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CCA | Clayton Park, NS | 31 déc. 2021
Whether you’re someone looking for a job or someone looking to place your family member or spouse, look elsewhere.
I worked at Parkstone Enhanced care for a number of years as a CCA. Over the years the management have changed, and with that so has the moral. You are overworked and underpaid. Staffing is a problem, and I understanding in the nursing field staffing will be a problem from time to time; however, with experience of working at different homes to compare, their understaffing issues are to the extreme. Fully staffed, as a CCA you are responsible for bathing, changing, dressing and feeding 8-9 residents, sometimes residents with challenging or difficult behaviours requiring more of your time. That’s fully staffed. It’s sad to say it was more normal than not to run short, now having 12 People on your list to care for. Not only unsafe, but impossible, having to eliminate things like a residents shower day (which they receive once per week), or any extras like spending quality time with them. Nurses were running to different floors, to help with other unit med passes, on top of being responsible for their own 24 residents. There was no help nor support from management. We were only spoken to if we did something wrong or something was missed. Never to thank us for taking great care of our seniors. I never knew how much that place stressed me out or how horrid it is truly run, until I moved and went to another company. Sadly it’s the residents who suffer in the end. With being short nursing staff, Shannex lacks in recreation staff. “Unable” or unwilling, to hire more recreational st
Points positifsNone
Points négatifsHigh expectation from management while running short, No support from management, Heavy work load and underpaid
Licensed Practical Nurse | Halifax, NS | 22 avr. 2022
Left nursing position due to lack of resources to provide sufficient care
Unfortunately my experience with Shannex wasn’t the best. Though I think the company overall has the right idea, and the right intentions, a seemingly lack in oversight of some of their facilities makes me fearful for resident safety, and employee wellbeing amidst an already under-pressure health care system. My time with Shannex Inc. was spent at their Caritas Campus located in Halifax, NS. Leaving my job here was difficult, as I had grown fond of the residents under my care, and many of my wonderful care staff colleagues. My reason for leaving, however, was I felt that this particular facility did not provide me with the proper resources I needed to provide the caliber of care I have always prided myself on providing to my patients/clients throughout my nursing career. This facility is considered an assisted living facility, and is equipped to run as such for the most part. However a number of the clients living here require a higher level of care than what “assisted living” entails. When you ask management if these clients are at least on their radar for starting the process of transferring them to a long-term care facility, vague answers, and no explanation is given often times. Overall, I wish I didn’t have to leave a job I was passionate about, due to not being able to provide the level of care these residents deserved, and I genuinely hope something is done to improve the morale, and oversight of this facility on a corporate scale before staff retention becomes even
Points positifsBenefits comparable to Industry Standard, Clean Facility, Great Residents, Great Care Staff, Full Time Hours
Points négatifsPoor Management, Low Morale, Improperly Assessed Clients, Lack of Resources, Poor Communication, Profit Driven, Unsafe Work Environment, Lack of validation for employees
Care Worker | Halifax, NS | 2 juin 2022
Overall not a great place to work or live
I work for shannex in one of their assisted living facilities . I wish I had better things to say about the company. The residents are absolutely amazing to work with and it is very rewarding , however , the company seems to care very little about their staff. The wages are very low considering the type of work and the work load . Short staffing is a huge issue , staff often work alone which is not safe for staff or residents . It can be a very stressful environment. Management does not listen to staff concerns , and they do not step in and help out when we are short staffed leaving one person to do the work of 2. There is almost no appreciation for the staff and the moral is very low overall. Even on a good day when fully staffed the ratio of resident to staff is too high , when we bring forward these concerns nothing is done . Another issue is that residents are not properly assessed. We have residents living in assisted living floors who really need to be in long term care , some of them have not even been assessed for long term care which makes the workload much heavier . I would not suggest shannex as a place to live for my loved ones due to these issues . Very little recreation for residents , they are often bored and under stimulated especially those with dementia . Staff try their best to entertain them but there just isn’t enough staff to meet everyone’s needs . Might be good if you’re looking for experience working with seniors but be prepared to take on a second
Points positifsGood benefits, staff meal plan
Points négatifsOver worked and under paid . Improperly assessed residents . No employee appreciation, low moral, very little support from management
Customer Care Assistant | Quispamsis, NB | 30 août 2013
Caring and fun workplace.
It is a long term care/nursing home, you work nursing hours/shift work. You provide hands on nursing care to the clients, be there to assist them with their ADL's, support them physically, mentally and emotionally. Feeding, lifts and transfers, it is a very physical job, you work hard. To me it is a very rewarding career, for on a daily basis it's not only what you give, but what you get back from the clients and their families that makes it all worth while to be doing. My management team works with its employees so that they can provide the best care possible to their clients. They are also supportive and caring towards their employees. It is a team effort with my co-workers that on a daily basis we provide the best care possible for our clients, team work is a must. I must say the hardest part of my job is that you do become attached and grow to love and care for your clients/family members. So, when they do pass you do feel a loss, but you know that you have helped them in their life journey and provided them the best care possible, which is very humbling and rewarding. The most enjoyable part of my job is getting to know the clients and their family members, to become a part of their lives. Share, love and laugh with them, but also be there to support them in the difficult times. Plus, working with great people from front line workers to management daily.
Points positifsGood pay and benefits
Points négatifsPhysically, mentally and emotionally at times hard.
CCA Student | Truro, NS | 22 mai 2012
Learning to play the computer game wii with the clients.
Had a mentor to show us students the daily routine of the residents. What you learn could be different everyday depending on their health.Time management is important where other wokers might need the shower room. Most co-workers do try to help you with lifts, truns, transfere depending on the need of the client. The hardest is when you can not find someone to help you do to a miss happen with another client or being short handed trying to find another co-worker to get the job done. Or when another co-worker askes why can't you do it yourselve others can, when you know your not phyiscally strong enough to turn a resident on their side to change them especially when they have bed sores broken leg ect. and the resident can be easyly confused, and being a causal there needs to be a fast way to build that trust, most do understand when their still independent. And sometimes finding that right outfit for the client is the funest, being an esthetician I do enjoy bring that spa like atmosphere to the beging of one days is a great way to start the day, and that is just getting yourself dressed hair done and ready for breakfast. Knowing the clients remember who you are a comfortable feeling for both residents and worker's.
Points positifsbeing a student, there was more time one on one with the resident.
Points négatifsevery nusing floor is a different pass
CCA | Truro, NS | 22 mai 2012
having laughs and recongnational fun is always a great thing to share from one another, sometimes that is when you learn the most from a person.
Well a typical day at work being a causal mosty would start short handed with staff, reallizing how great the team would pull together and do our best to get everything needed done. Even the RN's and LPN's willing to help the cca's,some went beyound their duties for the residents needs and wants. Time management is very important when there needs to be 2 cca's for lifts turns and transferes. I enjoy the part of the job is, one being only a couple of years doing my work as a cca, what i have acheived on my own with the little things like doing my frist complete bed change, but as my years as an master esthetician and caring through as a cca it is when you make someone feel better about themselves that is what give's you the biggest smile. Teaching them about computer game's. I have no childeren, yet, and the residents are my world, they touch my heart every day and to know at a young age the importants of what life means to a person is the one wish that means the most to be able to achive. I always told the school friends i went to school with is, always go an visite your grandparents even when their not well.
Points positifswearing uniforms, making someone feel great about themselves.
Points négatifsyes, when it's 16hr days, being short handed with staff.
Chauffeur | Halifax, NS | 16 juin 2016
I would highly recommend the organization. A very tight well run company.
I came to Shannex after a 30 year career in the government. I must say in my short time so far with this organization, it has been an eye opening experience on how well a company can be run and care about and for their employees.I am a part time employee and look forward through the week to my next day of work...not for monetary reasons but the joy of being able to provide my services to clients and be able to make their day just a little bit better. I came to Shannex well equipped for my position and Shannex has aided me in continual education to offer the opportunity to make myself and other employees the best they can be. Co workers and management are supportive at all time and one feels they have always "got your back". Management staff have been among the best I have witnessed in my working career. I have read "naysayers"regarding comments and have always stood by the credo " If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem". Every day at my workplace is looked forward to and I thrive on being able to assist my clients.
Points positifsManagement support in doing my job.
Points négatifsLow pay but immense satisfaction for a job well done at the end of the day
Server | Fredericton, NB | 16 janv. 2018
Poor work environment
I worked there for a very brief time. Despite it being awful and no adequate training, I was let go because I was basically not a good "fit". If you are going to work at Shannex be prepared to be thrown in, expected to know it all in a short time and just work like a machine. They treat you awful there. If you are new there and don't know the job. Good luck! They can't keep people there. Also I noticed there appeared to be a lot of employees there with the same complaints. A very negative environment. No one was happy working at Shannex. A lot of the cooks had come to Shannex in the kitchen because it was "easier" for them there.Basically behind the scenes the ones preparing the food did not care. Poor hygiene despite them focusing a lot of their training on hygiene. It's a shame considering Shannex is suppose to be a higher end retirement home and it is costly. The residents deserve better than what they are paying for.
Points positifsBeautiful building
Points négatifsPoor management, not a friendly work environment, dirty kitchen, poor hygeine amungs the kitchen staff making the food
Nurse | Saint John, NB | 11 mars 2021
does not live up to its own values
Shannex is a company with high values and expectations. Quality of life of the residents comes first. On paper this sounds nice, but the reality is far from this. There is no leadership among the management team. Everyone is out to fend for themselves. Care staff bend over backwards to complete the tasks they are assigned but with daily staff shortages and sick calls, this becomes almost impossible, especially if you are trying to make a difference and actually add some quality of life to the resident's lives. There are no opportunities to advance anywhere. Management is not open to any suggestions how to improve the lives of the residents but also the staff. Union culture is deeply entrenched in the homes, which makes it difficult to make any change for the better. There is high staff turnover among care staff but also management, hence things never get addressed. It's survival mode on a daily basis.
Points positifscompensation, benefits, beautiful facilities
Points négatifspoor leadership, task focussed not quality of care focussed
Housekeeper | Dartmouth, NS | 29 févr. 2020
Dismal place to work with lots of window dressing
I took this job as a change of pace after struggling with an ongoing illness for the last few years. As a result of this I had sick days which were all accompanied with a doctors note. I was asked to provide an attending physician statement, which my doctor said was completely inappropriate to hand in. I went through a depressive period for two weeks, also covered by a note. My attendance was brought up again, which I understood was a concern, all backed by notes. My attendance improved and nothing was said to me. A new manager came into place and I was fired within a few days, saying that I did not pass probation after several months, The staff morale there is non existent, except for a rare few there who are actually working there. There are a few good managers, but that doesn't make up for the rest of them. Extremely disorganized. Staff feel that they never have enough resources to do their job efficiently. Short staffed. Several poorly educated workers. Poor pay. Go somewhere else.

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Shannex

Quels sont les horaires de travail chez Shannex?
Posée le 16 sept. 2017
It varies but it is a health care facility so the residents require 24/7 care. Most shifts are 12hrs (7am-7pm / 7pm - 7am) or 8 hours (7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm, 11pm-7am).
Réponse du 14 janv. 2019
40 hours a week . 7-7
Réponse du 11 juill. 2018
Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez Shannex?
Posée le 16 sept. 2017
I applied online on the Shannex website, a recruiter contacted me for an interview. My interview was with the manager & recruiter. Then they checked my references and asked for documents (crim check, diploma etc).
Réponse du 14 janv. 2019
Réponse du 7 juin 2018
Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Shannex?
Posée le 12 févr. 2019
Toxic, negative, oppressive, disrespectful work environment.
Réponse du 6 sept. 2019
Casual, no preference.
Réponse du 9 mai 2019
What are the perks offered by Shannex?
Posée le 8 mai 2017
Some perks include free parking, vacation and sick time, benefits (part-time and full-time hires) and pension.
Réponse du 29 nov. 2018
Benefits, pension plan, vacation
Réponse du 25 juin 2018
Une vérification des antécédents criminels est-elle nécessaire chez Shannex?
Posée le 8 mai 2017
Yes a criminal record check
Réponse du 9 mai 2019
Yes, two weeks criminal background vulnerable population
Réponse du 7 oct. 2017