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3,0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
2,7Salaire et avantages
2,8Sécurité de l'emploi et avancement de carrière
3,0Culture d'entreprise
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90 Allstate Parkway, Suite 300 Markham, ON L3R 6H3
5 001 à 10 000
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500 millions à 1 milliard $ US
Health Care

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 Salaire moyenGrille de salaires
Assistant (H/F)
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20,68 $
par heure
10,30 $-31,05 $
Aide (H/F)
8 salaires indiqués
19,19 $
par heure
10,15 $-28,80 $
Aide Ménager (H/F)
5 salaires indiqués
17,23 $
par heure
10,15 $-25,85 $
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Emplois populairesSupport WorkerRegistered NursePSWService CoordinatorVisiting NurseRPNCommunity NurseCustomer Service RepresentativeNursePswCaregiverCommunity Health WorkerLicensed Practical NurseClient Services CoordinatorCoordinatorPhysiotherapistHealth Care AideCare WorkerClient AssociateClient CoordinatorHelp Desk AnalystHuman Resources SpecialistNursing AssistantPhysiotherapy AssistantProduction CoordinatorRegistered Nurse - PediatricsRegistered Nurse - Primary CareTechnical Support SpecialistVisiting RPNActivity AideAdministrationAdministration ManagerAdministrative AssistantAssistantBilling CoordinatorBusiness Systems AnalystCare CoordinatorCase ManagerCertified Occupational Therapy AssistantClinical AssistantClinical ConsultantClinical Lead NurseClinical NurseCollection ManagerCompanionContact Center EngineerContractorCrisis Intervention WorkerCustomer Service SupervisorDirect Support ProfessionalFront End AssociateHRIS SpecialistHealth Services AdministratorHealthcare AssistantHealthy care professionalHome AssistantHome Care AideHome Care NurseHome Care WorkerHousekeeperHuman Resources ManagerIT AnalystIT SupportIT TechnicianManagerMarketing SpecialistMedical Office AssistantMedical Services ManagerMental Health TechnicianNew position was Casual Part TimeNoneNurse CoordinatorNurse's AideOccupational TherapistOffice AdministratorOperations ManagerPRNPSW/UCPPalliative PSWPart time RPNPayroll CoordinatorPhysical Therapist AssistantPresenterProgram CoordinatorRPN (visiting program)RPN- Full-TimeRather not sayRecords ClerkRecruiterRecruiting SpecialistRegional DirectorRegistered Nurse - Enterostomal TherapyScheduling CoordinatorSenior Business AnalystSpecialistStudent NurseStudent Praxis PlacementSupervisorSupport CoordinatorSupport ManagerSupport StaffSystems AdministratorTeam LeaderTechnical AnalystTechnical SupportTherapistTransit ManagerVice Presidentpswunknown

Avis généraux sur l'entreprise SE Health

Client Services Coordinator | Vancouver, BC | 17 nov. 2019
2/5 Stars
The staff were amazing to work with. Leadership left something to he desired. The work load was often overwhelming and steadily increasing with very little in the way of promotions or incentive to take on more work.
Occupational Therapist | Mississauga, ON | 25 oct. 2019
Wonderful organization, not the right fit for me
Very welcoming and kind work staff, in person at office location or by phone/email. Unfortunately, the pay was very low and job required a lot of unpaid work hours that cut into my after work life (calling,emailing,progress notes ext). This job also required a car to drive from home to home in the community, km compensation was very low, even to cover gas/maintenance. No compensation for cancellations/no shows at home, which made it frustrating when your only paid per client, and it leaves a large gap of time in your day. Enjoyed working and meeting new people. Although working in the community setting was not the right fit for me, I did learn and acquire a lot of skills that I am thankful for.
Program Coordinator | Markham, ON | 29 janv. 2020
Work is good. The fast pause environment is full of learning new things and making the resources work to achieve goals. Leadership team is very supportive.
Points positifsFlexible environment
Points négatifsSalary upgrade is difficult
Customer Service Representative | Kingston, ON | 22 mars 2019
Saint Elizabeth's dedicated employees and healthcare workers care and make a difference in the lives of their clients everyday.
My most rewarding part of the position I held as a Saint Elizabeth Foundation Event Coordinator was meeting and connecting with new and interesting people and forming connections, who would in turn agree to be a part of support our companies fundraising goals. In this position, I organized and executed 2 successful corporate golf tournaments that raised over $50,000 where the proceeds were proudly donated to a local organization that is in the process of building a new building for Hospice for Kingston and area residents. I was very dedicated to the Saint Elizabeth Foundation motto of "Sharing Hope and Happiness" through various fundraising activities and events that supported many local charities and provided much needed supplies for individuals in need. I was proud to bring awareness to Saint Elizabeth Healthcare and the Foundation through building and creating a lighted Christmas float that I proudly displayed and walked along side of with other employees in many local Christmas parades. The most rewarding part as a Saint Elizabeth Customer Service Representative was being a part of a committed team of dedicated colleagues that worked well together and under deadlines to ensure the clients needs were met that needed various health care services each and every day.
Regional Director | Markham, ON | 19 févr. 2019
Great resources and groups of employees available to offer help
8 hour days and on call in the evenings. Very large location. Excellent VP. Brought a wealth of knowledge to the table. Wonderful staff. A lot of collaborating with direct reports.
Points positifsCelebrated Birthdays, Milestones and success as a team!
Points négatifsN/A
Support Coordinator | Toronto, ON | 23 avr. 2020
Regional Manager did not care about employees
Benefits were fair, work hours were long and pay did not match the work. My supervisor was excellent but the manager was about the bottom dollag and was not empathetic
Registered Nurse | Cambridge, ON | 7 avr. 2017
Amazing efforts on management's part to communicate.
Our supervisors facilitate meetings in a way that encourage open, honest communication. Being a community nurse can feel very isolating, but I always know I have the support of my bosses.
Points positifsOne on one community care, I can give my clients what they need.
Points négatifsAll night shifts. Extremely hard on the body/circadian rythm.
Healthcare Assistant | Toronto, ON | 23 mai 2020
Challege to asdigned in various unit in different hospital such as St. Michael Gen Surgery, Cardiovascular, Neurosurgical Unit , or Southlake hospital such as Cardiology, Medicine, Emergency, ICU ect.
Registered Nurse - Pediatrics | Mississauga, ON | 23 avr. 2020
Great place to start after graduation.
SE was my first job after graduation as I wanted something flexible due to my children. Schedule is based on your availability which I love. Management are very helpful . Pros: very flexible Cons: low pay rate
Support Worker | Hamilton, ON | 7 févr. 2020
Very Stressful environment
If you were in the right group of people, you were ok, if not you were snubbed on and not treated very well. Made you not want to come to work it was that stressful

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise SE Health

Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez SE Health?
Posée le 3 avr. 2017
Saint Elizabeth or SE Health does not care About there employees at all. It is a company that Keeps employees, promotes employees by which VP or higher up you know. Nothing but backstabbing and gossip and an absolutely awful HR team. You complain your gone. You say anything about unsafe practices your gone. You hurt yourself your gone. Management is awful. They misinform. Use you them get rid of you. Stay away from this unethical, no loyalty company.
Réponse du 7 nov. 2020
The amount of unpaid work is unbelievable! Sure you can try and turn your cell off ,or not talk to them, but it all affects how you're perceived, this injustice is not only strongly supported but is fostered in Saint Elizabeths culture. Your 24 hour availability is the unspoken expectation. So when you agree to see a client outside of your shift, the supervisor may have agreed to negotiating "extra pay". But all the time spent, talking wth coordinators (which always ends up to be lengthy with an add on ) and doing this negotiating with supervisors, can add up to over an hour, at least. then you have a new client. The "extra pay" can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and you have to spend your time, again, following up with coordinators to ensure its been added to your chegue. There can be lots of time spent waiting for supplies to arrive that impacts your personal time, unpaid. There are many issues that are not accounted for in the visit hourly rate, and are assumed" to be part of any visit. Now ,when every visit consists of changing variables, unpaid time becomes highly critical. The routine visits are targeted and pay is reduced, therefore it doesnt balance out. When Delivery center managers have little to no nursing training , the frontlines have to realize this ,and adjust their expectations, that they, the fronlines, in essence, are carrying the burden of health care. They are paying for healthcare out of their own pockets.
Réponse du 15 juin 2019
Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez SE Health?
Posée le 4 avr. 2017
I applied online on their website. I then got an email saying they are available at this dates and times. I responded. Had my first interview over the phone then a week later got a call from HR requesting second interview. Then by phone HR said I will get an email with a link answering behavioural questions and a link for references. The next day had a second interview. Asked if I had questions. I had plenty. Then interviewer said he will get back to me if this full time position is per hour or salary. Apparently it’s a new salary project they are running. When I applied online it says it was $19.50 for all indirect care.
Réponse du 30 déc. 2020
I worked at SE when I was younger and truly had good memorable working experience. I recently applied and was shocked at the lowered standard. HR called to set up phone interview. I missed that call and attempts to call back was ignored. Not the greatest first impression. I'll save myself the trouble of calling back. Very rude first impression. Times changed
Réponse du 24 mars 2020
What should you wear to an interview at Saint Elizabeth Health Care?
Posée le 28 mars 2017
A smile Casual Wear
Réponse du 17 juill. 2019
Dress in a professional manner.
Réponse du 4 juill. 2018
Why would you want to work at Saint Elizabeth Health Care?
Posée le 28 mars 2017
Great benefits if you can get them. Great clients. That is absolutely the only positive in this awful company. Don’t expect loyalty, assistance or Any help. If you can manage that it’s A great Company to work for.
Réponse du 7 nov. 2020
It is a great place to work
Réponse du 27 févr. 2020
Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez SE Health?
Posée le 15 avr. 2019
Treat your staff equally with respect. Regardless of what position they hold. Communicate with your staff. Don’t discriminate against disabled employees. Respond to emails.And most of all be morally and ethically responsible. You are a great lady who holds a powerful job. Your management team is an extension of you and this company. And a lot of them are more worried about their jobs instead of doing their jobs. All staff deserve to be treated equally, fairly and with respect.
Réponse du 14 août 2020
Start with paying nurses accordingly, hire well trained office staff
Réponse du 14 avr. 2020