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30 Bond Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1W8
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Health Care

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Procurement Specialist | Toronto, ON | 19 juin 2019
No business acumen, no vision, no respect for the employees working in the procurement department
No business acumen, no vision, no respect for the employees working in the procurement department. Employees working in the procurement department have no mark on anything they do, but they robotically execute the direction drawn by the department's management. No appreciation for the hard work, dedication or extra mile offered by the procurement specialists. The leadership of this department should be reshuffled as it's been forgotten in "position" from a long time and became obsolete, toxic, visionless and focused on the development of cliques and not teams. From the procurement perspective, as long the actual procurement leadership in maintained, the ones who will suffer the most will be the hospital's patients. If the Sisters of St. Joseph (who founded the hospital) in 19th century could come to life, they would twist in their graves to see the dilettantes that run the procurement department and their leadership which has nothing to do with the hospital's vision and mission.
Points positifsGood location
Points négatifsRigid, no vision, clique oriented procurement management, slow pace environment, no mark on your work
Security Guard | Toronto, ON | 14 mars 2022
Toxic Environment/Management Doesn't Care
They don't even treat their own employees right, don't expect them to treat you right either. With the management neglecting their staff, it translates into the healthcare you are given, without care, because management has given them no incentive to do otherwise. Management consistently ignores safety implementation requests from staff ensuring that repeated safety issue arise basically on the daily. Floor staff are not consulted leaving people who work at a desk making decisions on renovations. So now, for example, you can get trapped in the ER waiting room during violent situations because of it's new bottleneck style. They will come up with one small change and ignore the big ones that have been brought up for months, even years at this point. The NFA population is given needles right outside the ER, littering biohazards at every entrance, or all throughout the staff parking lot which is for some reason open to the public despite the constant issues. The parking stairwell looks like a war zone on a good day, and is not safe.
Unit Clerk | Toronto, ON | 20 nov. 2021
Stay away from 2LM
Horrible experience. Hired to work in 2LM department. Insufficient training provided, processes are not properly explained. I was expected to know how to work alone in the unit after a week. I was made to feel incompetent for wanting more than 5 days training. Management is awful, including head nurse and senior admin staff. They will talk about your performance amongst themselves, in an in professional manner while you and others can clearly hear their conversation. Do not take notes to help you prepare because apparently that is wrong. I truly don’t think the staff even care about the patients they are supposedly taking care of. Any form of kindness or customer service skills you exhibit towards patients or their families was unwelcome. I learned after from other staff that this department has a problem holding on to their admin staff and it is clear why. I have many years experience in customer service based and management roles and this was the most horrendous job I have ever had.
Points positifsNone
Points négatifsUnprofessional management, insignificant training
Volunteer | Toronto, ON | 18 déc. 2013
exciting and fun being with the residence
As a International educated nurse a typical day at work in Providence healthcare gives me an idea how the health system in Canada works. It gives me the feeling of excitement since I came there as a volunteer giving meal assistance to the residence during their meals. I learned how to appreciate my field, Nursing. I was assigned to Alzheimer's patients and I had the opportunity not only to apply the correct intervention in certain situations but learn to appreciate life most of all. The management I worked with gives me the room to grow and show me how the system works. I enjoy their company for they also shared their experiences. Like the management, co-workers gave you the room to gain confidence and patience in team-building environment. First day were always been the hardest part of the job since your start to create a system to prioritize things according to their needs. Being in a team-building environment made me realized that this job are more enjoyable and made me feel at home.
Points positifsfree coffee
Points négatifslong hours
Registered Nurse - Operating Room | Toronto, ON | 28 août 2012
High Placed Environment for Learning and Experience
Very busy, focused, fast-paced, high responsibility, multi-tasking environment. The managers are there to support you when they are available. It is a multi-disciplinary environment comprised of doctors, surgeorns, residents, nurses, scrub technologists, PSA's, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthesia, PACU RN's, RT's, Radiologists, students, residents, company representatives, etc.... I loved learning new up to date surgical techniques, exploring the human body inside and out and learning how everything works, being there hands on inside a human body. The hardest part was working with the multi-disciplinary teams and trying to keep patient flow as sometimes other departments were not up to speed and it held back OR times and patients and sometimes resulted in cancellations of patient for the day.
Points positifslearning consistently from a variety of disciplines, busy, fast paced enviroment, shifts went quickly.
Points négatifsdeath of patients, no personal life, always working overtime due to staffing.
Student Nurse | Toronto, ON | 17 août 2016
It was very good experience in friendly and educative environment.
Our practice was very good organized and it gave me a lot of new skills and experience. Staff nurses were very helpful and friendly. Feedback from our clinical instructor was constructive and positive. We were working on the floor and had conference after that. It was discussions of all what we did during the day plus some new knowledge which we obtained from books, articles, internet research. Everything was produstive and very good for educational process. Atmosphera in the facility is always important for students' pratice. Most important that we got feeling that we belong there yet we can have help when it needed. This was my very good clinical practice in one of the best hospitals of Toronto.
Points positifsExcellent expirience
Points négatifsLong hours
Basic Life Support (BLS) | Toronto, ON | 10 janv. 2023
High burn-out rate, no employee support, little room for advancement
many colleagues need to take time off for mental stress related concerns. The St Mikes site is so busy with managers running 6 portfolios or programs, supervising up to 400 employees. Impossible. Always meetings about change but roll-out and execution doesn’t happen because it’s understaffed. Only benefits for full-time employees but they hire two p/t staff instead to avoid paying benefits and sick days. No overtime in many departments. If you stay to finish the required work, you’re volunteering.
Points positifsLots of training, some tuition assistance, Excellent patient care from most healthcare workers, clean
Points négatifsSecurity, stigma and racism, Favouritism, hard to climb the ladder, hires unqualified individuals in community programs
Volunteer | Toronto, ON | 12 août 2019
Productive volunteer experience with the elderly
At Providence Healthcare I was trained by experienced staff members who were kind and informative about specific tasks we have to perform. Such as guiding the elderly to activities, feeding them, and perform tasks for them such as get them colouring books, bringing them bingo cards, etc. The workplace also held fun events for the elders such as dances and encouraged the volunteers to join which made it a more comfortable experience. The hardest part of the job would be when we difficulty calming down the elderly, however, it was fulfilling when we were able to successfully resolve their dilemmas. The most enjoyable part is learning about the elderly's life stories and learning to be patient and productive with the tasks at hand.
Unit Clerk | Toronto, ON | 29 mars 2017
Fast paced and friendly
Working with nurses and clinical members in the NICU and Labour and Delivery unit. It was essential to work as part of the team to achieve our goals in a very busy environment. There was always a happy atmosphere working with several different cultures and backgrounds. The most enjoyable days would be when our sick babies would be discharged to go home. The most difficult days would be when one of our babies suffered complications and did not make it. We all felt the loss and helped support each other through it. The management team were very supportive and offered an "an open door policy" throughout the hospital.
Points positifsExcellent benefits. Working in a safe and friendly environment
Points négatifs12 hour shift work. Working on holidays. eg. Christmas Day
Clinical Assistant | Toronto, ON | 8 sept. 2019
I have a great time working at St. Michael's Hospital
It was a great organization to work. The staff were very friendly. As a personal support worker i did work with Nurses, Doctors. X-Ray technicians, Laboratory technician, Pharmacy staff, Social workers, Physiotherapist, House keeping and other professionals worked as a team for one specific goal. Mostly i worked in emergency department where very sick patients are seen at the beginning before they were assigned to the room. We also received causality patients from all over Ontario as St. Michael's hospital is the regional trauma center. Depending on the level of trauma. sometimes it was very stressful.
Points positifsNo Free Lunch
Points négatifsI worked 12 hours Shift

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Unity Health Toronto

À quelle fréquence bénéficiiez-vous d'une augmentation de salaire chez Unity Health Toronto?
Posée le 11 mars 2023
Réponse du 3 juin 2023
yearly, based on union agreement
Réponse du 11 mars 2023
Lentreprise {0} autorise-t-elle le télétravail?
Posée le 1 sept. 2022
Yes, they offer remote jobs at Unity Health Toronto
Réponse du 12 sept. 2022
Yes, depending on the position.
Réponse du 1 sept. 2022
Comment décririez-vous lenvironnement de travail et la culture dans lentreprise?
Posée le 8 janv. 2020
7.30 a.m 4.p.m Thankyou I like to work
Réponse du 5 mai 2020
Very good.
Réponse du 8 janv. 2020
Quels sont les principaux défis auxquels vous devez faire face chez Unity Health Toronto?
Posée le 8 oct. 2019
Poor management, unsafe staffing ratios and a very very toxic work environment.
Réponse du 11 juin 2020
There was nothing challenging about my role, except for the toxic working environment.
Réponse du 4 mars 2020
Total hours per week?
Posée le 1 oct. 2019
37 hours per week
Réponse du 9 janv. 2023
Seven 12hour shifts over two weeks
Réponse du 14 mars 2022