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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3,6Salaire et avantages
2,8Sécurité de l'emploi et avancement de carrière
3,2Culture d'entreprise
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6750 Century Avenue Mississauga, Ontario L5N 2V8
1 001 à 5 000
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De 1 à 5 milliards $ (US)
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30,84 $
par heure
15,40 $-46,30 $
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34,66 $
par heure
17,30 $-52,00 $
9 salaires indiqués
23,91 $
par heure
11,95 $-35,90 $
3 salaires indiqués
18,76 $
par heure
10,15 $-28,15 $
2 salaires indiqués
90 080 $
par an
45 000 $-144 000 $
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Emplois populairesDriverCustomer Service RepresentativeDelivery DriverManagerBilingual Customer Service AssociateTruck DriverCustomer RepresentativeAccounts Receivable ClerkAccounts Payable ClerkDelivery CoordinatorInside Sales RepresentativeService TechnicianMarket ManagerSales RepresentativeService CoordinatorAccount AnalystAccount ManagerAdjoint Administratif (H/F)Administrative ServicesAdministratorBusiness ManagerCredit AnalystCustomer Service Account RepresentativeFinancial AnalystHelp Desk AnalystLogistic CoordinatorOASPricing AnalystRetention SpecialistSalesService AdministratorTerritory SalesUtility WorkerAdministrative AssistantAssistant aux Ventes (H/F)Branch SupervisorCall Center RepresentativeChauffeur Livreur (H/F)ControllerCoordonnateur de Service (H/F)Crane OperatorCustomer SpecialistCustomer Support RepresentativeDelivery SpecialistDirecteur (H/F)Directeur de Comptes (H/F)Directeur des Ressources Humaines (H/F)DirectorDispatcherDriver ManagerEnvironmental Health and Safety SpecialistFinancial AdministratorFirst Aid InstructorFormer employee financeGérant (H/F)Human Resources AdministratorHuman Resources AdvisorHuman Resources Business PartnerHuman Resources SpecialistOffice AdministratorOperations AssociateOperations SupervisorPayment ProcessorPrefer not to sayProfessional DriverProject SpecialistPropane filler PurchaserRather not sayRegional ManagerRepRepresentativeResidential SalesResponsable des Opérations (H/F)Responsable des Ressources Humaines (H/F)SAC Thunder BaySainte-Catherine, QCSales ExecutiveSenior Tax AnalystService ManagerSuperior PropaneSupervisorTanker DriverTeam TrainerTerritory Representativecer

Avis généraux sur l'entreprise Superior Propane

Bilingual Customer Service Associate | Guelph, ON | 4 oct. 2015
Fast-paced, busy work environment requiring extensive multi-tasking; very strong team spirit
I receive about 50 calls a day (about a third from French-speaking clients) and resolve their concerns or action their requests. I take all types of calls fielded in our Nation Operations Centre, including delivery and service requests, emergencies, billing and collections, payments, complaints and general inquiries. I work in a strong team environment and liaise with colleagues in other departments across Canada to resolve calls. I've learned a great deal about propane and fuel delivery, which is what Superior Propane does, as well as ways to exceed client's expectations with every call. Management is friendly and always available and offers personalized feedback on a regular basis, i.e. I meet weekly with my supervisor to listen to one of my recorded calls and assess my performance (I have consistently been graded in the high 90% to 100% range). Co-workers are dedicated and exceptionally committed to customer service. The hardest part of the job is giving upset callers options they don't like, (i.e., telling a client we can deliver their propane for a fee if they want it immediately, or without a fee if they wait a few business days, if the client ran out of fuel because they forgot to monitor their tank and call for delivery before it was empty). The most enjoyable part of the job is going above and beyond to problem solve on a client's behalf and having them express their gratitude.
Points positifsFriendly co-workers
Points négatifsConstantly shifting SOPs (Standard operating proceedures), lack of training
Customer Service Account Representative | Thunder Bay, ON | 22 sept. 2016
Poor Management
This place was enjoyable to work for during my first 5-6 years as our manager was professional, intelligent, and easily approachable. Upon his departure, everything went downhill, especially employee morale. It became a full-blown, ice-cold call-centre environment, eventhough we were constantly told that it was not a call centre. Most of the team leads (not all) were completely and utterly useless! They’d often refuse to accept escalated calls from irate customers, and when they did, they’d go against everything that we were taught as an employee just to get the customer off the phone as quickly as possible because it was interrupting their 8:15am breakfast feast during work hours. Favouritism became blatantly obvious as certain employees would get picked on way more often than others for the same reason. The benefits were great, however it was not worth the stress, and that’s why I chose to leave once securing another job elsewhere. Management had no idea what was going on as company policies changed on a dime. During my time there, the turnover rate was extremely high, and this company lost many great long-term employees for the above reasons. If you're desperate for employment, then by all means apply, just don't expect any compassion or job security from the various levels of management.
Points positifsBenefits package
Points négatifsExtremely poor management from both the upper and lower levels
SAC Thunder Bay | Thunder Bay, ON | 8 oct. 2016
Would not Recommend as "Forever Job"
*The long time employees/managers were great but they kept hiring newly laid off call centre employees which changed the workplace dynamic to be more focused on call centre stats rather than good customer service *many supervisors were self serving and lazy/dishonest *Pay is very low but management refuses to address it; The low pay issue is edited out of all employee surveys...SP routinely lays off employees for no reason once they make to much money, even if the work suffers *For many of the employees it's a job for ancillary family income But you cannot provide for a family with the salary from this job unless you are upper management *Too many executive leadership changes too frequently, no clear direction for employees, always under threat of new execs outsourcing/relicating jobs *Good job if you need one right away or if you're still looking, would not recommend long term employment with SP, there is no job security *SP would constantly fire people randomly and it creates a very uneasy workplace environment; Everyday the fear of being laid off is present *Very useful job experience, but it was not worth the stress of having zero job security *The workers are almost all good, honest people who try to do a good job despite insufficient leadership and compensation
Points positifsGreat Benefits/Pension package
Points négatifsLow pay, no job security
Rep | Guelph, ON | 8 avr. 2014
A small issue starts with lies and lack of honesty, I found this place with two issues, one rests in the Operation aspect and the other in the Sales side of this operation.It is unacceptable to have '' Managers'' and assistants working from home and expecting good results, at least not in this business. For example : If you are a good truck driver then you should stay doing what you are good at don't you think ?…In other words, it is easy to talk the talk but not do the walk.. '' In a war, if a Commander lies to his General about the situation of his troops the war is lost, and that's exactly whats happening here.'' For the investors I have this to say: You kept the old minds, the same Dinosaurs to lead the New Era ? Well that was a great mistake and I won't be wrong if you still have them working for you. The only and very positive thing about this place was the kitchen and the good people who cared and never got to get a descent pay cheque, some may be gone by now. For the ones to come I have this to say: A bonus for the ones aspiring to get hire by this company are the use of their favourite '' office language'' which include the following words and phrases between many: *With regards to *And so on and so forth *From the business point of view *Tailgate meeting * The rule but the exemption Good luck
Points positifsClean Kitchen
Points négatifsWrong people in Operations and Sales
Customer Service Representative | Calgary, AB | 18 juin 2021
Fast paced, high volume call center environment
Superior Propane is a great Canadian company who works around the clock to provide the best service possible to their customers. Are they perfect? No, but what company is? They are however very interested and open to knew ideas, improving processes and dedicated to providing the best training, couching and opportunities to their employees. There are a lot of processes and regulations that need to be followed for the safety of their customers. If you are looking to be just an order taker or hang out and talk to customer then this is not the job for you. It's busy, fast paced and you need to be organized. I think Training and leadership provide everyone with the tools they need to do their jobs well and support you when you are open to the coaching. Reviews are always subject to personal opinions, attitudes and whether an employee quits or was let go. In my 3.5 years with the call center I have seen very little turn over. They hire seasonal employees every winter to help with heating season and unfortunately they can not keep everyone. But those who are good and love it do return year after year.
Points positifsThe People, Pay, Benefits and flexible hours.
Points négatifsSome days are harder then others when dealing with customers.
Delivery Driver | Edmonton, AB | 6 mai 2015
Good coworkers, regional management undergoing changes
typical day started at 5:30am, first customer usually before 6:30 (where 24 hour access to propane tanks and/or cylinders). Had to maintain a relatively fast, yet steady, pace in order to complete the route. Most days were 12-13 hours long, making family life a challenge with a spouse who works nights. Did enjoy being souly responsible for completing the task. The hardest part was the customers with more than 15 cylinders requiring filling where lifting into cages was required. The smallest forklift cylinders weigh 55lb(aluminum) or 85lb(steel) when full, the heaviest bottles were around 175lb full (which meant I filled them AFTER putting them in the cage) Not a job for someone who has previous back problems or carpel tunnel syndrome!!!! But nice, experienced coworkers, always willing to help troubleshoot issues over the phone. The dispatch system is well organized as it lists the customers in a reasonable, GPS based order, though deviation was sometimes okay to start in the middle of the list in order to deliver to 24 hr access locations or get to busy locations before the delivery sites were crowded and challenging to get access.
Account Manager | British Columbia | 21 févr. 2014
Terrible Management
A typical day is long hours with minimal job satisfaction dealing with rude non co-operative or supportive management that don't appreciate efforts. I have learned that Superior Propane is not a company I want to work for and am looking elsewhere. Co-workers have been very helpful despite they deal with the same challenges. Unfortunately I became a sounding board for many employees that just don't think they have options. Withing my first day I had employees coming up to me telling me all the things and people to watch out for and be cautious about. Very toxic environment to work in. You can do an excellent job but still get terminated because managers have minimal reporting tools to actually guage your performance. They will short change you on expenses, and have limited commission and bonus tracking tools. You always have to make sure you get paid as agreed or you will lose out. The hardest part of the job was trying to please direct supervisors that had no idea what was happening in the territory. THIS IS NOT A COMPANY YOU WANT TO WORK FOR UNLESS YOU ARE DESPERATE.
Points positifsReasonable pay but not the best considering the nonsense.
Points négatifsFrustration
Service Administrator | Guelph, ON | 30 juin 2019
Very disappointing place to work for as a service admin. (Former employee) – guelph 22 september 2016
This place was not enjoyable to work for. During my 5-6 years, I worked there, there was a constant uncertainty that any of us would be let go without a reason at any time ,as our manager was not professional, nor ethical, discretion was an issue there. Most of the team leads (not all) were completely and utterly useless! Favoritism is blatantly obvious as certain employees would get picked on way more often than others for the same reason. The benefits were ok, however it was not worth the stress, and that’s why I chose to leave once securing another job elsewhere. Management had no idea what was going on as company policies changed on a dime. During my time there, the turnover rate was extremely high, and this company lost many great long-term employees for the above reasons. If you're desperate for employment, then by all means apply, just don't expect any compassion or job security from the various levels of management. Pros Benefits package Cons Extremely poor management from both the upper and lower levels
Points positifsFree Coffee
Points négatifsPoor Management and favoritism
Customer Representative | Ontario | 15 janv. 2021
Intense amount of quality monitoring
This job is awful call centre job, half the calls are people complaining that delivery didn’t arrive as promised. Constantly having to chase delivery team for response. No one ever calls the customers back. Intense amount of logs to send to relevant dept. Quality of calls scoring to crazy stupid level. Ok validation of account is necessary, but so long as you’re helping customer & logging the delivery request correctly, the amount of detail they score you down on is ridiculous. Have to have constant reviews with supervisor, it’s exhausting, all for a temp seasonal job. The managers are friendly enough, or seam to be to your face & are there if you need support or have issues. Teams messaging is good support, although clearly favourites within the team, & I think if you don’t fit you are forgotten about with the friendly banter. Overall I’ll be glad when the temp position ends, I’m counting the days. Although the pay is good so will miss that, but call centre work is not for me, sitting with a headset on all day waiting for the dreaded calls.
Points positifsGood hourly pay
Points négatifsQuality call scoring is crazy, just let us do our job
Customer Service Representative | Calgary, AB | 24 janv. 2019
Stress from all angles
I have wide range of customer service experience - this was by far the worst job yet. Not only are the customers allowed to abuse the front line staff they also face derision and blatant rudeness from internal customers. What kind of organization tells CSR's to be polite to both internal and external customers but allows both to be rude and abusive to the front line. Superior Propane does NOT seem to understand the importance of the front line staff. They are subject to " keep call times down" yet have to perform numerous tasks while on the phone and sometimes after the call as well. The front line are the Ambassadors for a company and should be treated accordingly but at Superior they are the Least valued members of the organization. Very little support from management when it comes to this issue. This company has a management style that has not changed from the old boys club mentality of the 70''s- 80's. At least the women are not told to wear heels and skirts but that is the only good thing I can say about this bad time of my life.
Points positifsGreat team
Points négatifsInternal and external abuse
Adjoint Administratif (H/F) | Catherine, AL | 11 janv. 2018
environnement agreable
Établir des relations positives en collaboration avec tous les points de contact, y compris les clients, les membres de l'équipe immédiate ainsi que les membres de l’équipe de gestion ; Appliquer en tout temps les procédures établies afin de répondre aux demandes des clients, résoudre les problèmes et s’assurer d’atteindre les attentes des clients en matière de service à la clientèle ; S'efforcer d'atteindre une résolution au '' premier appel '' lors des appels de clients et lors des demandes de renseignements concernant leurs produits ; Fournir des informations de service précises et fiables aux clients ; Examiner les informations de compte client lors de chaque appel pour s'assurer que les données sont exactes et mettre à jour les informations selon les besoins, Agir comme le principal point de contact pour les appels des clients qui ne sont pas réglés au premier contact ; S’assurer de répondre aux questions et sujets des préoccupations des clients rapidement et efficacement ; S’assurer que les normes de service à la clientèle soient atteintes et dépassées ; Appliquer demande de livraison, de service, résoudre toutes questions de facturations et autres tâches administrative.
Points positifsrendre service aux clients pour qu ils soient satisfait
Points négatifsQuand nous avions pas les reponses pour nos clients

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Superior Propane

Quelle politique est appliquée par Superior Propane en matière de congés? De combien de jours de congés disposez-vous par an?
Posée le 16 oct. 2018
3 weeks to start
Réponse du 20 déc. 2022
Réponse du 15 nov. 2022
Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez Superior Propane?
Posée le 6 mai 2017
Apply through the Superior Propane Careers page or to the Indeed posting.
Réponse du 19 juill. 2022
Good appearance. Professional presentation
Réponse du 23 mars 2021
Do Superior Propane delivery drivers receive commission on the amount of propane they sell to customers? If not a commission, are there any other incentive programs for the delivery drivers?
Posée le 28 janv. 2022
No, yes the person who delivers after hour will get overtime.
Réponse du 21 déc. 2022
No they do not. Drivers have KPI’s to meet and everything is run on efficiencies.
Réponse du 29 mars 2022
Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de Superior Propane pour améliorer l'entreprise?
Posée le 2 sept. 2021
Continue the kindness ang generosity towards employees.
Réponse du 21 déc. 2022
Listen to your employees concerns. These are real people with real concerns. Drop the cylinders. Focus on farms and commercial customers which is where your payload is
Réponse du 19 févr. 2022
Comment est-ce que Superior Propane a réagi à la pandémie de Covid-19 ?
Posée le 27 juill. 2021
Safety is first at Superior. Safety protocols were implemented and all PPE were issued to the front line staff who could not work remotely. Superior ensured there was no income interruption for any employees who had to quarantine due to being sick or exposed.
Réponse du 19 juill. 2022
Worked from home
Réponse du 3 mai 2022