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Aide (H/F)
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18,26 $
par heure
10,15 $-27,40 $
Assistant (H/F)
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21,00 $
par heure
10,15 $-34,75 $
Aide (H/F)
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16,50 $
par heure
10,15 $-24,75 $
Assistant (H/F)
19 salaires indiqués
20,24 $
par heure
10,15 $-38,95 $
Aide (H/F)
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19,66 $
par heure
10,15 $-33,90 $
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In Home Caregiver | Victoria, BC | 19 oct. 2015
Rewarding career with great leaders
A typical shift for me was 2-5 days living with a high risk client in the community. I cooked, cleaned, provided company and did the more technical side of the job (such as assistance with bathing, Peri care, vital checks etc.) Part of the job was also giving the family assurance that their loved one would be well taken care of while care was there. This means that making sure charting was done in a routine manner and accurate, and making sure the client felt comfortable with me in their home. While this may seem like a lot to be responsible for, the management of the Esquimalt Region for Nurse Next Door is impeccable. There was never a time when I felt that there was no one available to call or talk to. When I did call, my bosses were always friendly and kind and made me feel like a needed and appreciated part of their company. The biggest part for me, was that they actually said "thank you" whenever I took a shift. This was new for me and came as a surprise, but they genuinely mean it because they are genuine and good people dedicated to giving your loved ones the best care they can. I didn't get to see a lot of my co-workers, and this can be a downside to the job as there are limited opportunities to connect with other like-minded people, but the clients you meet more than make-up for this fact. Which brings me to the most enjoyable part of the job that doubles as the hardest. The people you meet and care for will be some of the best people you will encounter in you
Customer Care Specialist | Vancouver, BC | 14 oct. 2018
An Absolute Mess
I had the displeasure of working with Nurse Next Door for a couple of months before walking away as a result of numerous issues including lack of communication, terrible management, lack of positive workplace culture, rampant gossip, a ridiculous amount of absenteeism and tardiness among staff, billing and payroll issues...the list goes on and on. The scheduling system is a complete and utter mess. Call center staff are constantly blamed for anything wrong with the company despite the fact most of NND's issues stem from the top down. There are constant complaints from clients being billed incorrectly and cancelling services as a result. Despite the fact I brought this up to "management" (I use the term loosely) numerous times, the issue was NEVER addressed. In addition, management does not respect your time and ask daily if staff can work overtime or during their days off. Schedules are inconsistent and change constantly due to the fact there is so much absenteeism and staff turnover. They also pay below industry average for their Caregivers and Nurses. You're expected to respond to every task and email IMMEDIATELY as everything is marked "Urgent". The job itself isn't challenging, it's just frustrating because the workload is completely unmanageable and there is no process and lack of expectations. You will get no support from "management" as the Call Centre is self-managed (uh...okay). There is no performance management, coaching or professional development. I've worked in
Points positifsNone
Points négatifsEverything about this company is a con
Scheduler | Vancouver, BC | 8 févr. 2020
Lacking in following their Morals
While boasting their morals to be a supportive environment, management actively shows favoritism in the workplace; the workplace hierarchy is like a food chain with Upper management on top, then Care Designers, schedulers, Care Workers, then overnight staff at the bottom of the barrel. Most of the coworkers I worked with consistently were supportive and fun to be around each day, but it was difficult to see them struggle same as I did; whether it was dealing with sick calls, vacation/time off, or solving inner-workplace conflict; management always seemed to put our interests last. The main conflict I dealt with was a coworker who seemed to be lazy and constantly not help with answering calls; I went to management to ask for advice or assistance and specifically asked them to keep things private so as not to cause drama, I was told to talk to them directly and basically just to deal with it and figure it out myself. I mentioned it to my coworker and she seemed to improve, but I found out later that that manager (who was friends with said coworker) had gone behind my back to my coworker to gossip about the issue I'd asked her to keep quiet. One day after she'd begun to decline again, doing the bare minimum and leaving the rest of us hanging with the rest of the calls, I sarcastically said 'Thanks' to her, (which in hindsight was a bit rude on my part) this caused her to explode at me, accusing me of trying to tattle on her and telling me to mind my own business. It wa
Support Worker | Vancouver, BC | 31 mai 2013
Productive, fulfilling and fun
Working in any shift doing the activities of daily living of the residents, I learned that a persons life is too valuable and needs to give importance regardless of age ,gender,status etc. and treat them with respect, dignity and make them safe.Time is of the essence in everything that you do,and make it sure that you manage it wisely and with quality. The hardest part of the Job and always been going to be part of the job is when the residents agitates in the midst of busy day,it depends upon what kind of care is practicing in that facility,in that situation you need to be patient,understand where it coming from and practice safety to you,for the residents and to the other residents. The most enjoyable is that when they say thank you in their own special way(touch,gesture,smile,nod,etc),when you were able to give the care that they needed and made progress,and when i were with residents during activities esp music and other activities. I always give a hand and helped my co-workers when they need help ,encouraged,and giving support to the family as well.
Home Care Aide | Vancouver, BC | 5 juin 2020
The worst
I hope that you will not go there. I worked there for a while and it hasn’t gotten any better. At first you are told that you can be casual, then they call you and tell you “well if you don’t commit 20 hrs a week you might as well quit”. Terrible communication with the superior staff. Did you have a full time client that you relied on? Oh well, he cancelled the service, you don’t have the same hours anymore! Forget about benefits because you will never get the full time hours. NND will send you to the most terrible, dirty, unsafe, disgusting places. All they care about is money. Did you only expect to come for an 8 hour overnight shift? Well, prepare yourself that very often the morning caregiver won’t show up. Guess what! You can’t leave the client alone. How long you need to wait? Well, once my friend waited 18 hours till they found a morning caregiver replacement. And caregivers who don’t show up, I don’t blame them. Because they get paid so little and get treated terribly. You wanna try it out yourself?
Registered Nurse | Saskatoon, SK | 15 sept. 2014
Unprofessional Staff
I find the staff at Nurse Next Door to be very unprofessional and have poor communication skills. I was employed as a RN for this company for the past year, in which I had some concerns which I shared with them in an online survey. Because I was honest about areas that I hoped to see improvement in, I was black listed and did not receive any further shift offers. I have worked for many private nursing companies in the past that treat me with respect. Nurse Next Door made me feel like I was just a number needed to fill a shift in their business plan. When I called in sick with an ear infection I was told that ear infections are not contagious and that I should still be able to work. The company was upset that I would not accept shifts to work in a correctional facility (I am a pediatric nurse). All in all I had a horrible experience working for this company and I would not recommend it to anyone.
Healthcare Customer Service Representative | Edmonton, AB | 17 nov. 2017
Do not work here!!!
If you would like to witness favoritism,greediness,closed door meetings where sneakiness and disgusting behavior takes place then this is the place for you! The unqualified MGMT team cares about making themselves money and side projects. The focus is not on the staff or clients its about the unqualified MGMT team and their egos If you want long hours where you give 100% and its never enough then APPLY HERE! wages are very poor and room for advancement is non existent unless you are one of the choose few.The owners preach core values but never put them into action. This was the worst work experience of my entire working career. The only plus I see is some of the other employees who all see the same thing and will move on before to long to better things
Points positifsnone
Points négatifsunappreciated, long hours, poor pay to much to list
Licensed Practical Nurse | Edmonton, AB | 2 janv. 2018
a typical work day
I have learn dressing change using Profore lite wrap and how to do dressing on different type of wound by wound care nurse, having to pick up important changes in client situation and report to my supervisor and family that prevent patient from admitting to hospital, i do enjoyed team work with this company The team work is holistic and lot of collaborative work. I do work with some lovely client and family. I do like to see when the client needs are met they are happy, for example after implementing those learning for wound care and to see complete healing of that particular wound. I have gotten a lot of support from my manager that help to make work easier. The hardest part of the job was not to be able to meet the needs of the clients whenever they pass away and do have to shed tears at times.
Care Coordinator | West Vancouver, BC | 5 mars 2018
Unhappy workplace
Unhappy workplace!! I have never in my life experienced so much discusting bad talking about “you name it stuff”. There are wonferful caregivers working, but nobody seems to appreciate them..or maybe yes, if they are willing to work between 7am-9pm and can work 2 hour shifts when needed. If/when caregivers call themselves sick, they are liars. Micromanaging owners who aren’t on the same page. No flexibility towards staff, but staff has to be flexible. This office is understaffed and overworked. They sell it as a challenging job. It means you get $17/hour &are so busy you can barely use the washroom! Job itself not challenging. It will start repeating itself fairly quickly. Apply if you want to be constantly answering the phone. People resigning, and no wonder.
Points positifsDays repeat themselves
Points négatifsToo many
Caregiver | Red Deer, AB | 22 août 2020
They always make sure clients and caregivershave a good quality relationship. All staff and co workers I have met are great people.
Great people and Company, they check in with clients and staff concerns to ensure all their needs are being met. NOT Companys control or fault, but its Not a real reliable / regular schedule, guaranteed hrs. Clients get healthy, move, go into hospital, ect. So your schedule can change alot. Big benefit if you want to choose the days you want to work. No real advancement without further education schooled courses, updates or experience. These
Points positifsPick your days/ schedule. Always make sure staff and client get along.
Points négatifsNo guaranteed hrs, no Benefits. No real contact with co workers, sometimes information does not get passed on to all all

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Nurse Next Door

Si vous deviez quitter Nurse Next Door Home Care Services, quelle en serait la raison?
Posée le 20 mars 2017
Higher wage, overtime pay, benefits, better work life balance.
Réponse du 6 sept. 2020
*Hired as a RPN , but only PSW jobs available at lesser pay. *Was short paid every pay cheque *Expected to pay own for travel and parking fees to see clients for only a 2hr shift paying $16/hr *No benefits *Poor management *Not paid the time and half promised for short notice shifts.
Réponse du 18 mai 2020
Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Nurse Next Door Home Care Services?
Posée le 20 mars 2017
Pay a higher wage, and screen your supervisors better!!
Réponse du 19 janv. 2020
Poor management
Réponse du 1 janv. 2020
What is the starting wage as a PSW?
Posée le 17 oct. 2017
Starting salary in Oakville was $14
Réponse du 1 janv. 2020
$20.00 per hour
Réponse du 14 sept. 2019
Is this homecare?
Posée le 17 nov. 2017
Yes is its homecare
Réponse du 9 oct. 2019
Yes, you visit clients in their homes for anywhere from 3hrs to 24+ hours depending on the client's needs and your availability
Réponse du 7 juin 2019
What benefits do they have ?
Posée le 10 août 2017
There are no benefits, low wages, not enough hours and no continuous education.
Réponse du 11 août 2019
Competitive pay and benefits are needed. Someone supporting a family wouldn't survive here
Réponse du 1 sept. 2018