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Sienna Senior Living
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302 Town Centre Boulevard, Suite 300 Markham, Ontario, L3R 0E8
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Health Care

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Aide (H/F)
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23,92 $
par heure
11,95 $-35,90 $
Assistant (H/F)
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18,42 $
par heure
10,15 $-27,65 $
Cuisinier (H/F)
10 salaires indiqués
17,43 $
par heure
10,15 $-28,15 $
Aide (H/F)
12 salaires indiqués
19,12 $
par heure
10,15 $-28,70 $
Aide Ménager (H/F)
12 salaires indiqués
18,81 $
par heure
10,15 $-28,25 $
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Sienna Senior Living : avis

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PSW | Barrie, ON | 19 juill. 2020
Would Not Reccomend
Seriously don’t know how to start, but this will be a long review. For starters, there is an INCREDIBLE amount of work place harassment.. more so from the Scheduling Manager than anything. Dealing with this manager is next to impossible; she picks her favourites for sure. If you’re not a favourite, you will work more than you could possibly handle. I’m talking every weekend, week days, barely any time off to cover other staffs vacation while she denies yours. She will say one thing than do another or deny it, and if you bring it up infront of other management, she will have a full blown fit and call you a liar. She has no issue tearing staff down in order to make herself look better. If you are not a favourite and click in early or late, not only will she doc you 15mins from your pay, but she will threaten your position. If you call in sick for a valid reason, she will become angry at you, won’t speak a word to you for days. To put it simply, she will bully you and make any need of yours extremely difficult and unvalued, threaten you with your job even through it’s NOT her place, and will make having a life and other responsibilities outside of Owen Hill next to impossible. As for work place harassment between staff members, some will quite literally try sabotaging your job by making false accusations, just because they don’t like you. Verbal and Emotional harassment from certain individuals is constant and nearly unbearable. Shifts will sabotage shifts and slack off just be
Points positifsResidents are incredible people
Points négatifsManagement, Filthy Environment, Harassment
Charge Nurse | Barrie, ON | 28 déc. 2019
Terrible place to work, Terrible Management
This is a terrible place to work, management is awful and needs to be walked out the door, they bully and harass staff, absolutely zero staff appreciation, will even send notices at Christmas for family members to NOT bring in anything for staff appreciation, it is to be donated to facility and then staff still get absolutely nothing. Always working short and many staff are burnt out, some staff can come in late and get paid for entire shift, when this is brought to management they say "we are working on it" and it still occurs, however when other staff are late they are docked pay, complete favoritism at this facility. Managers hide in their offices and will not come to the floor to actually see the staff struggling with short staffing, managers refuse to assist, refuse to deal with issues brought forth, but continually are adding extra duties to the job routines. Families are allowed to bully and harass staff and management still does nothing about it. Work culture sucks, too many gossipy people from management to PSW's/nurses. Absolutely zero team work, only complaints hurled at team members even when they go above and beyond to assist the next shift. Our facility is extremely filthy and when this is brought to managements attention, still nothing happens. Many staff remain as they have pensions and vacation time built up over the years, but not one happy employee to be found, only complaints. Constantly have to check your pay stubs and there has been too many time
Points positifsSome staff are awesome, and of course the residents.
Points négatifsEVERYTHING, but especially management team
| Mississauga, ON | 16 août 2019
Mentally draining and your hard work is never acknowledged
These people really know how to treat you like garbage. They go out of their way to strip your confidence and leave you feeling worthless. Just pure demoralization and never any encouragement. Management is completely ignorant and play favouritism to their staff. No matter how difficult and heavy the workload is, they will throw absurd expectations and expect you to master everything in such a very short amount of time. If you're a new hire and you struggle a bit trying to adjust to the heavy workload, expect a discouraging lecture and insinuations of getting fired. Also, expect to get harassed for being too slow and have coworkers nag about you all the time. It's not about building skills and gaining experience, the only thing that matters to these people is moving super fast and programming yourself to work like a robot. Coworkers are like bullies and are always gossiping like high school girls. They have big mouths and would try to make pointless complaints about you. They also nitpick you and only nag about the things you aren't doing perfectly to their standards. But the minute you keep trying and make improvements, they ignore it and wait till the next mistake you make to complain again. Be careful working for this company, they really do not care about you and just want to overwork you like a machine. You're not considered human to these people. Don't waste your energy and your time working so hard to leave a good impression. In the end.....they don't care and will
Housekeeper | Kingston, ON | 13 mai 2019
Horrible place to work
Management sucks and don’t like to do their jobs. They don’t care about anything except getting paid! I worked there for 9 months and my pay was wrong 5 times. They wouldn’t pay you the money they owed you until the next pay. So you were stuck waiting two weeks whether you told them you needed the money or not. The building is falling apart and they have been having water leaks in all different places for months. The building has got to be so full of mould, but Sienna likes to spend the least amount of money as possible, therefore the problem is never going to get fixed. There is no staff appreciation at all anymore. They used to do an employee of the month, but since the new year they haven’t done anything. Other employees that have been there the longest think they own/run the place and think they are better than the newer staff. There is so much talk and drama there, it’s worse than when I was in high school. There is no confidentiality! If you go to your manager and tell them something, whether you want it to be in confidence or not. It’s guaranteed in no time everyone will know. People come in 2 hours before their shift (why, seriously do you have no life?!). Oh and if your manager has an issue with you they go to other staff and expect them to confront you instead of the manager approaching the person they have a problem with. It’s only minimum wage plus a little extra now because it’s unionized plus if you work nights you get paid for your breaks and a .50 cent premi
Points positifsResidents, benefits
Points négatifsEverything except the residents, benefits and some of my coworkers
Assistant | Brampton, ON | 4 sept. 2020
Short Staffed, Overworked, Underpaid
Constantly SHORT staffed and over worked. There is NO job security due to the stories I have heard about the cause of other staff termination. The only break I got on most days was 15 minutes before the home's lunch time at 12 pm and the last hour of my shift when all the work was A red flag is when I asked the PSW who trained me about disciplinary action and said are verbal/written warnings given out? And her reply was, "They don't really do that here." Management blame staff for resident falls when it is THEIR fault due to shortage of staff. We need 4 staff MINIMUM (not including the nurse) on the floor on ALL shifts for 24 residents. Usually there is only 3 staff. 2 PSW and 1 CSA. The director of care and other management DO NOT know how to talk to staff. They are confrontational and full of attitude. They are aggressive and talk to staff as if they are beneath them in a condescending tone. When the d.o.c asked for my key card back, I said I didn't have it and she got out of her chair, closer towards the table where I was sitting and yelled in an angry tone, why didn't you bring it?! I kept my cool and said I can come back and return it today at reception. Then she sat back down and said it's ok. I can deactivate it. The job is stressful and super fast paced. The only positive aspect is my work team is supportive and open to communication. Management does not have your best interest at heart. They just provide the minimum required training based on the
Points positifssupportive team members, consistent schedule
Points négatifsover worked, underpaid, bad work culture, stressful
Dietary Aide | Perth, ON | 8 févr. 2019
A step below welfare
Lowest possible pay in the industry, there are people who have been working for 10+ years and still make minimum wage. They expect you to work extreme hours and you're constantly short staffed. Benefits only exist if you're in one of the very few full time positions, even if they make you work more hours than someone on full time there is no chance of any sort of benefits. They make you responsible to log into their broken computer system to monitor your own pay or they just won't give it to you. Hours upon hours of annoying mandatory education that you don't get paid for. Double standards are everywhere and management deffinitly plays favourites. No premium for night shifts and they have no problems quilting you into working in excess of 16 hours in a day. Working literally every day in a 2 week pay period might net you 4-5 Hours of overtime pay. Upper management are idiots and just sit back and make demands to put on extra work load while also cutting back staff and resources to the point you can barely fulfill your job duties. 0 compassion for people's personal lives, if you need time off to collect yourself or you have a bad injury or sickness you will be punished for it. Could honestly go on for hours with nothing posa5ive to say so just save yourself the trouble and apply at McDonald's or go on welfare as you d be far better off.
Points positifsNone
Points négatifsUnrealsitic expectations, poor management, low pay, loads of workplace drama
Environmental Technician | Mississauga, ON | 22 sept. 2019
Demoralized and betrayed
Too many gossips and backstabbing within management at Silverthorn Care Community . It started promising and uplifting but shifted fast towards chaos and betrayal by Executive Director and her minions . Human rights are abused and company policy in regards to this is not enforced by the company itself you can get warned and written up for speaking your native language during lunch times who’s is not paid so your unpaid time you can’t talk to your coworkers on your native language . I have an accent and I got written up on annual review and harassed by . Wasting government subsidies are rampant and lost of equipment got tossed to garbage without being ever used but immediately purchased new batch just because budget has to be spent . Ministry visits creates panic among management but quickly hides some of the irregularities so they don’t see it . I am truly disappointed with the company and Silverthorn management . What seemed to be great career opportunity turned into nightmare and health issue. I would not recommend working for this employer and this particular home .
Points positifsResidents and majority of coworkers are amazing people
Points négatifsEverything
Attendant | Kitchener, ON | 29 janv. 2021
Not worth it.
Honestly, don't do it. You overwork for a small amount of money. They don't pay staff what they should be making. You barely make over minimum wage. Management is a joke, they only care about themselves. Head office only cares about if they get their pay check at the end of the day. Residents get charged massive amounts of money for services but of course that never gets reflected back into employees pay checks. I put my blood sweat and tears into that place, and I get nothing to show for it. The residents are the only reason I stayed so long. I've seen so many employees come and go because the pay is low, they get treated badly, and they get fired for no reason. They can't keep staff for longer than like a month because the pay is so little. It was a good place at first but they went through like 5 general managers since I've been working. Gossip is ridiculous. Management is two faced. They make you pay for meals, and would rather throw out the food at the end of each meal service then give their employees a plate of food. I could literally go on for days. Wouldn't recommend working here.
Points positifsThe residents.
Points négatifsOverworked. Management. Little pay. EVERYTHING.
Nurse | Lake Country, BC | 24 déc. 2020
Run away from the lake country lodge senior living. You will not be able to care for the seniors the way they deserve. their just isn't time.
It is a horrible place to be in never mind having to work there. I wouldn't even want to live there!!! the beds are hard. the pillows as well, Bring your own from home. You will not get the care you deserve because there are too many residents and not enough staff. Tell your premier NO to for profit senior centers. the owners are more concerned about the bottom line than your care or your comforts. they skimp on food quality, skimp of bedding, skimp on beds, skimp on staff so don't hold your breath waiting on call bells. At any given time I am answering 10 separate ones. Please don't go into this horrible facility unless it's independent living BUT not long term care!!! Your loved one will not be cared for the way they deserve. I'm sorry this wasn't true but it is.
Points positifsNONE
Points négatifsNo relief, not enough staff, all alone for 15 people, Impossible to care for all the way the care deserves to be given, depressing place with no music or sounds
Support Worker | Barrie, ON | 31 juill. 2019
Absolutely horrible
Completely overstretched, overworked, unrealistic expectations, underpaid and NEVER appreciated. Working for this company has made me realize how much changes are needed in long term care. The staff and the residents deserve so much better. The CEO makes over a million dollars a year while staff struggle to make ends meet and residents don't get proper care. The management are unsupportive in any aspect and really don't care about you, whatsoever. As long as you're a body on the floor it doesn't matter. They won't even speak to you half the time and it's clear they don't really know what they are doing. There are some great staff who make work bearable but they deserve so much more. It's hard to see the residents not getting proper care, missing baths and skipping steps because we just don't have the staff or time. It will severely burn you out.
Points positifsA lot of amazing staff
Points négatifsNot enough money, not supported by management, not appreciated, burn out rate very high due to the insane expectations and work load

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Sienna Senior Living

Si vous deviez quitter Sienna Senior Living, quelle en serait la raison?
Posée le 26 janv. 2018
Management is only in it for the money. They do not care about the care for the residents.
Réponse du 9 déc. 2020
Management bullying staff. Very unprofessional.
Réponse du 19 sept. 2020
Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Sienna Senior Living?
Posée le 6 déc. 2017
It’s the worst possible environment take all the negatives of profit motivated healthcare - low wages, understaffing, insufficient supplies. Then combine it with negatives of unionized workplace - incompetence, motivationally challenged, Etc....
Réponse du 20 août 2020
Very good co-workers, and lovely senior residents, but Alas! Poisonous Management that keep bullying and harassing the working staff. If I had not left that company, I would have surely suffered with a heart attack. I even have documents from my family doctor about those stressing situations that the management was artificially creating, regardless of my specific competence in the workplace. Don't ever work for them.
Réponse du 18 mai 2020
Why this company has so many job openings all the time?
Posée le 27 juin 2018
Constant employee turnover because of greedy management. Always looking for the person who will do the job for the cheapest price with the least amount of complaints about worker safety/health.
Réponse du 19 oct. 2020
It’s a lousy place to work. Low pay, no hope of advancement and not recognition.
Réponse du 20 août 2020
What are the perks offered by SIENNA SENIOR LIVING?
Posée le 15 mars 2018
Very basic benefits . While management is rolling in their perks.
Réponse du 14 sept. 2019
Absolutely nothing, completely soul damaging
Réponse du 27 juill. 2019
Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Sienna Senior Living?
Posée le 25 oct. 2018
Actually care about the human beings that reside in siennas care. Maybe even make sure the employees are being treated like decent human beings. Pay them what they deserve. Make sure they know their hard work is appreciated. In my opinion, this woman is a monster. I don’t know how she can live with herself. It’s greedy and disgusting. The conditions that the residents live in and the way the staff are treated is truly sickening.
Réponse du 3 mars 2020
Fire management and start over.. worked at nursing home in bobcaygeon and management partied with staff and family memebers worked at nursing home.. created a hostile work environment and there was no way new staff would last because mana
Réponse du 18 févr. 2020