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Operations Associate | Winnipeg, MB | 20 mai 2020
Good company to work with but no stability only contract jobs.
It is good platform to work especially for new comers in Winnipeg. Students get their survival jobs in good hands. You get to learn lot of new things and get hands on experience in Canadian market.
Points positifsThey do give jobs to so many international students.
Points négatifsThey don’t hire any more for full time permanent job
Customer Care Specialist | Winnipeg, MB | 11 mars 2021
Too much stress
The job is very stressful and demanding... management needs serious training because every other team lead have their own rules.. my first team lead was awesome but later my team got changed and the new team lead was full of attitude and arrogance. Work is demanding that one cannot look around until break..
Driver (Independent Contractor) | Lower Mainland, BC | 6 mars 2018
Driving Experience For New to the field
As a driver for the company I am enjoying myself as an independent driver being able to go through different restaurants picking up orders seeing different cooking methods and smells having the wonderful time of being given different cultures foods and trying it out when it is done
Points positifsmeeting people and making new clients as i drop off food to the customers
Points négatifsThe Dead time when no business is happening
Operations Associate | Winnipeg, MB | 17 juin 2018
productive and useful experience
I have learned a live support operation, how to respond to live calls and how to create actions for couriers, restaurants and customers. The hardest part of the job was dealing with cases of escalating the issues with customers.
Courier | Winnipeg, MB | 4 oct. 2019
Productive and Technically Advance company
SkipTheDishes is a technically advanced company. A place where we hardly use papers as everything is purely computer based. The team work and career advancement opportunities is something very laudable. I don't think the job really has a hard part because all the tools needed for effectiveness and efficiency at work are readily available.
Customer Service Representative | Winnipeg, MB | 2 août 2019
Tedious, poor management and too much favouritism
This was my worst job experience so ever. They expect so much work from you yet they offer low pay. You can clearly see that some team leads suck up to the management and will only be friendly and helpful towards you until they leave. Don’t expect an advancement here because you can only grow in the company from knowing someone in a higher position than you. Your hard work won’t be recognized and you’ll just be treated as a disposable. Their problem solving overall with important stakeholders like customers and couriers isn’t effective enough. I’d say this job is good if you’re part time and still in school but as a career I’d never recommend it. Hopefully they can put more work into treating employees and couriers equally and fairly.
Points positifsN/A
Points négatifsLack of work/life balance, favouritism, boring
Logistics Specialist | Winnipeg, MB | 7 août 2020
Fun Young Workforce, Monotonous Job
Like any big company, there is a robotic feel to the live operations work after a few months; they used to have fun cross training opportunities and a better managed workforce when they were just Skip; the good old control team controlled operations but later dissipated as algorithms created new roles and made a whole team non existence - it just shows you how progressive skip is as a company, provides full equipment for your work and sponsors immigration requests - easiest place to get along with and work by far for locals and immigrants!
Points positifsFree equipment during tenure, growth opportunities
Points négatifsmonotonous, bureaucracy
Driver (Independent Contractor) | Calgary, AB | 4 août 2019
On behalf of all skip drivers i give them a 1/2 of 1 star! Skip is now a forced dispatch system!
As a class 1 driver i work part time for skip and it is now a forced dispatch system! The driver has the right to refuse an order but if you refuse the order your acceptance rating goes down and then you recieve no bonus from skip and if you refuse too many orders you will not recieve higher paying orders and you hours will be cut or you will be schedualed during low order times. Plus
Chauffeur Livreur (H/F) | Montréal, QC | 2 juin 2020
C' étés une bonne expérience
C' étés une bonne expérience Environnement de travail productif et agréable
Courier | Winnipeg, MB | 22 juin 2016
Fun workplace and awesome team members
Flexible schedule and positive team environment. Management is accommodating and will lead you to success. You will never work a day in your life.
Customer Service Representative | Street | 24 oct. 2019
was a great place to work because of the people
the people made this job worthwhile, the job itself was a bit stressful, the facility they moved my account to was sub par and many times we went without A/C in a very hot building and did not have a break room for several months, furthermore it was an overnight position int he downtown area which ha its own risks, furthermore they never offer any raises

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise SkipTheDishes

Do you have to put up a hundred dollars of your own money to start?
Posée le 1 sept. 2017
You need a smart phone , a data package , a full tank of gas , you need a float of $60 for cash orders. Before you can start you have to buy the bags which are priced differently depending on where you live and pay $20 for a criminal record check. Your car insurance will go up and vehicle wear and tear is no joke.
Réponse du 7 déc. 2019
Yes but make it back right after u delivered the food
Réponse du 21 sept. 2019
Is that skip the dishes requires a SIN Number for joining them
Posée le 20 nov. 2017
No they do not require ur sin
Réponse du 21 sept. 2019
SIN is not required unless you want to use it as proof that you can legally work in Canada. As a self-employed courier, it is your responsibility to report your earnings on your tax return each year. And although Skip The Dishes does not provide a T4A, they still provide monies paid to each courier along with the name and address of each courier as part of their corporate tax filing. CRA does not need a SIN to identify couriers; they can always use other means.
Réponse du 15 avr. 2019
Quelles sont les questions posées lors d’un entretien chez SkipTheDishes?
Posée le 22 avr. 2017
Ok no need to attend an interview just sing on line and upload you passport and driving license plus your car information and your car insurance but make sure to buy the standard bags from them they have it then you will get it delever to your home 2 page one for pizza and on other for other food handling as Pizza is always large bag needs .
Réponse du 25 nov. 2020
Dress to impress
Réponse du 31 juill. 2020
Quels sont les horaires de travail chez SkipTheDishes?
Posée le 28 oct. 2017
Whenever you want, however much you want. You put in your availability and you only get scheduled within those parameters.
Réponse du 2 juin 2019
12 To 5:00 pm
Réponse du 16 avr. 2019
Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez SkipTheDishes?
Posée le 11 avr. 2017
Easy, just had to sign up and quickly got activated as a driver
Réponse du 2 oct. 2019
Applying online was easy. Never got a phone call back for the final step of the process. Emails went unanswered by the co
Réponse du 31 mars 2019