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Peel District School Board
Peel District School Board
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Elementary School Teacher | Mississauga, ON | 27 févr. 2021
A productive, friendly learning environment which nurtures & develops children’s self-esteem & knowledge/problem solving strategies.
I have truly enjoyed my teaching experience as an elementary school teacher, working for Peel District School Board Of Education in Mississauga. The diversity of students’ cultures, their enthusiasm to learn, the interaction with my colleagues as well as parents have further made my job pleasant and rewarding. As a teacher, it has always been heartwarming to greet my students and colleagues on a daily basis as we have had the opportunity to learn from one another, hence enhancing each other’s growth, whether emotionally, intellectually or physically. The learning environment which I have created for my students has been based on encouraging them to have fun as well as providing them with an opportunity to build a solid knowledge base in which they would ask questions, research to explore new ideas and to develop their problem solving skills. As some children may not have reached the readiness level for a specific grade, my responsibility has been to create modified educational programs for the individual child in order to assist in reaching his/her goals according to his/her level of literacy readiness. Furthermore, being in close, ongoing communication with parents, social workers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, other teachers who have been responsible for the same individual student not only has enriched me with sufficient knowledge but has encouraged me to heighten my creativity and programming/assessment strategies concerning my students. To sum up my ov
Points positifsAlways teaching a group of amazing students, positive & nourishing school environment
Points négatifsAs a teacher, having too many responsibilities at work, concerning the welfare of students, creating valuable educational programs, implementing ongoing assessments, being in close communication with parents...Being responsible, dedicated, always friendly, an excellent role model & responsible
Secretary | Brampton, ON | 4 juill. 2015
Fast paced environment dealing with students, teachers, parents.
Working with the Peel Board of Education for 14 years was an enjoyable time in my career. I was continuously able to upgrade courses and learn new skills constantly. The hardest part about the job was dealing with students in the peak times (school start up and semester changes) and not always being favourable for them. I loved the independence the Guidance Department gave me, working with minimal supervision. Organizing my daily workload was an integral part of my day. I was able to create forms that enhanced the Guidance Department efficiency with enrolling and withdrawing students. Listening skills were further developed especially when registering new students and being able to learn of their specific needs and being able to resolve them to make it an easier transition for them. The Head of Guidance was often thanking me for my continued support and efficiency to assist with her duties in the department. Working with the Peel District School Board was a team effort with everyone working together in the Administration Team which included; Principal, Vice-Principal, Head of Guidance, Guidance Counsellors, Budget Secretary, VP Secretary, Attendance Secretary and the Library Technician. My greatest satisfaction was being able to assist and help confused students in a positive manner, assisting the Teaching Staff with their needs, and using my creative skills in seeing the needs and resolving problems for their success.
Points positifsBeing a part of the Administration Team with all of us working together for a common goal.
Points négatifsPeak periods - never enough hands to help with the workloads.
Facilitator | Brampton, ON | 18 sept. 2012
Overall it is a great place to work and gain my experience as a Social Worker
Working as a causality with the Peel District School Board is great place to gain my experience as a Social Worker. I love working with the special need students and working with other staff as well. I am able to work one on one with the students to know their dislikes and likes, also teach the students to communicate by using the ipad or using sign language. My job is to the assist the teacher with every needs to be done that day. Depends on the student I may need to help feed or help assist student on washroom breaks. Every students is different therefore it makes my experience different as well. The hardest part about this job is that not everyone's personalities fits with one another. If you can not get along with your staff it wont be a pleasant work environment for you to work in. The most enjoyable part about this job is working with the students everyday is a different day no days are the same which I like. Also planing different trips for the students and planing different events at the school for the students to enjoy.
Points positifsi can choose the days when i want to work, i get to go to different schools and meet different students and staff, im able to work along side with the teacher to help better the students and the classroom
Points négatifsno benefits because i am causality, not enough full time positions available, not always gauranteed a hours every week
Assistant Principal | Mississauga, ON | 5 janv. 2015
Great and progressive employer with a large work force.
A Vice-Principal (VP) typically works at a school and helps the principal in dealing with behavioral problems with students, evaluating teachers, dealing with the day to day maintenance of the school. A VP is heavily involved in the daily routines of the students, teachers, and parents who participate in the education of their children. This often takes the form of discipline when dealing with students whose behavior is disruptive to or unsafe for other students. VP's are primarily responsible for creation of timetabling, curriculum support, exam scheduling, exam supervision, teacher absences, teacher evaluations, school building maintenance, assessment and evaluation, student registration, extracurricular activities supervision, community outreach, professional development activities, and chairing various school and board related committees. The working hours are long and each day is full of surprises. The fast pace of the day makes the job more challenging and interesting. Making a difference in the lives of the students is the most rewarding part of the job. In my case it was supporting at risk students, their parents and diverse communities.
Points positifsInteractions with students, parents, staff and the community
Points négatifsLong hours
Elementary School Teacher | Brampton, ON | 9 juin 2014
Productive and fun place to work!
A typical day at work is waking up early in the morning and going to any assigned elementary school to assist the entire school as a behavioral teaching assistant where I assist students with behavioral/special needs. I have learned that it takes a lot of patience and time to do this job and to get through the day smoothly. I am very manageable with this job, it includes a lot of time management skills because there are different students that need assistance at different times of the day due to illness, medications. adjustment to supply teachers or any changes of schedule. My co-workers are different individuals everyday! In this case, I love working with new people and meeting new personalities where I can learn and grow from different people each and every day. I also love meeting new children everyday, but I must say the hardest part of the job is trying to get these children to become use to you for the day. Most of these children that need assistance have a hard to adjusting to change of teachers so their behavior is increased. The most enjoyable part of my day is seeing the smile on a child's face when I can make them smile!
Points positifsLong breaks
Points négatifsNot knowing what school your travelling to
Teaching Assistant | Peel, ON | 1 janv. 2019
Very competitive
I worked here for a side job for a couple of years as a on call teaching assitant. The pay is weak with no benefits despite your working all over peel driving to different schools. It's like every day is your first day since it's a different school different students and staff. I then applied for LTO wich is usually what you get put in before getting a full time placement. The interview was extremely intense considering the position was only for a month despite my qualifications and experience and decent interview answers they contacted my references and they gave me a great review then they decided not to fill the month position. Maybe to fill it with on calls to save money? Despite them constantly saying they need consistent approach for students they make small contracts extremely hard to obtain. You also have to watch your hours closely because if they don't get put on by the school secretary each day you won't be getting payed. I've had snow days canceled last minute and shifts canceled last minute that's results In no hours no pay. If your looking to pay your bills have a consistent secure work place this isn't for you
Points positifsGood experince
Points négatifsCompetitive
Guidance Counselor | Mississauga, ON | 13 janv. 2015
Fast- moving, academically intense.
A typical day at work as a school teacher demanded dozens of decisions that had to be made on the spot, and these small decisions had a big impact on the students involved, so I had to keep that in mind. I learned that I was a role model for students and my habits impacted them more than the academic content that I presented. The best part of the job was watching my students progress and grow. When I taught grade 6 their standardized test scores (EQAO) improved 18% in the first year and improved every year with each new group. As Guidance Counselor I felt gratified by helping students going through rough phases in their lives. I also liked the broader view of the running of a school. Another enjoyable part was the social interaction among the staff. I loved meeting parents and people of different cultures. I also liked the fact that so many professional courses were available. When I presented workshops to adults I enjoyed the positive feedback. The hardest part of the job was accepting money shortages and doing outside duty in cold winter conditions.
Early Childhood Teacher | Brampton, ON | 25 juin 2020
I like working with Peel district School Board as i have learned a lot of new skills and added to my experience as an Early Childhood Educator
During my work experience, I have developed strong team building and leadership skills that I am ready to apply to my future profession. I have developed many skills during my placements such as working as a team member with other staff members, implementing planned and spontaneous activities with different age groups of children, focusing on health and safety measures and problem solving skills. I want to bring my experience and knowledge in the classroom which I have gained from my work experience as Designated Early Childhood Educator. As a very dedicated ECE teacher, I possess many skills and provide dependability, consistency and bring a warm heartedness to my teaching experience. Finding enjoyment in my teaching career, I am hard working, flexible, and demonstrate teamwork and partnership with others.
Teaching Assistant | Brampton, ON | 13 nov. 2016
No Stability and Outdated Policies
Working as an occasional Behavioral Teaching Assistant a few years ago I would get far more jobs and at least would get calls the night before rather than in the morning and then there were fewer calls, they would be in the morning right before school started, only for half a day of work....and you are required to be available a minimum of 3 days a week for one can live on that kind of insecurity. I also was told after a number of months that I would never be hired as anything other than occasional because I don't have an ECE/Child and Youth Worker credential which to be honest is absurd as I have a 4 year undergraduate degree as well as post graduate education in mental health and addiction and a great deal of experience working with youth so I am more qualified than the people they are hiring. It is a "policy" issue that makes no sense.
Points positifsI liked the disengaged youth I was working with
Points négatifsNo job stability/security/room for growth
Teaching Assistant | Mississauga, ON | 9 févr. 2021
Do not recommend
I’ve been with the peel board for over 20 years. I would say 15 years too long. Ive always worked with students with special needs. Unless you have great admin and a great team (which is really hard to find) you are going to dislike the job. Even tough the kids are amazing, the team you work with is everything. If you work with a new teacher, forget about it. Only way to have a successful and happy environment is to work with professional and experienced staff. And of coarse to have administration who value teaching assistants. You also need to find a second job as the pay isn’t enough to be completely self sufficient. Especially as you don’t get paid for the breaks and summer. I honestly would not recommend this position. Many others friends I know who are teaching assistant feel the same way. Everyone should go to work and feel respected and valued. That is rarely the case as a teaching assistant. Continue your studies and find something better!

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Peel District School Board

What is the company culture at PEEL DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD?
Posée le 10 oct. 2017
Open to any and all types of race, religion, culture, and diversity. in fact they celebrate all cultures religions etc.
Réponse du 22 août 2018
Its a very inclusive company.
Réponse du 20 juill. 2018
Quels sont les horaires de travail chez Peel District School Board?
Posée le 26 févr. 2018
7 hr/day 8-3:30
Réponse du 9 mars 2021
9:30 - 11:30 - Part-time
Réponse du 19 févr. 2019
Une vérification des antécédents criminels est-elle nécessaire chez Peel District School Board?
Posée le 10 oct. 2017
Yes police check
Réponse du 22 nov. 2021
Yes they do
Réponse du 18 déc. 2017
What are the perks offered by PEEL DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD?
Posée le 16 juin 2017
Paid time off as an LTO during this pandemic has helped with some peace of mind in a difficult time.
Réponse du 23 mars 2020
Lots of discounts like insurance, stores, etc. Lots of training for professional growth provided. Great benefits.
Réponse du 20 juill. 2018
Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Peel District School Board?
Posée le 16 juin 2017
The staff was very dedicated, hardworking, friendly and knowledgeable.
Réponse du 17 juill. 2018
The working environment at Peel Board is a good one. Peel Board's vision is success for all. It is a culturally diverse environment that seeks equity and inclusion.
Réponse du 26 oct. 2017