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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3,7Salaire et avantages
3,3Sécurité de l'emploi et avancement de carrière
3,3Culture d'entreprise
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2250 Argentia Road Mississauga, ON L5N 6A5
1 001 à 5 000
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De 1 à 5 milliards $ (US)

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41 000 $
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20 000 $-62 000 $
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55 000 $
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27 000 $-83 000 $
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18,00 $
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10,15 $-33,05 $
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Emplois populairesMechanicEquipment OperatorSales RepresentativeTechnicianParts TechnicianAccounts Payable ClerkField Service TechnicianSalesBranch ManagerDiesel TechnicianInside Sales RepresentativeParts PersonService TechnicianShop TechnicianField TechnicianReceptionist/Administrative AssistantService AdministratorShipper/ReceiverWarehouse SupervisorAdministrationAdministrative AssistantApprentice MechanicAssembleur (H/F)Automotive MechanicBusiness AnalystEngineerField Service EngineerJourneypersonLaborerManagerMillwrightReprésentant des Ventes (H/F)Sales CoordinatorService AdvisorService ManagerTerritory Representative(Génératrice Drummond), DrummondvilleAccounting InternAccounts Receivable ClerkAdjoint Administratif (H/F)Administrateur de Système Informatique (H/F)AdministratorAgent de Vente Et de Service à la Clientèle (H/F)Analyste (H/F)ApprenticeAssistantAssistant Comptable (H/F)Assistant aux Ventes (H/F)Building MaintenanceBusiness Development ManagerCar Wash AttendantCleanerCommis (H/F)Commis aux Comptes Payables (H/F)Commis aux Pièces (H/F)Commis d'entrepôt (H/F)Contrôleur (H/F)Coordinateur Pieces Et Service (H/F)CreditCredit AnalystCustomer Service RepresentativeCustomer Service SupervisorData Entry ClerkDiesel MechanicDigital MarketerDirecteur Régional (H/F)Directeur/superviseur des piècesDispatcherDivision ControllerEngineering TechnicianEnvironmental Health and Safety SpecialistExecutive AssistantFinancial AnalystForemanForklift OperatorGeneral ManagerHead of Project ManagementHelp Desk AnalystHuman Resources AssistantHuman Resources GeneralistHydraulic TechnicianIndustrial MechanicKamloopsLaborer/OperatorManager (H/F)Material HandlerMechanical DesignerOperations SupervisorOpérateur de Production (H/F)Outside Sales RepresentativeParts ClerkParts DriverParts ManagerParts RepresentativePartspersonProduct SpecialistProject EngineerReceptionist/AssistantRecruiterReprésentant (H/F)Représentant Commercial (H/F)Sales repSenior Credit AnalystSenior Human Resources AssociateSenior Inventory AnalystService WriterService à la Clientèle (H/F)Technical Support RepresentativeTechnicien (H/F)Technicien Atelier (H/F)Territory ManagerTransportation TechnicianTruck DriverVendeur (H/F)Warehouse WorkerWarranty AdministratorWelder/FitterWorkshop Service TechnicianYard Worker

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Manager | Montréal, QC | 18 juin 2020
Must update and wake up. For his own good.
Good experience at first, quite rewarding, despite the fact that there was no training proper. We have to manage to find and then talk to different people, in order to understand what are the expectations. Then we see colleagues leaving overnight... And when we realize, that we are finally quite underpaid compared to other companies ... (however to believe the annual figures it is not the money that is lacking) Unfortunately, Wajax doesn't understand why people are leaving, so I'm going to say it here. Frankly, because I have been gone for a while ... But we are no longer in 1980, a good mutual health is no longer enough to keep its employees ... It's over, the time when people stayed for life in a company. Now, it takes real competitive wages and revisable increases, premises worthy of the name, with a real food service and some advantages on site ... There is no feeling of belonging ... So I admit, the colleagues in the vast majority are really helpful and friendly. And that's really the strength of Wajax, because it makes it a good place to learn. However, there are more and more tasks and fewer and fewer staff, all services combined ... Which ends up being very heavy on a daily basis, because it is not true that we will do 60 hours per week (paid 37 hours) to replace those who have left ... To help out yes, but daily with a lousy salary, no ... Those who leave are not even replaced, for the most part. I think it's time to wake up, knock out people wi
Points positifsmutual health
Points négatifsSee above for details
| Toronto, ON | 28 août 2016
Current employee -, Not a good place to work now
Been at this company since it was Harper Power Priducts, then WAJAX Power Systems took over, through the years, met some great people. Within the last couple of years, we have lotst 8 managers, some left due to management, the most recent one got let go. There has been major transitions, and have also lost some great employees, again due to management, some have been let go as well. WAJAX Equipment has taken over, and it seems they only want their own people, they DO NOT communicate very well with employees, only within their own group, if you speak up or give feedback, you get fired. We now have another new manager, and his only way of communicating is by swearing and bullying, management and human resources is aware of it, and NOTHING is done, as they are all friends, and no support. The majority of technicians and administration staff are all looking for employment elsewhere, not to mention we haven't gotten a raise in 2 years, they say due to the economy the pay grade is VERY LOW, compared to the market, yet they have all these WAJAX Equpment mangers, if you plan on working here, be prepared to be a "YES MAN", even though you know more about the procees and procedure, more than the new manager, most of us only work our 8 hours, and NO overtime, as it's only to make management look good with their numbers, everybody is afraid they're going be fired at anytime. A VERY TOXIC PLACE TO WORK RIGHT NOW!!!
Points positifsGreat employees
Points négatifsTerrible management, lack of communication, on our eighth manager, WAJAX Equpment cliques, do not listen to employees feedback, you get fired if you speak up
Technicien (H/F) | Quebec City, QC | 25 oct. 2017
Incompétence de la gestion
Bon emploi, nous avons du challenge à chaque jour, distributeur de produits de qualité mais du à une mauvaise gestion du service et des pièces les clients sont mal servis. Difficile pour un employé qui veut donné le meilleur service au client. Bon programme de santé sécurité, qui peut être même lourd a certaine occasion. Les avantages sociaux sont supérieurs à la moyenne. La formation est donné localement ou chez les manufacturiers mais il y a encore un manque à ce niveau, il n'a pas de plan de formation pour les employés selon ce qu'ils font comme travail. Résultat certain on le training que d'autre aurait dû avoir. Le salaire pour technicien est représentatif de ce qui ce paye dans l'industrie. Le moral des employés est très négatif envers la gestion. La communication entre les employés et les diffèrents niveaux de gestion est déficiente, même mauvaise. on demande régulièrement l'avis des employés sur différents sujet soit par le biais de sondage ou meeting avec période de questions mais rarement écouté ou les résultats sont très long à obtenir ce qui pousse plusieurs employés à se présenter au travail pour puncher pour une paye. Il n'y a pas de sentiment d'appartenance et de fierté. Pour tous ces points négatifs se sont les clients qui écopent et la mauvaise réputation de Wajax dans le domaine perdure.
Points positifsSalaire, avantages sociaux, produit de qualité vendu, fond de pension
Points négatifsGestion, communication, ambiance de travaî
Sales Coordinator | Calgary, AB | 15 avr. 2014
Wonderful Place to Work
Wajax Power Systems was a wonderful place to work. Everyone worked as a team which fits right into how I like to work. There were many challenges in this job but none I couldn't learn or excel in overtime. It was always comfortable at work as everyone was easy going and no one was micro managed. I started the position not knowing anything about how a diesel engine works and with time I got to learn alot about the parts and pieces that make the engine work! Most of my day was coordinating with suppliers on lead times for all of our inventory and parts. I looked after logistics and making sure everything went smooth from PO to delivery to the customer. I submitted PO's and work orders as well as change orders. Along with the coordinating role I also had to provide invoicing to the customer, which had to be coded correctly as well as make sure all costing was correct, there was completing monthly and yearly reporting to my manager, calculating commissions, and completing expense reports. So as you can see I did a vast amount of duties in my position. I love to learn new things! Unfortunately Wajax was downsizing and moving manufacturing to Edmonton and my position was no longer needed.
Points positifsEasy going environment
Engineer | Alberta | 4 févr. 2019
Don't waste your career
No opportunity for advancement. Safety is more important than profits or customers or staff until it costs a bit of money (even if it is a very large safety concern). Inventory has been reduced to the point where I can spend over a day trying to figure out how to get the right components for the customer where it should take 30min at most. Processes are constantly changing and never fully outlined so it is impossible to follow. Training rarely occurs so people struggle to do their jobs. Hiring staff for management pet projects occurs all the time and those staff don't have any work to do. Other staff way overworked and lacking the resources to be effective. Low-mid level managers have no power. Upper management makes decisions slowly and without knowledge of the details so they are the wrong decision. Have talked to other locations and they all have similar issues. It has been like this for about 5 years so it is well past time for them to have their stuff sorted out.
Points positifsGood benifits but tainted by bureaucracy
Points négatifsBureaucracy, too many complex processes, lots of workers hired to do nothing
Mechanic | Edmonton, AB | 19 oct. 2019
Decent place, only to be ruined by awful management.
Had a lot of potential to be a great place to work. The people are very nice and friendly, everyone is always willing to assist in any way they can. Benefits are average. Work environment is out dated but functions well. It's unfortunate that management is so poor. Employees are looked at as numbers and even when there are very obvious issues nothing is done to correct them. Management is more concerned about their bonuses then they are about the well being of their employees or customers. Customers are not treated with respect and cheated regularly just to get the numbers management desire. The turn over rate is very high due to the amount of unqualified personnel in higher up positions. Employees are miserable and scolded for anything they do. They would benefit very much if they got rid of several managers and hired more qualified personnel that know how to treat people and run a business. The constant back stabbing and unprofessionalism among mangers and personnel in higher up positions is why I would not recommend this company.
Branch Manager | Fort McMurray, AB | 8 sept. 2014
Very structured work place. Good people and ethics.
From the get go with Wajax, I have always had a very pleasant work experience. Management were always willing to help you along the way. I have learned that if you give all you've got to offer a company, they will take care of you. Wajax did just that through my 33 years with the company. They have given me a chance to learn and grow with a very solid foundation of work ethic and morals. I could not have asked for better people to work with during my time with Wajax. The hardest part of my job was to tell any customer that I could not help them. I was always trying to come up with solutions for my customers with what we had to offer. I always told myself that "No" was not an option and that there is always an answer to every solution. If it was not for my senior managers and their efforts to assist me with solutions to difficult tasks, I would not have grown to be the leader that I become in the organization.
Points positifsCompany vehicle and expenses, decent benefits and an incentive plan.
Points négatifsVery long days sometimes running into weekends. Away from family a lot.
Shop Technician | Toronto, ON | 7 août 2020
Bullying and Disrespectful
It is a great disappointment that I write this review after few years as supervisory lead role at 10 Diesel dr. Manager and team was second to none but my challenges stemmed from the Branch Manager and HR. Too many promises and obstacles were always put to me. The promises were never delivered on by them but obstacles were always present. Sometimes we wondered if the HR and BM were together. She always never supported concerns brought to her attention and unprofessionally carried the info to the BM who then cussed us. He was very arrogant and treated all the staff very badly. In short this man is a bully and in any other company this uneducated man would have been fired. Just because he is there for 40 years doesn't mean he is correct. This is 2020 not 1980. He is lucky Wajax likes bullies at the top. In today's age and climate they should be sued for keeping such an abusive manager. Minus a few in upper management, BM and HR this location has a good future. Avoid till they sort the bullying and abuse out.
Points positifsWages and benefits
Points négatifsBullying and disrespectful
Service Technician | Alberta | 30 mars 2018
Excellent co-workers, extremely poor middle management
The people I work with are some of the most trustworthy and intelligent people I have ever worked with. Management is the complete opposite. The company has been horribly managed in the last 2yrs+ ever since they merged all 3 divisions into one entity. They treat their field personnel like garbage, no support. Many good people have quit over the last 9 months over middle management but the higher up managers don't seem to care. No raises since 2015 but the door rate to the customer has increased since. Can't see myself working here in a years time. Sad part is the President of the company is a pretty good person to approach and talk to. Too bad all management here aren't like that. Communication here has been a problem ever since I started here. Also the parts dept is in a sad state of affairs, they don't stock much at all anymore. Apply at your own risk.
Points positifsCo-workers, Mon-Fri work schedule
Points négatifsMiddle management, no raises in 3 yrs+
Technician | Saskatoon, SK | 16 oct. 2020
Absolute worst place i haver ever worked at
The only pros was pay was good and hours worked. This company does not care about employees and the management is lacking in what it takes to keep employees . The manager was the biggest liar and backstabbing person i have ever dealt with, would turn staff against each other and stand back and almost be amused. The way this place is ran is a joke, was working for this company for several years and never had a feeling of security. Has gone downhill bigtime and lost alot of good people and business. If you are really stuck for a job till you find something this is your place but dont stay too long or it will wear on you. Corporate has no clue how to maintain people or business and has drove this company into the ground. Work for a different company now and have changed their minds of getting work done there or to even buy any parts. Company is on a disaster course.
Points positifsPay and hours of work and fellow co workers
Points négatifsAbsolutely everything else

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise Wajax

Quel aspect de travailler chez Wajax est le plus stressant?
Posée le 14 déc. 2018
La mise en poste de certaine personnes qui ne connaissent rien au domaine de la manutention, plus de 20 gérant de service en 15 ans, le copinage du directeur de la succursale qui met en place son chum comme gérant , pas fort, le léchage de botte était de mon temps la façon de monter, les compétences étant releguer au second degrés, vous voulez travailler dans le domaine ?, aller voir Liftow ltée, vous serez pas mal plus heureux la bas, a bon entendeur salut !
Réponse du 26 avr. 2021
Les boss c'est des incompetents
Réponse du 13 avr. 2021
What are the perks offered by WAJAX?
Posée le 14 mai 2017
Good work and ample salarie
Réponse du 19 avr. 2018
Good benifets and salary
Réponse du 12 août 2017
Le travail à domicile est-il envisageable chez Wajax?
Posée le 10 oct. 2018
Depends of your department, but the asset management team and client voices can work from home pretty much all the time
Réponse du 2 sept. 2020
Yes but still have to check in
Réponse du 23 juill. 2020
Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez Wajax?
Posée le 12 nov. 2017
Took me 3 weeks to get hired and 3 interviews
Réponse du 3 oct. 2018
1 month on average Be prepapred for your drug testing...... oh don't worry they will tell you how to pass the test.
Réponse du 1 oct. 2018
Comment bien se préparer pour un entretien chez Wajax?
Posée le 1 nov. 2017
Know why you want to work there
Réponse du 25 janv. 2020
Check the web site.
Réponse du 16 avr. 2018