you’re hired as a MRI. MRIs are the dogs of the company. Needed but not respected. If you start here as a Market Research Interviewer. They will keep you there because no one wants to do the job and they’re starved for workers. It hasn’t been a year since I’ve been there and I’ve seen 6 people start the training, hit the floor and
Points positifsEasy to learn, almost guaranteed to get the job if you’re breathing with a pulse
Points négatifsUnrealistic Goals, Poor Management, No room for growth, Poor hours, Poor QOL
Research Interviewer | Moncton, NB | 1 sept. 2016
Like it but don't love it
My job as a Market Research Interviewer entails telephoning people by a random computer generator and asking them to participate in surveys. The success rate of getting people to participate in surveys in only 25%, which I find quite challenging. I have little issues with people becoming irate with me, it happens on occasion, but generally ends with them hanging up on me. And that's the worst they can do really; hang up on me. BUT because Numeris is not a well known company to a lot of people, people often question the legitimacy of our company. They hang up on me after only sentence. They don't care to share personal info over the phone (names, mailing address etc) because they don't know who we are. And if I am not able to get a certain number of people to complete these surveys my productivity goes down, and I often get sent home early. I like the atmosphere, and the people I work with. I like the perks (BBM points, good wages, vacation pay) of the job, but don't enjoy being hung up on 100+ times a shift. I like working in a call center, but I think I'd prefer an inbound center or outbound, but under different circumstances.
Points positifsBBM Points, Awesome shift hours/shift accommodations to your schedule
Points négatifsNot a well known enough company, being hung up on a lot
Research Interviewer | Moncton, NB | 14 juin 2019
Average work place (and kind of boring)
Personally I just thought Numeris was just an average work place. Nothing amazing or terrible. A day of work at numeris is nothing but just sitting at a chair with a PC making outbound calls after calls. After a week or 2 it just gets uninteresting and sometimes motivational. Because it's outbound calls, you have no control over the respondent, so you will have a lot of calls that do not get done. The problem with this is that you must meet a certain quota during your shift (Average calls per hour). If you do not meet this quota within a time frame, you get sent home and do not get paid for the hours that you were originally scheduled for work. On the flip side they won't lay you off if this happens often. As a student that had to go back to school though this didn't really matter in my case, I was only there for the summer so they were going to lose me anyways and having more money in school helps a lot. They do offer volunteer hours to make up for this. Overall maybe the average person could deal with the negatives but in my opinion this is not really a place where you would want to spend your whole career at.
Points positifsCan pick your schedule
Points négatifsHours get cut quite a bit. Little to no vacation time
Research Interviewer | Nova Scotia | 3 juill. 2019
Don't ask for help(you'll be terminated)
This was the worst experience I ever endured. They hired me, I did not even apply for this position. This company found my resume and hired me. When I began the training, I wasn't in there 3 hours they "shut me down" I was left feeling lost during the process, they sent an offer letter to be signed. It was a different empolyee (not me) they had hired. with their name, address and other personal information on this person. A mistake that should not be overlooked. Needless to say, I receive a call the next morning telling me I was terminated with no explanation with the recruiter on the call to add to the embarrassment. During the training, she elaborated on how Numeris loves and will go out of their way to help a newcomer. An out and out lie, during the training I was having difficulty finding paperwork it seemed to agitate the trainer I could sense it, not 3 minutes after I asked for help I was "shut down" next day terminated with no explanation to me. I would stay as far away from this company as possible. They couldn't even give me a training day without the trainer becoming overwhelmed with her position. A bad choice.
Points positifsnone
Points négatifsmangagment
Data Entry Clerk | Moncton, NB | 13 févr. 2018
Call centre with good environment despite sometimes stressful work
The corporate culture was welcoming, yet there was a large emphasis on productivity. The more productive you were, the more incentives and fun opportunities to be had. This being said, you were not usually punished for not meeting target unless there was a very large gap. I personally do not like call center work, but it was one of the better environments. My direct supervisors were all nice and seemed more approachable than head management. A typical day would usually have me working on an assigned dialing project for a few hours and then having lunch. I would possibly be on a new project after lunch until dialing time was over. I did get promoted to data entry, which I enjoyed despite the overnight work hours. However, data entry is very strict with time limits and speed. I was not able to hit the speed targets and was subsequently let go. I do not regret my experience, but I am not in a hurry to work at another call centre.
Points positifsLots of great work incentives, decent pay, room for growth
Points négatifsOutgoing calls, bothering people, being yelled at by respondents, on call shift work
Telephone Interviewer | Toronto, ON | 21 août 2018
This is a very punitive environment. If you don't meet their target, they send you home early. Everything you achieve is out of fear. They think it is motivating but in fact it is aggressive management. Breaks are 7 minutes and if you go over that you get 15 minutes deducted from you pay. People that you call hang up as you say your name and the company name because they do not believe that their opinions matter which in fact is true from the company viewpoint. Survey completed is the most important thing as their renewal contract with their client is the only thing that matters. The pay should be called danger pay as you never know when you are going to be sent home. Then days go by without a scheduled shift even weeks. Not a reliable source of income. Those who succeed are aggressive with respondents to obtain their completed survey. Rules are too extreme for the position. No cell phone on you at anytime except on breaks and half hour lunch. Demoralizing employment if you do not meet their target. the most enjoyable part of the job is your co-workers who struggle like you do.
Points positifsFree offee if you make it yourself
Points négatifsEverything else pointed out
Telephone Interviewer | Don Mills, ON | 12 avr. 2017
productive and fun workplaces with zen balls and activities every week
I used to work night shifts from 5 to 10 or later. I'm assigned to a specific project either in french or english everyday. We get our schedules daily around 2pm. So I'm dialing manually or with the system and I 1conduct surveys over the phone or I'm asking to respondents if they want to participate in surveys that were gonna mail to their addresses. The management team was usually giving us feedbacks about the monitored calls and they also tried to motivate us to reach our productivity with bonus points. We had sometimes foods at work like cookies day or pop corn days, fruits and salads etc. to maintain a happy working place. We had exercise balls too, that was pretty relaxing sometimes. The hardest part of the job was dealing with angry/rude respondents on a daily basis. I learned to remain calm and professional in every situations, I mastered multitasking also. The most enjoyable part of the job was meeting amazing co-workers, and talking over the phone with really nice respondents.
Points positifsfree snacks
Points négatifsrude respondents
Research Interviewer | Don Mills, ON | 10 juin 2021
They use people there...
The management is terrible, you need to go to the washroom, you have to rush and come back fast or they will deduct 3 to minutes of your pay which is not normal, come on who deducts time of your pay for needing to go use the washroom, they expect you to hold it... Supervisors there argue with the employees and then they get rid of the employee... Basically they use you for 2-3 months and then you are gone... Don't go there to work, as they will get rid of you sooner or later... All they do there is gossip and pick up people to date... I am telling you Not A Good Place to work at all... They cover up damage to the walls as a supervisor banged a hole in the wall out of frustration with an employee, crazy... They are not good people to work for.. This is the worst place I ever worked for... They hire anyone because they are so desperate for the TV and Radio Surveys to be done... The supervisors even talk about the employees by bad mouthing them... Who needs that!!
Points positifsThey give out free pizza so what!!
Points négatifsLong hours until radio and TV surveys are done
Customer Service Representative | Montréal, QC | 19 sept. 2016
Terrible Management
They need you to sign up for at least 25hr/week that must include Friday evening and weekends, but you won't know If they have work for you or not until that day at 1:00 pm by email. I choose to work for 2 shifts 1:00-5:00 and 5-9. When I call in to see if I have work that day at 10:00 they said they don't have work for me for 1:00 -5:00 shift and I need to call in at 3:00 to find out if I have to work for 5:00-9:00 shift it's very frustrated. If you can't make it, it recorded on your file you are absent and its your fault. Even you call in sick, it recorded on your file you are absent. The last time I have work was 3 weeks ago but I need to ready to work all the time. A very unstable and frustrated job due to the very terrible management.
Points positifsFriendly environment but you don't work with people you work on the phone.
Points négatifsNeed to call in after 1:00 or 3:00 ( depends your schedule) to see if they have work for you
Call Center Representative | Toronto, ON | 24 juin 2019
Very terrible place to work!
Please avoid Numeris at all costs! I was there for a contract spanning 3 months. After one month they suddenly stopped scheduling all of us that were recruited at the same time without any apologies or explanations. They employ too many people than they need and end up jeopardizing the income of people that only rely on their wages from the work they do for them. The hours are flexible but some of the supervisors at the Don Mills call center are very unprofessional and would keep blaming you for not getting people to conduct surveys. As if cold calling to people to conduct random surveys isnt annoying enough! All in all, I wont advise you to work there if you dont have any other source of income. You will go hungry and broke when they strike!
Points positifsFlexible timing. The pay is also better than most call centers
Points négatifsThey employ more than they can handle

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Numeris

Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Numeris?
Posée le 4 avr. 2017
It was quick and great
Réponse du 23 oct. 2021
Dont waist your Time Numeris especially the HR are toxic
Réponse du 12 oct. 2020
Une vérification des antécédents criminels est-elle nécessaire chez Numeris?
Posée le 4 août 2017
Yes they do require a background check. I was offered a job there but then after the offer they say but first we need 3 references; 2 from supervisors and 1 from a manager. Seriously?! Who in their right mind will go back and bother old employers or even your current one, 3 of them, to give to this to this company that pays a low hourly wage and no guaranteed hours? I said forget it! This job is not rocket science and they act like it is.
Réponse du 22 août 2020
No. No background check they hire everybody
Réponse du 25 juill. 2020
Is this something where I can work evenings and weekends? on my own terms?
Posée le 17 juill. 2017
They have flexiblity but they cancel your shifts
Réponse du 25 avr. 2018
Yes! The minimum amount of time worked is two weeknights and two shifts on the weekend. There are two different shifts on weekends so the choice is yours! If there are any special hours needed, speaking to a supervisor is the best choice. There are also student hours which are very helpful.
Réponse du 6 avr. 2018
Les horaires sont-ils fixes ou plutôt flexibles chez Numeris?
Posée le 10 juin 2019
None that I had
Réponse du 3 juill. 2019
They allow flexible hours. You work the shifts you pick
Réponse du 24 juin 2019
Combien d’heures en moyenne travaillez-vous par semaine chez Numeris?
Posée le 12 oct. 2018
I worked 8 hours a day, sometimes overtime when needed... Usually busy around May, June, July, after that they will have a few surveys here and there and then they will lay people off, or they will call you back in whenever they need you...
Réponse du 10 juin 2021
3-6 hours a day.
Réponse du 13 janv. 2020